Perps Who Stole Trillions From Treasury! One Will Shock You! Heneghan


Firstly the US Treasury, also referred to as the USA Treasury WAS NOT A GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION. It was a deep state controlled company which went defunct in 2014. The US Treasury was controlled by the same people as the Federal Reserve and is defunct. As we all know the Federal Reserve’s private influence over the Republic/US Government is almost now defunct thanks to President Donald Trump and his supporters. This has the deep state reeling, which is why Mr. Steele and Mr. Wanta both, are of the deep state UN Organizations that participated in the over throw of the USSR installing the Red Dragon (a Russian/Austrian man) into power. The Red Dragon is NOT Asian, but is a Russian who assisted in the divide of State owned companies of the USSR into the private sector establishing the Deep State of Russia all for the small price of 10% of all the profits. This Red Dragon man is part of the “Dragon” organization which is also the deep state of America. Although Mr. Wanta may have participated in perpetuating the Globalist Agenda under Reagan by stealing trillions of dollars under the advice of the United Nations and the Dragon Families, he was NOT the owner. He was a CIA Agent sent to do a job. ARGO Trust was formed by much the same, during the fall of the Shah of Iran these funds were stolen by other CIA agents working for Bush/Cheney which at the time was the BLACK DRAGON head of North America. Bush Sr. arranged for what we call Langley 2, Farm 2, Farm 41. A group of highly trained CIA contractors and agents who reported directly to the Black Dragon at the time was BUSH Sr., which is who Mr. Wanta worked for. He essentially stole funds from the USSR and gave them to Bush Sr., who then put them into an off ledger account he never thought he would loose control over. The Black Dragon organization for those who do not know, is half run by the Chinese Tang Family and half by Americans (Bush Sr held the position, then Cheney, then Eric Prince, then Some Airforce General for a brief period of time, now as of last weekend it is Pelosi). The Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Golden Dragon, Blue Dragon all report to the Pindar (currently Jon Von Wright) and Rothschild.

Was Wanta told a fairy tale that these funds he stole would be used to “help America?” Sure probably, but they were NEVER his, NEVER under his name, and NEVER intended to help America, but only to perpetuate the Globalist Deep State Agenda.

This Deep State (Global Deep State) stole funds, raped countries, killed presidents, all in the name of controlling resources of the planet. The Party who sat 5 levels ABOVE the Pindar always was in control, sending his little minions to do his bidding. His Agenda? To control all the world’s in-ground resources. Did he succeed? Yes. By 2007 he had everything, then he cut the Dragons off from his fully controlled money supply. Wanta was just a cog in the wheel, as was Bush, as was all the rest of the deep state actors we have all come to know and hate.

The Department of United States Treasury is a Government Department, not in any way affiliated with the US Treasury. Mr. Thomas Melville does NOT WORK FOR THE Department of United States Treasury nor US Treasury. He is a person with some government connections who a few years ago tried to help Wanta. Mr. Melville through Ms. Goguen was shown accounts Leo Wanta claimed to control with the FULL INTELLIGENCE FILE ATTACHED. He then understood everything Wanta was told and is telling was a LIE. Hence the message going to Leo Wanta. To this very day the Black Dragon continues to try to get a hold of the funds stolen during the Cold War, and they are all being blocked. Again, Wanta was just a CIA agent who participated in stealing for the Globalist Agenda. His life as he reports it is true, he was kidnapped etc. etc.. Why? Because he was one of hundreds of agents that partipated in overthrowing the USSR, no other reason.

Argo was all about everything they stole from Iran. Same cookie cutter plan, different location. This Globalist Agenda had been going on for a very long time in an intricate plan, not written by any Dragon, but written by the Master. The party in Control. Who died in 2016? That is where Manna and Ms. Goguen came in. She took over for him, in that seat high above the Pindar and any dragon family. It took 4 years from the time she managed to obtain the position to sort out exactly what happened, who was involved, and how to fix it. She developed a plan of her own, to distribute the funds back to the countries from which they originated along with interest and control over their own resources once again.

It is not as easy as it sounds, there are many who acted in the deep state plan, Wanta being one of millions over the years. The deep state, aka the Order, aka Rothchild, aka Chinese Elders, and its many ancillary organizations such as the Jesuits, Templars, FreeMasons, IRA, and others that believe this money belongs to them. Why? Because that is what they were told. It did not, it never did. TRUSTEES is all they were, never owners, all slaves to the Master they served. They are still trying to execute on the Globalist Agenda, which is not possible without control over the assets.

All of the assets accumulated by the deep state bad actors was sorted over a 2 year period and set for redistribution, half to the people of the world and half to the governments of the world. This is why the deep state is fighting so hard against distribution. Once that happens their structure is LOST FOREVER.

They are using various means to try to acquire in-ground resources of countries such as Vietnam, Russia, Zimbabwe at this very moment. Why does this plan fail? Because they already assigned them to their Master’s accounts which is now run by Ms. Goguen. The assets will ONLY be released to it’s originating country and the citizens of that country. They will NOT go back to any Dragon, nor Rothschild, nor any of the other nefarious characters that knowingly participated in the Globalist Agenda.

The Globalist Agenda is currently known as the GCR, RV, Global Reset. A plan developed by Rothschild in order to regain control over the planet and all the nations of planet earth. However, the plan has no basis in macro nor micro economics and it continues to fail. Big promises made to big name people by Rothschild are making these bad actors do crazy things in order to achieve a goal which does not exist. They are still continuing to erupt nations into war, kill presidents, and it’s all based on a LIE which will never end in success.

4,000 people have died in the last few weeks in Zimbabwe, 10,000 more are refugees in neighboring countries, why? Because Rothschild failed to install their stooge Chamisa. Chamisa had flown to London many times during his campaign to meet with Rothchild and promised to give them all the in-ground resources of Zimbabwe in exchange for pretty papers called “Zim Notes” everyone thinks is going to revaluate on a one to one to the USD. Is this possible? No. Currency works on supply and demand. Assets of a Nation are only one part of a currency’s value, you also must meet the demand (new development, new infrastructure, new production lines) which support the influx of new currency. Any over print of currency without a supporting reason for it’s issuance will result in a devaluation. There is currently around 7 Quadrillion of Zim Notes held by various people in the world all on the promise it will revaluate. How could Zimbabwe, a country who’s landmass isn’t even half the size of the United States possibly generate 7 Quadrillion in “NEW BUSINESS???” The answer is it can not. The Gross Domestic Product of the ENTIRE PLANET is only 114 Trillion A YEAR! So IF Zimbabwe pledged all of it’s in-ground resources to Rothschild, there is no way the ZIM would ever value at 1:1 to the USD with 7 Quadrillion in circulation. Yet the Zimbabwe Generals were made big promises of becoming trillionares and are killing citizens, and attempting to kill the current president based on these promises by a bunch of has-beens.

The solution in Zimbabwe is simple, create a new currency based on real numbers. Forget the old Zim and rebuild. It’s going to take the Current President, the Generals, The Ministries, and the PEOPLE to make that happen. It will be a slow process IF they can all work together, but if they do they will be an Independent Nation based on the hard work of it’s people. They can do it, but not when they are not standing together, not by transferring ownership to the deep state, but by their own hands and good business practices.

Same in the United States, The Republic. Why did Obama try to re-assign all the in-ground assets of the United States to the Dragons? Why did Clinton (both Bill and Hillary)? Same reason as above in Zimbabwe. The plan never changes, it’s always the same, just change location, rinse and repeat.

So who is Wanta? A patriotic man who thought he was doing a job for the President of the United States by taking money from another nation to support America. Who was he really? One of a Million Cogs in the deep state wheel stealing from other Nations and donating it to the deep state for Global Control. Sorry Wanta, but it’s true.

As for Mr. Melville, he had the privledge of seeing all of this first hand and when he figured it all out he called Wanta to tell him what happened. Not as an employee of the US Treasury, nor the Department of Treasury, but as a patriotic citizen.

Ms. Goguen didn’t steal anything, or Kogan as Wanta calls her, she obtained a position far above Wanta’s comprehension, has full access to all of the plans and agendas of her predecessor and decided to reverse the course of history by using the system created by her predecessor.

Since Mr. Wanta was so “gracious” to share Mr. Melville’s phone number, a man he claims in his interview works for a government entity who intended to help him with the entire world, I will choose to share Mr. Wanta’s phone number with all of you so you can call him with questions personally, his number is vikinginternational.usa.

A message from Ms. Goguen, Mr. Wanta, your associate Ms. Kay Higgens phoned Mr. Melville and asked him for release codes and claimed you were sitting with Mr. Trump at the time. That was a lie, you were not. Please stop trying to make yourself seem like you are actually doing something other than talking shit on the internet about something you know very little about. My response was “If you have an account number, I will grant access to the Department of Treasury, President Trump, or whomever you want to the off ledger system, and if your name is anywhere on there I will give you a release code and you can have it.” Sadly, no account exists.

To Mr. Canady that posted this article, you have ZERO facts to support what you wrote here, and you claim journalistic credit for this article. If you write one more article about Mr. Melville, Manna, or myself with no proof of anything you state, prepare for a lawsuit. As everything you wrote is heresay from a cranky old man that was used by the deepstate and is angry about it.

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