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10/2/2018, 8:22 AM EDT

Recently, Thomas Williams made public statements that forced Kimberly Goguen, Trustee for the Manna World Holding Trust, to disassociate herself from him. I was not consulted in her decision making process, nor did I contribute to bring her attention to these statements in any way. Kim provided me the complete statement directed to the public, as well as the US Government. She asked me to post the letter and I did.

I am in full support of the action that Kim had to take to preserve the integrity of the work she has done. My relationship with the Trustee is based on private project funding, a common goal to liberate humanity, and the desire to restore the Natural vitality of the planet. The action or appearance of anything that will hinder this mission, whether it’s human error, slanderous attacks, or lies spread by the Order to cast doubt, have to be identified and eliminated to ensure the return of Natural Order.

The actions of the Trustee to break ties with Thomas Williams have nothing to do with KRE8CHANGE, the SPEAK PROJECT, anything I am associated with or me. The words spoken by Mr. Williams that provoked the Trustee to make her public statement, have nothing to do with anything I am associated or me.

I will not support any action or language that directly or indirectly implies the overthrow of any Government. I am in full support of President Trump and his willingness and dedication to take down the “Deep State”. I am in full support of Kimberly Ann Goguen, the principles she stands for, the mission that drives her, by the manner in which she executes her duties, and various roles she plays.

As we have all witnessed, and continue to experience, the Cabal will use anything they can to try to discredit, disprove, and cast doubt on our efforts. This is a war of words between experts in Corporate Governance, who have tricked humanity several times before into contractual agreements to sell ourselves into slavery, and a resistant group of Patriots and other beings, who have remembered in part, who they are, and refuse to live as slaves knowing this is the moment when they can claim their freedom.

Knowing the importance of this transition, we move with the utmost respect for our oppressors, recognizing the control systems they have built over thousands of years are still in place in many aspects of our life. Every thought we have, word we speak, and action we take is a reflection of the choice we’ve made to be a slave, or to be free.

The language we use and the actions we take are heavily scrutinized, easily taken out of context, and, can be, used against us. I mention this as a gentle warning to consider what you say in public as it becomes a matter of record. This can work for or against us based on what we’ve said.

The below statement was sent to me from multiple sources referring to the sentiments expressed by Thomas Williams within his group on the Social Media platform, “MeWe”.

From Thomas Williams on Mewe 9/30/2018:
As for Tank I am not surprised he sent people knowingly or not asking Kim to replace me as spokesperson for the trust last month with him in my place, maybe now he will get his wish, time will tell.”

To be clear: I have not knowingly sent anyone to “the Trust” asking Kim to replace Thomas as the Spokesperson. I was not even aware that this was an actual sought after role.

I am not sure how I could have sent someone not knowingly, because I did not know. However, to my knowledge, I have not done that either.

I do not find glory in this particular moment having Thomas disaffiliated with Kim or the Trust. To my knowledge Thomas has served as a Champion for Kim’s efforts up to this point, I have never had a negative interaction with him personally, and have nothing negative to say about him.

Thomas and I have different views on how to change the world, how to empower people, and how to speak in public.

I am grateful to be aligned with Kim and the mission of the trust. I have known for a while now that she is an advocate for the people, for freedom, and for the planet. I know she is more than that too, but I respect the tone that she has set with her humility, and I do my best to act accordingly.

She has been a friend and a teacher, and I have paid careful attention to get the most out of this experience.

I am not loyal to people just because I care for them. I do not blindly follow orders, or worship anyone as an idol. I do not need an intercession between God and me. I am loyal to principles and act accordingly. This loyalty has cost me many friends, jobs, relationships, and my former reputation. I have followed this path knowing I want to create a better world, and I have willingly given all that I have to earn the right to have a seat at the table.

I practice confident humility. I am confident that whatever role I’m allowed to play, I will be empowered with the substance, the character, the wisdom, and ability to perform in the best interests of the people and the planet. At the same time, I am humbled by the opportunity and recognize the value of the gift.

I recognize the charge, the weight, and the beauty of being part of this transition. I have not jockeyed for position to put myself above or beneath anyone. I have endeavored to align myself with God, follow the signs, grow in every aspect of my life, share what I’ve learned along the way, and have conducted myself in a manner that is worth replicating. I have not always been successful in my endeavors, but I have continued to improve over time.

I have not tried to take anything from Thomas or play the role that he played. I am Sovereign and I express myself, as myself, based on my own experiences and perception of the circumstances. In my opinion and understanding, the Trustee has drawn a definitive line between the operation and duties of both she and the Trust, and that of Thomas Williams.

My understanding is that this action was based on statements made by Thomas Williams on September 27th, 2018 that implied that Kim and the Trust should theoretically act as an interim Government in the event that President Trump was somehow removed from his position. The headline description of the two-hour show posted on a YouTube Channel named Lucid Dreamer, who chose to focus on these statements to identify the substance of what was discussed.

This was an unfortunate series of events that had nothing to do with me in any way. At this time, because I do work with Kimberly Goguen, and will continue to work with the Trust in the future, KRE8CHANGE, the SPEAK PROJECT, any of my affiliate organizations, and myself, will not associate with Thomas Williams in any way.

I have not been instructed to make this statement by anyone. I made this decision because I feel it is in my own best interests, my partner’s best interests, in the best interests of the people we are responsible to help, and the planet we are responsible to care for. Therefore, as long as Kim stays true to her mission, I will support her in any way that I can.

Therefore, I will not apologize for having a chance to contribute at this level. It is a dream come true. I am not concerned about those who did not make it. I will not apologize because I strive to be the best version of myself. I will not apologize because I pursue greatness and encourage others to do the same. I know who I am and I know what my purpose is. I am only concerned with what I have been called to do. I move by faith to discover the full scope of my responsibilities, and pray to execute them with wisdom, kindness, consideration, and gratitude.

The prize is our freedom. Failure is not an option. Stay the course. Be encouraged. Compromise for no one.

AKA Steffen Rowe

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  1. Thank you TANK. Me and my household share your sentiments. Thing and no one will hold us back of our calling.

    We can’t afford to lose focus although we are homeless. We must stay present and withstand the task ahead.

  2. I totally understand why Kim had to take this action. It must have been an extremely difficult choice to make considering the professional relationship she had with Thomas. I just hope this can now all be put to bed, because we all need to be in the same side, not divided and against each other. I have followed you for a long time Tank and I know you are true to your word. The kind of person that I am, I just hope Thomas will be able to pick himself up and continue his crucial work that he has done for a long time as well. His THI members must also be going through a tough time as well. It’s not easy being awake for us, especially when there are fallouts with those that we have been learning from. To be nice to one another, show love, help each other when in need, and work together. I send out love, compassion, protection, and golden light to you Tank, Kim, Thomas and all those following you all. Let’s be kind and considerate for each other as. Take care. A x

    1. Dear Arosedad1, thank you for the generous compassion in your statements. I could feel your love and golden light. I pass your goodwill forward. May this planet be a better place because of it. Peace be. With kind regards from Patrick.

  3. Very well said, Tank. Crystal clear.
    I too, am grateful for Kim’s mission & look forward to learning, growing, and helping others to regain their freedom and act knowlegably.
    My goal is to partner w/ some executives & social workers familliar with the current social services in my community and brainstorm a better way to provide those services through a merit based earn as you go opportunity that will give immediate & long term relief to the homeless in our nation.

  4. Extremely well said Steffen, I have admired your humility ever since I first wrote to you. As I said many times to you, you are a prolific writer, I feel the same way as you do in many ways, I never asked for my position within my Church it was granted to me for similar reasons as your association with Kim was bestowed on you. I have a whole variety of individuals associated with me, many have what we jokingly refer to as Miter-Itis, but amongst all the people I know only one stands out that is Revd Matthias, if anything happens to me before implementation, I know he will continue in my footsteps, in every way shape and form.

    He will continue all my projects, including taking care of Jeremy whom he considers to be like his little brother.

  5. Very well said Tank, I think you have a brilliant mind and I so appreciate you sharing. I feel better now that you are not associated with Thomas as I personally had some huge doubts about him. I hope I will be proven wrong when all is known.

  6. Well said Tank, I have always appreciated and embraced your passion for change. Kim’s decision was difficult but wise based on the gravity of the statements made. This is not personal, but for the good of the mission. We need Trump who is focused on bringing down the Deep State and restoring trust in our elected leaders. Thomas should be focused on just that, we all can serve in different capacities aimed at meeting the goals of the mission rather than attacking and defending. I pray that Thomas will continue the fight rather than creating distraction or destroy what he has worked hard to establish over the years. United we stand, divided we fall. I support Kim’s decision and I stand in unity and support with Tank, Kre8changers and those with common vision and goal of freeing our people. God bless the Republic.

  7. Keep up the great work! Thanks to you and Kim for having our backs. I can count on two fingers how many times someone has done this for me. I appreciate you and Kim being vigilant.
    Thank you immensely: Stephen

  8. Hi Tank and thank you.

    Your post dated 2nd Oct tells me much of the depth of your sincerity, true character, honesty, integrity, tenacity and credibility my friend.

    My sincere thanks.


  9. I was appalled at the statements made by TW, and fully support and understand the actions taken. His broadcast was stupidly irresponsible, and was the culmination of a pattern of increasingly arrogant taunting snarky speeches. But at least it has led me to this site, that I didn’t realize was here. I look forward to getting more accurate info in a more professional format. Thank you.

  10. Nothing about this situation resonates with me. I listened to the show in which what Thomas said re Kim seems to have caused a lot of commotion. I personally did not hear him say what evidently someone has accused him of and that is that Kim should replace Trump. What I heard was that because of his extremely high regard for Kim and her work that he would like to nominate her as the interim president after Trump is not in office until a new President or new form of government is created. And I would like to add that I have only heard Thomas speak of Kim with the utmost admiration and respect. In my opinion this situation would have been a perfect time to set the example for the world of forgiveness, love, peace and hope that we all want to see in the world! (As an aside, Kim must know something that I don’t re Trump to have so much faith in him where I personally don’t know for sure whose side he is on.)

  11. Thank you Tank and Kim for your strong support of President Trump and his commitment to Make America Great Again… I stand with each of you and all.who l make a choice to work for both personal and planetary freedom at this very critical time …. blessings to all…

  12. I for one am going to disagree with tank in Miss Kim in possible, Kim Gogan, I feel you stand by your friends and you should know them well enough especially if you have worked with them and know their loyalty honor and integrity. Thomas William has shown this consistently. . As far as what was stated in his show, that was taken out of context! People should learn to listen instead of hearing what they want to hear and spreading lies to hurt others! And as far as what was said about you tank I did not hear that or see that anywhere! Like I said just down by the people that has shown who they are! Thanks again for all you guys do on a daily basis to help this world and its people.

  13. Kim, please comment on this post by Anna:

    The new so-called “Quantum Financial System” has been rigged by the Grandfather, Marduk, one of the original Fallen. In their religion, sex and duality are worshiped, with the result that the new banking system has a female “key” —- apparently, this is Kim Goguen, aka, “Kim Possible”— and a male key who hasn’t made his appearance yet.

    The female key is always negative, always about blocking, stopping, or ending things, and true to form, Kim Goguen has found that while she can access and manipulate and transfer accounts around, she can’t open them. Only her male counterpart can do that, and he is laying low.

    Because he can open the accounts and provide everyone on Earth with a windfall of his favorite self-made commodities— money and currencies— he counts on being very popular and adored and yes, even worshipped by the masses.

    Chances are, he’ll look like a thirty-something Charlie Sheen. That is, unless we catch him first, or this expose causes him to fall back to an alternate body.

    Either way, watch the play. Kim doesn’t understand her role, and doesn’t anticipate the appearance of her male counterpart, and neither one of them are counting on “the rest of us” being aware of who they are and what they are doing

  14. I too agree that separating yourself from one of your own, Thomas William’s needs to be addressed,resolved. All who listened that were subscribers understood what Thomas was stating. It was taken out of context by Lucid dreamer and exaggerated. I know nothing off the post that Tank received coming from Thomas. Anyone with half a brain that listened to Thomas’s broadcast would fully understand he was not suggesting any kind of coup or take over of the Gov’t. Please correct this error.
    Respectfully. Thank you for all you have done and do.

  15. Added note. Thomas has also accepted his responsibility for what transpired out of context as it were. Publically in at least two broadcasts that I have listened to and clarified to listeners that it was not his intent to out anyone from office(Potus) or take over any Gov’t of America. I would think this should deserve a reinstatement to our(humanities) and your purpose with a stern caution.

  16. It’s getting hot in here.

    By Anna Von Reitz

    Dear President Trump,

    Today, October 9th, 2018, marks the Seventh Angle in Space Banking and the end of the 45 year Moratorium and is the day that our Delegated Powers return to us.

    The cycle is complete and you are shaking your head not understanding a word we are saying, yet we hold the key to all your troubles and all your remedies.

    Not just the money — all of it.

    Double-dog dare you. You and America and 350 million Americans have nothing to lose and everything to gain

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