19 January, 2019 00:42

URGENT UPDATE: Pelosi Plot to take the Presidency by force explained.


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  1. I cannot open the YouTube video. In Holland it has been taken down.
    I know about this from Thomas last thirsday.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Pelosi could’nt do that job.She has dementia and is failing.She was also cozy with JFK and was a good looking female in her time.She was miss Lube girl of 1959 at age 19 in Baltimore where her father was mayor Tommy Delasandro back in the 50’s.I am from Baltimore and new Oprah Winfrey who hosted a morning show on WJZ 13.She’s in her late 60’s and looks like her 40’s.I believe that she and others are drinking Adrenalchrome to stay young.

  3. Tank; please elaborate on the statements you made in the video regarding “our accounts” being funded and the money “going to the people”. Also, stopping the gcr/rv just because some bad guys have currency is nonsense. All that does is hurt all the good guys out here.

  4. Steven, please refresh your memory on what all has been shared here.

    If we are stop those “powers that were”, how else can it be done? My preference is to take away their access to the frequency of each of our beings, through their unlawful , criminal use of currency.

    What is your plan? To help keep the fraudsters going, to the detriment and disabling of more? This cabal is responsible for all this we are suffering. They do not want us to have our life back.

    Will you patiently align with all the workers who are seeking to restore the loving creative capacities to all?

    This choice is up to all of us. Now and present.

    Peace. ra

  5. Just a thought…we need a NEWS Station
    For the people run by the people to keep us informed of real events…. any great material analysts out there interested in that project for funding? Jordan Sathers????

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