19 August, 2018 13:58

Illuminati Terms Defined

1. Humanitarian-the definition of appropriate treatment of humans during war time. Also known as the Law of War, Humanitarian Law is the foundation for the establishment of the Red Cross. The Red Cross, who’s symbol was established to be the exact opposite of the Swiss Flag. Oddly, Switzerland is known for being neutral, so the Red Cross would appear to acknowledge the perpetual state of war.

Illuminati Application-by promoting “humanitarian projects” the Order creates the illusion that if it’s “humanitarian” then it’s in the best interest of human beings.

In the underworld of money transfers, “Humanitarian Projects” are the known term for laundering money. As long as the Dragon Families get their cut (Humanitarian Projects) then it’s an easy way to move fake or stolen money.

Based on the unreported atrocities inflicted against human beings to create war, or to “win” a war, these acts could be considered “Humanitarian Projects”. The same Hague/Cabal World Court defines the appropriate treatment of people during times of war, while breaking the laws themselves to create constant world wide conflict. Without war, based on this definition, there are no need for humanitarian efforts unless we are at war.

My Opinion: People would naturally act humanely if they knew how much abundance exists in everything. Scarcity creates defensive humans who need to protect their substance at any cost because it sustains their family. This is also a tool used to create division and urgency.

When one needs to feed their child immediately, they’re not looking to change the structure of the entire world system. The focus is on the immediate need being addressed, and that is usually addressed through extreme moral compromise, business with another slave who is also suffering due to the illusion of scarcity, or some aspect of justifiable violence needed to take from someone who appears to be an enemy and has something we need.

  1. Redistribution of Wealth-Income Redistribution is an economic practice which is aimed at leveling the distribution of wealth or income in a society through a direct or indirect transfer of income from the rich to the poor. Economists or Governments adopt economic policies and strategies like progressive taxation to implement this phenomenon.

Illuminati Application: This practice is mentioned specifically in the description of Income Tax and also in the Paris Climate Agreement. However, this description doesn’t explain why the “rich” don’t just redistribute their wealth to organizations that provide jobs, fund new businesses, or just give money to those in need.

Even the recorded donations, that seem significant to regular people, by the ultra rich such as Bill Gates, are only a minuscule portion of their wealth. Any High School student could basically look at the disparity between the wealthy and the poor, or even the “middle class” and easily design a distribution model that allowed the entire world to thrive.

The only logical conclusion is that those who hold the wealth of the world have no intention of redistributing it to the people. In fact, the GCR, the RV and other such Globalist movements are designed to redistribute the wealth from one faction of the Order to another. Currently the Black Dragons inclusive of the Bush and Clinton families maintain control of the Order here in the United States.

The sale of the American Banks and Military has been publicly documented as the salvation from the “glutenous American” lifestyle to a more evolved and enlightened Chinese control structure. Essentially, the redistribution of wealth has nothing to do with the people, and everything to do with a peaceful transfer of power from the American Faction of the Order to the Chinese Dragon Families.

This transition becomes very transparent with the introduction of things like universal income. Universal income is approximately $17,000 a year. An amount that would hardly be necessary if any one regular person was worth a 100 Quadrillion Dollars. This one person could easily distribute enough wealth to every person on the planet to sustain all life on Earth very comfortably if all that was needed was money. If a million people had a Quadrillion Dollars, all production of anything would essentially come to a halt. Values of all currency would become useless, and the masses would have successfully been trained to wait for someone else to fix the problem.

Another public indication is the introduction of the Special Drawing Rights that is supposed to create diversity of available Global currencies utilized for trade. The American USD and the people by default are shamed once again as the Empirical scourge of the planet. The Global Elite are made heroes as if they’re introducing an answer to the world’s wealth disparity by introducing their Globalist agenda. They look to introduce a digital currency controlled entirely by the banks using “Distributed Ledgers”.

This movement has already begun with predictions coming out into the mainstream telling people what their intention is. The Illuminati is consistent in that they tell us exactly what their plan is, but portray it as if it’s a good thing. So they shame the American people for the actions of the Dragon Families, getting us all to sit back as they introduce a Global Currency System, ignoring that 146 countries are pegged to the USD. Meanwhile, the best economic prophets encourage us to invest in this new currency while we have the chance. It’s two fold in that they grab the last remaining supply of people’s retirement funds and any other wealth that someone may have have saved up, and they share their secrets justifying a new enslavement contract opening a window for us to reject or accept their terms.

My Opinion: We can stand together and change the world financial system right now. It’s a gargantuan task, but necessary to create the world we all desire to live in. Waiting for someone else to redistribute wealth on our level will never happen unless we claim it.

Despite significant resistance, people at all levels are finally beginning to stand up to play our part beyond the limitations of our slave mentality. The combined efforts of the people’s resistance, and the endorsement of organizations such as Homeland Security, who’ve done little more than due diligence on the origin of allocated funds, is finally opening the pathway for us to revitalize the planet.

Although this has never been done before, nothing that has been done for the first time ever has. It is our right to claim the substance of our inheritance, and truly our responsibility to make the most of that opportunity. When the door opens we will have the choice to stay a slave or be free. It seems like a simple choice, yet everyday many if choose to remain enslaved to an existence of subservience, unable to express or discover the full power of our true being.

Together we can step away from Humanitarian Projects forcing us to operate under the Law of War, helping humanity to survive, and embrace a movement towards Human Empowerment Projects that enable humanity to revitalize the world in a time of peace. The redistribution of wealth from one faction to another only allows us to exist inside of the world they create and control. Instead, we can create a brand new system from the ground up where people are enabled to make decisions without limitations set by warmongering controllers who only seek to maintain the status quo.

Connect with your most innate desire to create and procreate. Tap into your best ideas, highest ideals, and your own imagined world. Consider what you would need to make those things a reality here. Imagine the impact you can have if you replicate your vision, ideals, and experiences enough to inspire someone else. You’ve now multiplied a higher way of being just by taking responsibility and ownership of being a creator. Here in lies the true wealth of the planet, latent in you.


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  1. When God/Source created the universe and all that IS there was NO LACK. All was in Divine Order. LOVE, Peace, Abundance/Prosperity and Benevolence all coexisted in accordance with Universal Law. Thus said NO Nation and NO Citizen should rely on their government for their supply which is OUR BIRTHRIGHT in accordance with God’s/ Source’s Limitless supply. So why TRUST these Man Made pretenses as they are not benevolent in any way shape or form…

    This I truly believe with every fiber of my being. Discern for yourselves🤨

  2. I agree with everything you say Tank, and I hear what we need to do, “claim it”. I may be missing the boat, but as a person that is ready, and i know many are thinking the same thing, What is it that we need to do “specificly”, do we need to take physical action? Or are you asking us to look within and spiritually take it, now I know we all humbly pray for it to be so, but is their not enough people that have created the vibration to break through? If you and Kim can be very specific and (no disrespect) to the point, tell us, how do we take it. We just want to do something now. Thanks!

  3. TANK and KIM IMPOSSIBLE, with your best and most determined dedication to humanity and the desire for funding to stay in the hands of the people and benefit the people, the people wait. I am gently commenting that the reality of releasing monies to humanity seems to always be “in sight” or very close, not yet, Rome wasn’t built in a day, etc. In addition, those that want to see the funding work to make the world a better place for themselves and others know that the funds are necessary. It is those people who are not interested in getting their hands on the money, or breaking the monotony of poverty to go shopping. It is those people who are patiently waiting to live love and love living again. Yes we want a place to start. We want to remodel an apartment building, or a house, or take applications for life improvement grants, we want to bring children in from the streets and tutor them or teach them crafting or art. We want to sit in a coffee shop with a guy or gal and just talk about their dreams and be able to help them begin their dream by working in the area of their interest. How much more can we wrap ourselves around ideas, how much longer without the ability to do something.

    If I were able to exchange/redeem any currency in order to get started, I would. I seems a bitter pill to have dreamed of freely being able to exercise a free spirit and improving life for another only to walk away and freely repeat the action, and now realize it only to be a dream. Perhaps it would be better with some responsibility to structure, and perhaps it would be better for the greater good.

    Do you have any idea about when we will be able to find out?

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