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The current situation seems ridiculous at this point. As recently as this week, stopgap funding was provided, via the President’s direct terminal, to the UST to cover their salaries from the Manna World Holding Trust. This money was received directly by the President, while General Mattis was present as a witness. FACT.

Despite this transaction seeming to act as absolute confirmation of who is actually telling the truth, the Military continues to search everywhere for money, holding out for the Chinese Elders to come through with the RV funding. The RV funding from the Elders is an Illusion.

Despite multiple narratives being shared in the alternate mainstream, there is only one truth. The truth is easily provable via any Government level Intelligence report. In fact, it has been proven repeatedly that Kim-Possible is the only Legal Sovereign, Owner of the Assets of the planet, Comptroller, Trustee, Custodian of the Manna World Holding Trust, or the Sovereign Monarch of the “Unknown Country,” and head of the primary overarching Central Bank of the world. That is FACT.

I know that is a mouthful, and a lot to digest. Long story short, there’s a mapping system in place designed to identify the assets of the planet, take ownership thereof, and control how the assets are used. All of the assets on the planet have been registered to this system by an Anti-Human planetary dictator, who Kim-Possible replaced. FACT

This Dictator controlled everything, including the various Dragon Families/Factions/Secret Societies/the Order/Cabal/Illuminati, etc., which are still following the last orders of this now deceased warlord. The slaves left behind do not realize, that in this Dictator’s plan, they too would have been destroyed. FACT

Consequently, they are still working to carry out Agenda 21. This is, basically, the genocide of 90% of the human population based on false claims about Global Warming. They have used Cultural Guidance to garner public approval disguised behind claims of Sustainable Development, fighting to decrease our individual carbon emissions. Real science shows we are actually heading into a Solar Minimum rather than Global Warming, and everyone knows that the animals and the vegetation on the planet have a symbiotic relationship where the emissions of one, fuel the life of the other, thus rendering the alleged cause of Global Warming obsolete. FACT

Basic logic and proper vetting has the ability to change the world right now. You don’t have to like the truth, but if you have the ability to access the evidence, then you’re obligated to consider what it is saying. Kim-Possible is trying to free humanity from thousands of years of bondage. The Order is trying to continue a system of false flags, division, fake news, military PSYOPS, mind-control, human slavery and the ultimate destruction of the human race.

Logically speaking, one can easily conclude that if the Chinese Elders have attempted hundreds of times to access the assets to back the exchanges, yet continue to try and fail, then they don’t have the ability to do so, or they are the most maliciously evil tricksters in the history of humankind.

If they have the power to access the assets, then they are allowing millions of people to suffer unnecessarily while the illusion of scarcity continues to dominate our consciousness and our reality. We have allowed them to control us.

Meanwhile, 8,643 kids die every single day from starvation, while we have the technology that could feed the world, eradicating hunger in a matter of months. If the funds were made available, to manufacture and disburse this Military technology, there would be no hunger. FACT

I am of the opinion that they are very anti-human villains who continue to manipulate and control the world just enough to keep us from empowering the people. In addition, it is a fact, not an opinion, that they do not have access to the Quantum System, legal authority over the assets or the ability to access them. OBVIOUS FACT

(Seriously, read that last sentence again, and ask yourself, who and what you are supporting if you are not supporting us)

On the other side, every intelligence agency, Treasury and Bank in the world has legally, technically, and absolutely verified that the assets of the planet are registered to the “Unknown Country,” and that Kim has the authority over these funds.

She is fighting to give these funds to the people and she is being blocked, by the various expressions, under the illusionary control of the Dragon Network. She could use the Quantum AI System to control all sorts of things, enslaving humanity the same way her predecessor did. Instead, she has invested in the freewill of humanity to decide to think, speak, and act freely.

Kim-Possible is not your savior. However, she is doing all that is possible to get the people who are already in position to help, lead, protect and make a way, to choose to act in the best interests of humanity, the planet, and the human individuals.

The facts are the facts. In addition, the illusion should not be holding anyone hostage at this point. If you are not in agreement with the facts, and you continuing to support a show designed to enslave everyone, then who exactly do you think YOU are?


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