by Tank

Right now, after years of the Source energy from the Central Sun being blocked and minimized so that it would be easier to enslave us, this Light, that is the substance of all things living is being pushed through the Quantum system from every electronic device in the world.

The same devices that have been used to control us are now being used to restore our natural connection to God. This is designed to enable all of us to exercise our free will to act in the best interests of ourselves, our family, and our fellow beings on the planet. KIM-POSSIBLE made that happen.

And there is some truth to the new banking software updates. Kim-Possible notified the Governments and the banks that the system would be getting an update on Tuesday. She brought the strength of the Quantum system firewall around the entire financial system. It was not done by the banks themselves, and definitely not for the purpose of facilitating exchanges as stated on “the Big Call,” but rather to protect the people from the Elder Rothschilds Order of Criminals, who are steady focused on their same agenda. (Eliminate and enslave humanity)

In fact, it was done to stop the Order from draining the liquidity from the banking system and to detour their efforts to block the Trust from bringing in real asset backed money to the people. True to form, when ever Kim does something quietly, they try and take credit publicly. But, they can’t fool me with that nonsense because I was speaking with her minutes after she did it. And they didn’t try to take credit until they spent days trying to hack back into the system and failed.

The Rothschilds and Elders are still trying to lay claim that they have control of the entire front of the system. Now they did before, but after the firewall from the Quantum system was put up, they’re no longer in control. They have yet to breach even the first firewall.

The Rothschilds, Clintons and Bush family have all been sanctioned for Treason by the United Nations because they embezzled 80% of the funds from NATO contributions. The Pentagon is aware of this fact because they received 80 Billion Dollars back in payments for these embezzled funds from the Trust. (It’s amazing to me how much Kim works to support the military, despite the fact that they have not even attempted to create safe passage for the people to get funding. To me, this has been the most disappointing aspect of all of this. These are men I’ve seen as heroes, taking orders from civilian gangsters posing as Gods.)

Where do you stand?
The Governments all over the world are aware as well because they have all been notified and are receiving funds back from the same crime. In addition, all of the properties used by the United Nations and owned by the Rothschilds have been foreclosed on. They have been divided up equally amongst every country in the world. For the first time, the Rothschilds actually owe the countries a massive debt rather than the other way around.

There have been false FBI flags levied against my team that actually originated from the software companies who all had backdoor access to the financial system. Obviously this has been part of the treachery of the Rothschilds to slap down any hint of opposition to their reign. But they can no longer do that. They can no longer access the system through those channels. In fact, if anyone makes a claim other than the FBI through any other channel and without following proper protocol to place fraudulent flags on our accounts, they will be flagged personally, be permanently cut out from the banking system, and fired.

While most people are attracted to the promises made by the lying Chinese, and various other fraudulent Elders, the reality is that they continue to make promises that never come to fruition. We listen to channeled messages, gurus with no credentials, and intelligence agency contacts who have told us out right that their job is to deceive us, and still defend our position remaining ignorant of the truth.

And even now, the largest civilian military and intelligence force on the planet has been hired by the Chinese Elders based on a promise to pay them a percentage of what they can steal from the transfers coming out of the Trust. I wish you’d reconsider. You’re playing for the wrong team. We have actual money to pay you. But you’d prefer to work for scoundrels who’d step on your body on their way to the bathroom while you choked to death on a poison that they had the cure for in their hand.

I’m ashamed for all of you. You have no honor and no integrity. (Remember, not for everyone, just the leadership who continues to do nothing)

The Cabal thrives because so many refuse to shine in the darkness. They are afraid of the dark, and that fear is what controls us all.
Kim-possible shines in the darkness, casting out the ignorance caused by their lies. She is acting the way all leaders should. She has sacrificed everything so we can move forward and replenish the Earth. Despite the pathetic programming of useless leaders who do nothing but placate outdated super villains, there is someone who actually stands with the people.

The sad part is that all of the leaders, the military, the civilian military, the bankers, and everyone else who’s scared of the dark-you’re all people too.

So when do you stand up for the people? When do you stand up for yourself? Where will you be standing when this part is all over?

I stand in a dark place and shine. Because that’s the only example I’ve seen worth following. And the only example worth setting. And that light, casts out darkness. And if we all do that, there’d be no opposition to humanity. Because that light shines in you too and together we can easily cast out darkness. The change will come from within the hearts and minds of the people.

And whether you like it or not, it’s so anyhow.

When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one who cries out, is the one that got hit.


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