I’m approached on a daily basis by semi-informed individuals who claim to have the authority over the Manna World Holding Trust or some account held there in. They always have very fancy paperwork with signatures of important dignitaries or people who think they’re very important, Royal and Government seals, and often some type of language meant impress.

I’ve avoided addressing these claims because I’d prefer not to give energy to divisive control tactics, but feel the need to help anyone currently under the impression that these give someone a higher level of authority than Kim to access the trust.

Most of these issues can be resolved by recognizing these three facts:

•There has always been a Royal Monarchy that sits above the Governments. There are several official international documents, treaties, and agreements that can validate that the “Great Dictator” or “King of Kings” is recognized as the absolute authority no matter what the contract says and exists as the sole Sovereign entity on the planet. This is the reason why the Rothschilds/Dragon Families get away with murder because at some point they were granted a Sub-Sovereign status which elevated them above the laws of any country.

•Beneath the Royal Monarch is the power and authority held by Church and State. This power is often acknowledged as the ultimate authority on the planet to acknowledge the Royal lineage, rights, and authority of a bloodline Royal. However, it still exists beneath the sole Sovereign entity on the planet.

•There has been a dozen genetic tests to prove that Kim is the rightful Czar of Russia and the highest ranking bloodline Royal of any lineage on the planet. This is not speculation. This is a fact.

To further explain why these papers of authority are useless, we have to understand who has created them and by what authority. Unless the authority is the Royal Monarch herself then there is no authority that trumps her own.

The previous Sovereign ruled as a totalitarian war mongering dictator. He was feared, revered, and rarely seen. He was masterful at pitting Nation against Nation, creating religious conflicts, and manipulating all sides to play his game. He controlled all factors of the world and held us all hostage under Global Martial Law.

This individual has since been eliminated with his minion slaves left with orders to carry out the plan. They continue to operate with no creativity only knowing one way of life. They have been the face of the Monarch, and given access to advanced technologies for years making them appear to be God’s.

Although we all know that these forces have held power erroneously for hundreds if not thousands of years, there has been little resistance from the people or Governments to regain our control or our freedom. For the most part, people have accepted it as “the way of the world” and tried to create a comfortable life within the Rothschild’s reign of terror. Because we have mostly accepted “our lot in life” while the Dragon Families have comfortably expected to lie, cheat, murder, and steal from the people for as long as, and in anyway they’ve seen fit.

The difference today is that the one who is currently sitting in the seat of the Royal Monarch was raised as a human, and is an advocate for human empowerment, human sovereignty, and human expression. She recognizes the mechanisms put in place by the Warlord who used to rule the planet have created a heavily entrenched society of lies creating the Matrix of our perceived reality. To ease the people into the position of free living creative beings from enslaved entities who haven’t been aware of their true origin, true abilities, or true nature, there has to be a transitional phase.

In this first phase of the transition she has created an alternate pathway for Source Energy to enter into the atmosphere increasing our vibration and awareness, while at the same time improving our physical and mental health. This has given us an immediate infusion of light energy from our spiritual and energetic origins allowing us to reconnect to a more natural state of existence. This is just to lay the ground work for the monumental changes that will occur over the transition.

The Monorail that so many criticized Kim for funding is actually a conduit made from the same substance as the seven arch’s of the covenant. In the same manner that these were placed at strategic points around the Earth to maintain the Taurus energy fields of the planet, the Monorail will act as a similar unifying force. The construction of the Anti-Gravitic train will actually restore the natural energy fields of the Flower of Life. Just by riding in the train people’s health will improve and every aspect of the planet will flourish with new life.

To get back to the various characters claiming authority for one faction of the Dragon Families or another, there is really no need for there to be an argument or struggle for control. The latest claim on the Trust doesn’t even list the full name properly, and even if it was endorsed by the Catholic Church it wouldn’t overrule the authority of the Royal Monarch. Never the less, as you can see below the Vatican doesn’t even acknowledge D.O.S.M. as a true order holding any level of authority.

On October 6th, 2012, the Vatican Secretary of State renewed its formal announcement that it only recognizes the orders issued by the Pope, namely:

Under Papal protectionEdit

Even if this order was acknowledged by the Church there would still be an authority above that which has placed Kim in position. The Quantum Financial System can only be accessed by a very specific DNA code. All DNA is given by God himself, the only true King of the planet. She did not create the system to work that way, she was just given the role. There is no level of official paperwork that can overpower the fact that she is the only one who can access and control the financial system. So any claims to that authority are futile in that they still have to ask permission to receive active codes.

Just consider who it is that you are challenging every time you write a mean spirited post, angry at Kim for exposing the truth about a plan to eliminate humanity using the exchange process as a tool to facilitate your cooperation. Also realize that she could have exerted absolute control using the same tactics the Cabal had used previously. Instead, she used the Quantum AI Mapping System to integrate the DNA of every single human being on the planet. This was done for our protection to give us a chance to create a better world. We can finally have money, move it safely, and conduct business fairly without bowing down to anyone because of their last name.

People are constantly frustrated at the thought of Kim because they can’t imagine that anyone person would be given so much power. But she works daily to try and give that power right back to us while we fight and resist to hold on to an inferior existence as the skates of the Order. She has aligned our finances, our technology, and our planet to operate harmoniously with the Natural Laws of God.

So what is the holding us back from creating a new world in perfect agreement with our most natural and powerful state of existence?

We are.

Peace out,

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