18 July, 2018 10:23



10:22 AM EST

This was reported to me directly by one of our most trusted international team members 20 minutes ago. After a four meeting with a Lawyer associate of ours in Europe, who has diligently pursued various Tier 2 and Tier 3 exchange opportunities, known for the thorough and meticulous nature of his paperwork, just officially informed us that the White Dragons have confessed that they do not have the codes or authority to access the accounts on the back ledger, or any account that enables them to redeem the ZIM.

In addition we learned that Lawyers all over the world are furiously scrambling trying to find liquidity right now. The world is finally realizing that the financial system has been locked down, and is no longer under the control of the families (AKA. The Cabal, the Order, the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, etc.).


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    1. Not wow just rubbish as usual Tank has a very vivid imagination and sometimes I marvel at the idiocy of the stories. The sad thing though is that these fanciful ravings are actually taken seriously by people like you!

  1. We just noticed today that our Siouth African 100 Rand note has a completely different backside – picture of it would seem, a young Nelson Mandela in place of a buffalo (the word Madiba has been added) and Robben Island. I know the SA Reserve Bank was completely ripped off some years ago and wonder if this is a sign of good change!

    1. Today, Nelson Mandela (also called Madiba) would have been 100 years old – hence the commemoration note .

  2. AweSomeNess ; )…

    Go Team Possible … Y’all Rock On.

  3. TANK –
    does this mean that we find ourselves in a catch 22 situation – neither side presently being able to fund us – or does Kim have a solution to the problem up her sleeve ????

  4. Ok so, now what? Clearly, nobody who thinks they are in charge has any access to any loot! At which point will they start cooperating with Kim and is that an option??????

  5. Is the white dragon stuff GOOD or BAD news? I am a neophyte here. I get it 2nd paragraph.

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