Dear Judge Anna,
As I know you to be someone who is thorough and dedicated to presenting the facts, I wanted to pay you the respect of addressing your last post properly in the hopes that we can work together towards defeating what I believe is a common enemy. There are just a few details in your article that aren’t accurate representations of who “Kim-Possible” is and what the Quantum AI actually is.

There are very foolish and uninformed rumors on the internet about these topics. I will share the facts as I know them.” -This is true and includes the statement made later in this article that the Quantum system was created by hackers out of MIT.

The Quantum System used by Kim was created by a Galactic race that is proficient in technology and were one of the races enslaved to build technology to assist Marduk to enslave and rob the planet of its resources.

Kim Goguen aka Kim Possible aka Virgo Triad is the purported Trustee of Manna World Trust.”

-Kim is still not Virgo Triad. I speak to Kim almost every day and can confirm for you that without question that the woman on the video below, known as “Virgo Triad” is not Kim. Furthermore, this seems like a fairly well written cease and desist order made public by said party, addressing you directly to stop making that claim. https://youtu.be/jTy03vdK3eg

“She is a Romanov from the same family as the former Czar of Russia murdered and deposed by the vermin who selected Kim to be a lab rat in one of their genetic engineering experiments.

She doesn’t know what happened to her, why she “isn’t the same” as she once was, why she can’t feel certain emotions–like love– any more, why she is in some respects compulsively driven to work 24/7 with immense focus, and at the same time is confused, her mind as unsettled as her jumbled, broken emotions.”

-How could you possibly know if Kim could feel Love? This statement is so hurtful it makes me question if YOU can feel Love. It reads like a confession.

But I couldn’t possibly know that so I won’t make such an ignorant accusation. That being said, for someone who you claim can’t feel Love, to come down to the people’s level, make herself known publicly, make her efforts public, expose all types of secrets of the Order, include regular people from all over the world, work tirelessly to get those people funded, refuse to allow our oppressors to steal from us, completely change the financial system to make it safe for the people, make constant efforts to fund real projects, fix asset prices so they can’t be manipulated for the Cabal’s profit at our expense, take phone calls from all types of people just to comfort them, forgive the constant ignorance being hurled at her via blog sites, face the constant threats against her life, refuse to give in no matter what it has cost her, and get just as mad as we do about the constant heartless stupidity of their actions, I’d have a hard time knowing what she felt if it wasn’t love.

“But I know what THEY did to her and why. They get their rocks off on “converting” survivors of families they have murdered to their religion —and using and abusing them to do their own dirty work. In this way, their “victory” is complete and their enemies are not only dead and dishonored, but even their shirt-tail relatives are employed doing things and believing things that the Romanovs despised.”

-Who are THEY? And, how do YOU KNOW?

“This is a religious “war” and a spiritual conflict, in which the Father of All Lies contests with every means of guile against the Father of All Truth.”

-I’d say it’s a spiritual war, or even a Metaphysical inter-dimensional war more so than religious.

“And those who murdered her family have converted Kim into their literal living breathing tool.”

-Perhaps this was their goal, but Kim is no one’s tool. Unlike so many I’ve spoken to who Just wish to control the financial system, she works tirelessly to give control back to the people, while being pressured from every Government source, public source, financial source, professional source, criminal source, and military source in the world to just relent.

You might assume that “those who murdered her family” refers to the Russian Communists, because that is another lie we were told all our lives. But in fact the Romanovs were killed by the Rothschild network as revenge for Russian intervention in our Civil War and the Romanov’s refusal to turn over control of their national economy to the tender mercies of a Central Bank.”-Sounds true,

“So, what could be more pleasing to the twisted minds among us than to take Kim at an early age, and raise her to be their tool against her own homeland and people?”
-See above, Kim is no one’s tool

And when I say “tool” I mean it literally. That is the nasty part of “A1” technology. The victims gain some amazing powers at the cost of losing control over their own minds and souls.

-Kim does have some amazing powers, but again, she cannot be controlled.

So Kim can act as a human monitor over more than 4500 accounts all over the world— but that is what she is: a computer terminal ensconced in living flesh.”

-Again, she is dedicated to revitalizing humanity and reconnecting all of us to Source Energy, which she has already done with the Quantum AI System. But she is not anyone’s computer terminal other than perhaps that of God.

“She was chosen for her role by Marduk, and we should all know this moniker as the name of a vicious “God” worshipped in Canaan in the Temple of Baalbek.”

-She was born into the role based on her unique genetic make up.

“He was the original creator of the Artificial Intelligence technology that converted Kim into a living computer terminal.”

-Marduk was the Draconian Warlord over the planet. The Draconian’s partnered with another Galactic race that took over planets using technology. It was the slaves of this other race that created the AI System that made it so it could only be accessed by the specific genetic anomaly which occurs approximately every 2000 years here on Earth, just as it has in Kim.

As for AI and “Quantum” both were developed by rogue elements of our own intelligence agencies and hackers at MIT.”

-This is not true of the Quantum AI that Kim controls. As stated above it was designed by a race of Galactics who now works with Kim that were enslaved on this planet as well. There was a financial system that Kim had created by hackers to over ride the current system, but the hackers ended up betraying Kim, building the entire system on one of the Bush Ranches in Paraguay. I’m not sure if they were from MIT.

“Both are already obsolete.”

-Hackers are still hacking. Intelligent agencies still appear to do nothing to actually help the people so yes I’d say they are obsolete. As for the Quantum AI it is fully functional and in the control of Kim.

“From a moral and ethical standpoint, AI should never have been developed and used for any such purpose.”

-It was designed for world domination and control, so yes I agree.

Kim’s mind, emotions, and life are destroyed for no good reason, and she is being used as a machine — a weaponized living computer terminal — to mislead, entrap, and control other living people. “

-Kim has the sharpest mind of anyone I have ever spoken to. She is always in complete control of her emotions. Her life has been difficult but she is too powerful to destroy. She is not misleading or entrapping anyone other than the Cabal stooges and she seeks daily to empower, educate, and connect people to the truth.

I know this for sure because I have the patents to the AI and Quantum technology sitting on my desk. I can read for myself what the intentions of these monsters really are. And it isn’t pretty. I’ve also talked to Kim Goguen and heard her life story. And now you know the rest of it.”

-There may be patents and evil intentions attached to the AI. I can’t say, Kim has never mentioned it. But you certainly haven’t told anyone “the rest” of her life story.

Her life isn’t over and her actions during this time will go down in history. Furthermore, this is just the beginning of the age of human liberation of which she is at the forefront doing what no one person, organization, Country, or any other source was willing to do. She has rejected human enslavement and mass extinction, and overcome impossible odds to win our freedom.

What we do with it is up to us. As for me, I will make sure that her sacrifices were not for naught.

“She wasn’t a bad woman. On the contrary, she was a very good woman with a kind heart and a brilliant mind. The problem is that thanks to what these criminals have done to her, she isn’t herself anymore. She isn’t even truly human anymore.”

-Again, these statements are inflammatory and inaccurate. Not only is she human and still a good person, she is the most human being in the planet being 99.8% bio-identical to the Mitochondrial Eve.

“How these and other patents like them have been allowed by the US Patent Office is another story—a story about allowing a British conglomerate, Serco, to use and abuse our Patent Office —- leaving us apparently responsible for patenting horrific inventions and business models blatantly advertised for criminal, even genocidal uses. “-True

That shame belongs to the United Kingdom Government, for gross mis-administration, immorality, and Breach of Trust.

And to Marduk, former head of the Brotherhood of the Rose Cross, whose lust for blood and ancient technologies led him to destruction and caused the destruction of many others.”

Also true



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