Unfortunately, for these individuals, they turned all of their assets including the United States into the back ledger of “The Unknown Country,” AKA the Manna World Holding Trust. This is where the idea of “Control everything, Own nothing” comes from. It was a concept that allowed them to evade liability for the many crimes against humanity they have committed.

However, the Head of the United Nations, the only authority able to do so, has levied sanctions against all of them for genocide, terrorism, and crimes against humanity. That actually makes the Clintons, Bushes, Rothschilds, Chinese Elders, and Rockefellers, terrorists of the entire world.

Fortunately, for our crack team of intelligence agencies, who President Trump is being ridiculed for not supporting, they have fully enforced the sanctions and humanity is safe. (Insert awkward silence and dramatic pause)

I am sure it is only because the photographs, body count, entry into the financial system, and evidence from the UN Black Server just were not enough evidence. It’s a shame there wasn’t actual video evidence held by the New York Police Department sent around the world that shows some of these characters committing crimes that we could actually convict them for. (Insert balloon deflating and countless useless alternate media clips claiming the Cabal is under the control of the Alliance and one video of Hillary Clinton on the dark net)

I am truly tired of all of these figures claiming to support and protect the American people. It is shameful.

On a separate note, other actions taken by the Trustee, herself, with no support:

  • All of the properties were foreclosed that were controlled by these families, utilized by the United Nations, and held by the Trust.
  • The debt owed by them to the trust has been evenly distributed to every country in the world.
  • In addition, $50B has been allocated to every country harmed by their actions.

Meanwhile, a representative attached directly to the Chinese Elders, and represented by a law firm out of Switzerland, contacted me yesterday requesting a direct meeting with Kim but respecting the chain of command, they contacted me first.

Their only concern was ensuring that the Chinese Elders were not cut out of monies that they claim rightfully belong to them. The origin of these said assets traces back to 1934 around the time the Chinese War Bonds were created, which they have since redeemed, then sold the paper of those assets as if they were not redeemed. To this day, many of the security around the Chinese Elders are doing busy work waiting for those to pay out.

In this one phone call they admitted that they do not have access or control of the assets held in the trust. They are trying to use paperwork to claim the TRL 14656 Trilateral accounts. The representative was still of the mindset that the Chinese Elders were separate from the Rothschilds.

He works with all types of important figures including the US Treasury, the FBI, and the White House. He claimed that two individuals who were the primary signers for the assets of the trilateral accounts, YTT and Gunther, had absolute authority over these funds. It would seem that if they do have authority and control of those accounts, they would have to have a separate financial system or access to working codes.

When I asked him, he had neither a separate banking system nor control of the codes to bring funds off the back ledger. I told him that he did not actually have control of the accounts.

In addition, the representative said that he held the contract for the Heritage Accounts. After the contract expired in 2016, he said that it became his. I told him that all of their contractual claims to these funds were expired and we had no care or concern about whether or not the Chinese Elders are paid ever again for anything.

As many of you continue to jump on any train that bashes Kim and supports a fraudulent RV exchange process, I have a question, if the Chinese Elders are the ones actually in control, then why is their rep calling me to get access to funds?

Nevertheless, thank God for the sensitive and humble nature of Judge Anna Von Reitz to give us emotional insight into who Kim really is. (Said no one, ever.)

But just a quick fact check:

  • Kim has more heart, love, patience, and courage in her pinky than most of us show in a lifetime.
  • Kim is the descendant to the Russian Czar and holds the most amount of Royal blood of anyone on the planet.
  • Technically, she is the Russian Czar, although she was raised in the USA.
  • She is also the Royal Monarch of the planet. There has always been a hierarchy above the Governments thus making all other claims to the funds bull and void until they accept their Sovereignty and acknowledge the one with the authority to grant it.
  • Marduk is dead, heart ripped out, and head removed, not to return. He is not controlling anyone.
  • However, he did abuse her in many ways and she still emerged to fight for you, and you continue to talk trash on Facebook.

Here is what you cannot deny > no one else, besides Kim, has access to the system.



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