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The world Governing System has always been controlled by a higher authority above the National Governments. Often referred to as the M1, this is the status of the individuals who were able to turn assets into spendable currency.

The Asset Redemption Program allowed the Rothschilds to gather ownership of the assets of the planet and submit them for cash. All real money was backed by the assets gathered in this trust. This trust was often referred to as “The Unknown Country” but held many names including the Dragon Family Trust, the Alpha Omega and is now known as the Manna World Holding Trust.

The Rothschilds who we’re using as a generic name that includes the Clintons, Bushs, Rockefellers and others were trustees on the trust but they were never the owner or comptroller of the Asset Redemption Program.
In 2007 the previous Comptroller cut the Rothschilds off from the Trust and they were no longer allowed to submit assets to be redeemed for cash value. Currency printed after 2007 is not technically legal tender because it has not been authorized for distribution by the Trust.

For anyone, including the various ex military who were paid to do various jobs by the Rothschilds, including the security for Chinese factions of the Order known as the Chinese Elders, this meant that they no longer had access to the wealth they had submitted and held on the back ledger. In fact, these individuals don’t even have a record of their liquid assets held on the back ledger, as the activities for which they were hired required a certain level of anonymity. There’s only one authority who is able to bring these assets forward as there is no one else on the planet who currently has M1 status. Evidence that this is the case has been seen repeatedly as characters such as Neil Keenan, Jesse Phips, and others claiming to have the codes and authority to unlock this system have failed to do so successfully.

Being that the Rothschilds have often boasted that their ability to control the currencies of any given Nation was the key to their ability to control the world, it is essential to understand how they were able to do so. Since 1978 the entire financial system has been completely digital, and codes have been generated in real time as needed per transaction. The previous Comptroller would often give them codes, as a Trustee that would remain active for years. In 2007 that changed. All of their codes were deactivated. Although the Rothschilds were the scourge of humanity for many years, appearing to be Sovereign and above the laws of everyone, there was always a higher level of authority that they were subject to.

They devised a plan in 1978 to transfer power from the American factions over to the Chinese. From then on the process began to demonize the greedy American way of life and glorify the wisdom, patience, and benevolence of the Chinese. This operation has been so effective that even today many of us have accepted that we are relinquishing control of the United States to the wiser and more capable Chinese Elders. This peaceful transition of power is essentially just a visual move from one side of the Dragon Families to the other, with both sides having a common agenda.

The United Nations, representing the Global cooperation of each country that was established, controlled, and funded by “the Unknown Country” implemented Agenda 21 to create “sustainable development” as a world wide initiative in 1992. This was a masked effort to reduce the human population of the planet by approximately 90% as explained on the Georgia Guide Stones where it discreetly defines sustainable development, and the general plan, literally etched in stone for all to see.

The Unknown Country was always controlled by the lone Sovereign Monarch on the planet, who operated throughout history as a totalitarian military dictator, creating every historical conflict on both sides to maintain a constant state of war for the past several thousand years. The “Great Dictator” or the “King of Kings”, as referenced in many official global documents was a Draconian Royal sent to gain legal control of the assets of the planet. Some of these assets such as living water were for their conquering partners, and others would be used for trade throughout the Galaxy. This inventory and legal ownership concluded in 2007 where all of the in-ground and mined assets of the planet had legally been registered to the Trust.

In 2012 an infinity agreement that had enslaved humanity for the past 499 years was extended for five more years. This was the same time 180 countries met about Agenda 21 at a meeting titled “The Future We Want”. Here they discussed further the progress of their plan to bring the world via military conquest and disaster response under Global Martial Law as one Government that they controlled. This extension ended on December 23rd, 2017 and soon after is when the Manna World Holding Trust began to press forward to free the people.

Included in this plan was the Global Currency Reset where the Order would make all currencies digital and have absolute control of the financial system. They continue to try and initiate this plan today by launching various computer hacking systems to try and access the assets held in the Quantum AI Computer System, which is the largest mapping system in the world connected to every aspect of life on the planet, constantly gathering data and learning from it. It was recently powered by Source Energy, but existed prior as an actual computer system created by Galactics who were also enslaved here on the planet.

Since Agenda 21 was introduced further reason for radical actions to save the planet have been brought to the forefront of the mainstream. Al Gore began to publicly discuss Global Warming for the first time in 1998, and later won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in 2007. He won this along side of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the U.N. organization now conveniently considered the authority on the subject. The Order creates the problem and increases the sense of urgency over time to instill fear in the population as we begin to accept something based in fabricated data to be absolute fact.

This type of narrative has been part of the plan to placate the masses as the Order has taken steps to drastically reduce the world’s human population. Leading members of the slave leadership of the Order such as Bill Gates have spoken at the TED Talks world wide to discuss how humans are the problem for pollution on the planet, and reducing the population is needed to save the world. This idea has become commonly discussed and accepted in the mainstream.

Strangely, the same Order is well aware that Scalar Energy is readily available and could easily convert every Oil Based energy source on the planet into a pollution free device. In fact, “the Field” ruled out as non existent 100 years ago was actually proven to be real in 2005. That means 100 years of science that had not considered it real are missing key components of virtually every scientific study done in modern times. It’s the equivalent of discarding gravity in every scientific experiment for a 100 years, then discovering that gravity exists. It changes everything we’ve thought to be real.

Currently, the Order continues to try and implement their plan even though their contractual authority to do so has expired. This past week they poisoned the Trustee with Dioxin, caused a car accident with her in it, and the last time we spoke there was a band of gunmen headed to her location to try and take her out. Meanwhile, we offer prayers and good vibes to her as she’s responsible to free all of humanity while being chased, hunted, poisoned, and slandered by the very people she’s trying to free.

I can’t say for certain but the fact that Trump and Putin are meeting now is very significant in this transition. There is a Royal lineage for the Czar of Russia and Vladimir Putin has the paperwork proving exactly who that is as recognized by Church, State, and Genetic test results. This is the very reason so much energy has been focused on dividing the U.S. from Russia in the whirlwind of public attacks against Russia, as if the Cold War is still ongoing and ROCKY IV is a reality.

It doesn’t feel like enough to me. I’ve willingly taken a vow of poverty, having been offered many opportunities to make money off of the alternative community, but rejecting this to maintain my integrity. It’s not comfortable and I could compromise at any time to make money-but I won’t. I’ve never wanted to take advantage of people who have nothing. I will stand on solid ground, face to face with our oppressors, and I will have their money. I will take their money and put it to work in the hands of the people. When I say we’ve started funding projects, then funds will begin to flow immediately. There will be no restrictions or further hoops to jump through for us to actually begin the work.

All of the real work is being done beneath the surface and it’s about to show it’s face. Anything that distracts from this objective is not part of the higher plan and will soon dissolve like a faint memory. Considering the higher order of what’s actually happening can help iron out a lot of the discussion and division. I’m not overly concerned with uniting the masses, but I want to make sure I’ve done all I could to get the truth in the ears of those that will hear.

This is the truth.


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