16 January, 2019 11:11


•Nancy Pelosi attempted to slip in approval for the TRN’s, a non asset, air backed crypto currency described by the Rothschilds as the “only option” to save the economy. This was included with the submission for the budget and other bills at the beginning of the new year. True to form the Rothschilds/Chinese Elders create the problem, and propose the solution as if they’re heroes for destroying the world’s financial sector and enslaving humanity.

•The Appropriations Committee was quick to respond that they did have an option with the Manna World Holding Trust who has been paying their salaries and expenses since March of 2018, this proving actual control and willingness to utilize real asset back funds for the greater good of the people.

•The real battle is between introducing an asset backed USD registered and allocated through the Manna World Holding Trust and returning the Sovereignty of the United States, or accepting the offer of continued slavery being presented by the Rothschilds/Chinese Elders and accepting their New World Order as the global government.

•Below is an excerpt from the Singleton Document explaining the options for the new financial system.

Singleton Background Document

•IMF is working with their insider agents from MS-13 as their squad of mercenaries to execute their nefarious agenda.

•These mercenaries were told they’d be paid on Monday and as usual the Rothschilds/Chinese Elders weren’t able to perform. They’re suffering from financial impotence.

•The UST informed Kim-Possible that they would need $800 million by this coming Friday to maintain salaries and basic operations. The last payment received before Christmas for $867 million was just enough to keep the Government afloat until now.

•As of Tuesday at 8:39 PM EST no official request for funds had been made to the Trust to provide funding.

•The Rothschilds told Nancy Pelosi and the Deep State Democrats that they would be bringing in the $800 million needed to operate the Government. After thousands of disappointments when the Rothschilds/Chinese Elders did not deliver it would seem irresponsible to count on them to do so now. In fact, it seems appropriate to challenge the competency of anyone in government making plans based on the historical actions of these parties.

•I have been informed that the Rothschilds/Chinese Elders will not be able to bring the $800 million into the UST to fund government expenses.

•We are in a stand off between the people and the Deep State. Their agenda has been to enslave and eliminate the people who they count as little more than cattle. For humanity to be victorious it requires those who are awake and aware to take action that penetrates their wall of lies.

•The controllers’ plans are clearly being executed in every aspect of our society based on the Iron Mountain Report of 1966. The two excerpts below describe some of their conclusions.

Report from Iron Mountain

•The Speak Project, the Truth Honor and Integrity Show, the Manna World Holding Trust, and various other individuals and organizations have provided irrefutable proof that there is a conspiracy to eliminate and enslave humanity, while utilizing the people as an energy source that destroys the value and purpose of the individual human experience.

•Credible international documents are posted publicly on this site that detail various plans and methodology of the Deep State agenda.

•Your acceptance or rejection of this information is an indicator of your ability, intention, and willingness to embrace and apply the truth, and acts as a witness to your loyalty and desire to exist and think freely or to be a controlled asset based on the will of another.

As for me, I choose freedom.


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  1. Thanks Tank and Love the Videos too! I feel this battle has been going on for far too long and time is running out (literally). I am excited about the energies coming in this weekend and its my intention this energy will be the necessary push, out of this cement-like-slime.

  2. Tank, the Treasury can MINT COINS! Section 8 permits Congress to coin money and to regulate its value. Forget paper until this is under control. They would not be able to stop this. If Mana and Kim are on OUR side, then this should start immediately.

  3. Once Again you have proved to all who is in control. Thanks to all in your team for yours strong effort. We are with you. Best regards Susanne

  4. I think perhaps, at this point in time, our spiritual and existential problems are due to lack of Purpose and the inability for modern humans to really know what they want. Our choices have been limited. Question to everyone, ‘What do you want?’

    I am here to help. Here is my Creed. https://youtu.be/V7EcbnHcAEE

    What I want is for ALL THE KILLING TO STOP, INCLUDING GUANTANAMO. That one is for you President Trump and your military. ‘They know not what they do.’

  5. Simple … do onto others etc. Treat ALL Living Beings the way you want to be treated. And, that includes Gaia!

    Tank, still on topic, I want to send you my Project Summary to finally SOLVE the Homelessness with a replicatable Business Model. The first facility will be in Virginia serving the 7 state region to serve and process 5,5000 Homeless beginning with Families with Children and Children with no Families. I don’t use Outlook. Could you email me an alternative method please.
    Chris A. Haletsky

  6. Will you address why Kim is funding the Fed gov’t? If the Manna Trust is for the People, I’m wondering why she’s giving it to Congress to pay their personal bills, supporting further stall….?

  7. “We The People”, as American’s, have the “Continental Congress”.

    “Congress” is of the private Bankrupt Municipal Corporation that is run by the Pope and Vatican.

    Yes, these accounting firms are bankrupting all these Municipal Franchise CITIES. They will be bankrupting all such Municipal
    Franchises — the DHS, the US NAVY, the STATE OF OHIO, JOHN QUINCY DOE (or your capital letter name)…. and so on.

    The will be doing this to protect the assets of the guilty parties from the Creditors, which includes you and me.

    The greatest crime thus far is underway — bankruptcy protection is being afforded to these criminals despite what they have done to their employers, and the cost of this is to be absorbed by the victims and assessed against our credit, all based on the totally false and unjustifiable legal presumption that we authorized the creation of these ENTITIES and underwrote their activities and “gifted” our assets for this purpose.

    The Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court have been fully informed. The Queen and her counterpart in Westminster have been fully informed. The Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court has been fully informed. The USAG has been fully informed. The UN Secretary-General has been fully informed. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have been fully informed.

    They sit and do nothing. They propose that the debts of all these municipal ENTITIES should simply be passed onto us and that we should have to pay for all the debts as “presumed” Sureties.

    Meanwhile, $950 Trillion USD in credit owed to us and the Canadians as “Life Force Value Annuities” — which should be available to pay off all those bogus debts — has been absconded with by Prince Phillip.

    They have lied through their teeth and falsified public records and presented you and your (children, too) assets as “voluntarily gifted” collateral backing their spending spree.

    Now they are seeking bankruptcy protection for themselves and leaving you on the hook as a “presumed” franchise of their operations to pay all those trillions of dollars, while Prince Phillip sneaks out the back door with all the credit that you are owed.

    “Municipal Bankruptcy” means Municipal Bankruptcy 1-14-2018
    by Anna von Reitz

  8. BTW
    Tank you retweeted: Be A King yesterday. It is good thoughts though because of hidden history, it is only the partial story. The “slaves” were emancipated, then through the 14th amendment gave them citizenship of the United States corporation. All the American Nationals were also put into the same US Citizen and/or US citizen, both of the Territorial and the Municipal Corporations–hence, all are slaves, through the birth certification process through undisclosed processes. Fraud to all people of which we are responsible to correct these outrageous claims and crimes committed by these “government services” corporations, that are private, religious or for profit.
    Peace. ra

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