“Be. Tank’s 4 Rules of Parenting”

Today is Color War at my children’s day camp. As I put together my 5 year old’s Super Hero Breakfast, complete with the sculpted “C” in the whole grain bread for her name, spinach, basil, & olive oil, scrambled with eggs, organic bacon, frequency charged, Chrystal filled, structured water, served in a blue elixir bottle from the alchemist’s lab, and drank from my favorite Green Lantern coffee mug, something occurred to me-this is a bit extreme. Lol But that’s who I am, so why would I let her think she’s any less.

These are my rules on parenting, and I’m only sharing because they’ve reminded me on many dark days what’s really important, so maybe they’ll be valuable to you too.

Be. 4 Rules of Parenting
If you do nothing else, Be this for your kids:

•Be heroic-Take every opportunity you have to be a hero to your kids. When they cry out, comfort them, when they strike out, encourage them, when they burn out, inspire them, that’s your job, they’re you, and no one will ever be able to connect with them the way that you do.

•Be present in their world every day, even if it’s just for a moment. Listen carefully to their vibe when they talk, and their heart when they don’t. Pay attention to their world no matter how hard yours gets.

•Be Love- release mainstream myths about parenting, because you can’t spoil your kids by loving them too much. Be yourself and make that mean something, because their first definition of love will always revolve around you.

•Be extra. Take too many pictures, ask too many questions, create elaborate themed birthday parties, and force them to wear costumes that match you on Halloween. The world is extra and has an impact on who they become, but it’s because of you that they’ll never forget who they already are.

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