The Children of Humanity

In New York there’s a common tag line to get everyone involved in the efforts to prevent terrorist attacks, “If you see something, say something.” It’s brilliant marketing really, simple catchy, and effective. But it’s the underlying messages in advertising that always fascinate me .

For example, this seemingly considerate promotion would run commercials with people randomly leaving their bags on the train. The ad seems to imply that every forgetful person is now a potential terrorist and we the people should constantly be looking out and consumed by the threat of terrorists. In reality, the actual terrorists don’t ride the train, and their activities are rarely seen. In the mean time, they appear to be taking action, and it keeps us focused on each other as the source of the threat. This is their mode of operations and it’s generally very effective.

If we apply this to the current movement which I believe started with the TED Talks, we can glean into the mind of the Cabal as they have begun promoting the acceptance of pedophilia as an uncontrollable sexual orientation. It’s a topic that most people find disgusting and easily provokes a primordial rage in even the most soft spoken of parents. There is some obvious benefits to the Order by taking this topic mainstream. It’s highly doubtful that they expect to suddenly make this an acceptable practice. But by bringing this topic into the media they soften the blow for themselves when the Pedophilia rings and human trafficking crimes they’ve committed are finally brought into the light. It becomes a “controversial topic”, a crime of passion of suppressed desires, rather than a long honored tradition to harvest adrenacrome, create sociopaths, and destroy how a person defines love.

If all we are is electronic neurons firing off animalistic responses to environmental stimuli then this argument has teeth. It also serves the Order by devaluing our self worth by broadcasting the struggle of the poor pedophile who will never be in a rewarding relationship because he’s physically attracted to girls between the ages of 7 and 12 yeas old. This message focuses on a subcategory if pedophiles who are conscious of the damage such an act would have on a child and refuses to act on it.

By making the pedodphile a victim it now becomes a “humanitarian” issue, making it inhumane to punish someone acting on their God given human nature. The more people who address it publicly, the more acceptable the topic becomes. They’re positioned well to make this a real discussion, create an incredible controversial distraction, and everyone will have something to say about it. The topic will be fueled by the many popular stars, singers, and politicians who will eventually take a stand on one side or the other seeing the value in taking a controversial stance either for or against the subject.

All the while there is a deeper truth behind their methodology. The Illuminati rewards anti-human behavior in the training camps from the time the bloodline children are young. Hurting animals, killing something, acting violently, acting viciously to get ahead, or being used for sex, are all used to train the humanity out of the children.
This is the culture that has created the Deep State, Corporate America, the IRS, the IMF, the World Bank, and United Nations, and every other corrupt organization that is part of the controlling matrix that has enslaved humanity.

Part of what makes them so dangerous to rest of humanity is that they have been in control for so long, lived so well, and committed so many crimes without punishment that they actually believe they are superior to the rest of the population. The Laws we think Govern all of us are really just the laws for the slaves to maintain order. So long as we as their slaves stay in the defined space they allow us to operate we are allowed to have a life with many of the same privileges that free people have.

When it becomes very clear that we have been enslaved is when we aspire to ascend beyond our boundaries that have been set for us. These aspirations come with options to achieve our ultimate goal. If we are successful we may get the chance to join the Order, participating in some type of blood sacrifice, Satanic Ritual, or contractual soul agreement.

In some cases they may drug you, removing your natural values or sense of right from wrong. They fabricate a situation, and suddenly you wake up with a dead child lying naked on your bed, a table full of heroin, and 27 messages from your Mom who wants to make sure you’re okay after a series of calls the night before where no one spoke and all she heard was screaming. And somehow the whole nightmare made it on video and now you’ll do anything they say.

They also love to make threats of Biblical Genocide like the way that Yahweh ordered Saul to utterly destroy the Amelikites, killing women, children, cattle, Kings, and anyone they ever loved. To them, Love is a weakness and they are experts at capitalizing on that to control our behavior.

But by far, the easiest way for them to control us is simply dividing us against each other, distracting us with nonsense while they build walls around us, poison us, wage wars that we die in, and steal everything they can in the meantime. I’m only pointing these things out today because this particular issue could potentially create an enormous divide in a time where we need to stand together.

No healthy human being will actually support pedophilia as an acceptable practice or even an acceptable desire to have. This feeling is not normal to have, but is engrained in certain individuals who were raped, molested, or just seeking for the love they once knew as a child. Regardless, sexual attraction is a natural desire which stimulates the reproduction and survival of the species. To desire to be intimate with is a desire to express control or dominance in a life where the individual potentially has neither.

People are naturally protective of one another and even more so with children, whether they’re ours or not. It’s an instinctual response that naturally occurs to protect and perpetuate the species. This instinct can be programmed out of someone especially when that programming begins during key times of a child’s emotional development as they are establishing their personal understanding of values, morality, and discernment. Although these things differ slightly in their expression from person to person, there are natural laws by which everything is bound and operate according to.

One method by which we have been programmed is repetition. Our body’s naturally respond to repetition as our heart beat repeats Systole and Diastole for the duration of our life. And although we think we tire of repetition, our heart beat is a function that we never complain or even think about until it starts doing something different than working and resting approximately 72 times per minute. Although most of us believe we desire diversity we’re actually trained to feel comfort when things are the same. We spend our time with the same half a dozen people or so, eat the same 8 types of food, watch the same type of shows, are drawn to other people of like mind, repeat the same mistakes, date the same kind of people, and repeat patterns over and over again because we know what to expect when we do.

The Order has used this programming tool to manipulate and govern our behavior for thousands of years. Today they use technology to flood us with their messaging so it’s nearly impossible to avoid. The toxic media tells us we’re loving Mc Donald’s, the Kardashian’s are important, Muslims are extremists, life is hard, we all need health care, what success looks like, what failure looks like, and so on, and so on. Being conscious that it’s happening and paying attention to the message beneath the surface is the only way to reprogram ourselves to align with God and Nature.

Take sitcoms over the past 40 years for example. This was right around the time that standardized educational testing was established. This created one standard by which to judge the future artist, Doctor, Lawyer, Dancer, Accountant, Programmer, etc. In that time is when the Feminist movement had grown to a new extreme, and no one could argue that women deserved to have equal pay and be treated fairly for doing equal work.

As part of the process of division and control they began to shame men and women for natural roles each would play in their relationships. m Sitcoms started to show women more favorably introducing characters such as Clair Huxtable from the Cosby Show, Diane from Cheers, and Angela Bower from Who’s the Boss.

These characters were powerful and should have attracted men of equal caliber. Instead they made Dr. Huxtable fumbling clown who had to sneak around to play poker and smoke cigars without getting in trouble like a child by his wife. Diane was educated and beautiful, and compromised to work as a waitress to womanizing former baseball player Sam Malone. The washed up athlete was a common theme also repeated with Tony Danza, pro ball player turned Manny for Successful Advertising Executive Angela Bower. The idea is to embed ideas into our minds that men mainly offer a physical presence but aren’t as intelligent or capable as women. To discuss this topic honestly it immediately draw negative attention is one is anti-women for bringing it up.

The truth is what it is, and can’t be kept quiet just because it’s uncomfortable. Men and women are not equal. Equal means the same. They are both valuable and gifted in different ways, and both should be valued and appreciated for the beauty of who they are. Instead, they’ve made it so a family can hardly be comfortable without two incomes, taking away the natural influence a woman would have with her children and replacing it with another figure, mass media, video games, or computers. No one can provide the intangible teaching that a Mother can because of the love she has for her own children. The Order has made it a shameful thing for a woman to be cherished and taken care of by her Husband. But there is no college level courses that can teach someone what love is the way a mother does with her kids.

The Order has consciously acted to break the hearts of the people, dividing us from our families by creating uncomfortable circumstances requiring two incomes, and reinforcing it with repeated messages that hypnotize us to believe a false narrative. We have been lead to believe we need an intercessor between us and God, more money to be happy, and that we are worth less because we don’t have more stuff. There is a line we have to draw when their narrative begins to lead us down a path where it is acceptable to molest children who have no way of knowing if something is wrong or right. This creates a mental, spiritual, and emotional divide that would permanently separate us from the love of God.

At some point there has to be something that we can all agree on. If we can’t agree universally that the one thing sacred in this existence is the common right we all have to protect the innocence of our children then we don’t deserve to have control or even inhabit the Earth. Use this movement to build bridges with the people you may have thought were your enemy. If they live in your neighborhood, then they’re a slave just like you. And consider if we will continue to allow our oppressors to hold us hostage with fear, ignorance, and lies.


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