15 October, 2018 00:34


I generally resist giving any power to the labels fed to us by the media, but the evidence of this faction within the Democratic Party appears to be overtaking any voice that other party members may have. We are at the point where party lines will have to be blurred and a real look at who we are as Americans must take precedence over our loyalty to being Democrat or Republican. We will not be successful by endorsing behavior that opposes the very essence of our survival just because we fail to do a detailed investigation of matters we assume are true or false based on the main stream narrative.

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  1. TANK, Your heart, mind and soul strive to get things in front of people to motivate, bring understanding and help us find the resolve and purpose we need to reach for the freedom that is rightly ours as human beings who have lived under the thumb of evil for so long. You and your team have been burning midnight oil so that we can be set free. The tyranny has hit long and hard and the carrot has dangled in front of the noses of many who are very tired BUT still holding on by their fingernails. I am one of them. I have to search on a moment by moment basis and ask the Power that holds my life for the privilege to watch the freedom bloom into its full beauty. The signs of the times are spinning in front of these tired old eyes as the streets are filled with discord, the news is controversial, the behavior of politicians seems to have lost all respect for life and country and we have yet to be able to reach out to bring healing to people who aren’t even aware they need it! . What we must do is wait, trust and know that God knows and has a plan, “all will be well” while it doesn’t appear to be well in the moment.

    I am struck with wonder when I know so much, yet so little, about what is going on around the globe, and yet friends, family and even Christians have no clue. The most historical events concerning the future of humanity are happening right now, yet I feel like I am frozen in time while I watch a so much tragedy.

    Let Freedom Ring?

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