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  1. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to do this like a ‘Spreaker’ talk, so many can just listen in versus a telephone call in?
    Forgive me, I’m not very tech savvy, so perhaps I’m talking nonsense?????

    Good Luck

    1. If USA banks are compromised and will not allow the transactions to go through why not arrange exchanges with a more friendly foreign bank? Most of us could find our way out of the USA and even if our projects are here we could transfer reasonable amounts of funds back and proceed with our plans.
      Let me know why this is not workable. Thanks!

    2. That would be a great idea because I couldn’t hear a thing that was said. Bad connection ☹️. I hope the replay is better. Love you guys, thank you thank you thank you


  2. Can you post your upcoming calls and online replays on iqdcalls.com ?
    That would help us out if they will post your calls?
    Thank you

  3. Have you considered perhaps linking up with Pantera de Oro Gem stone University it is a private society run by Kennith Stone. Their mission is very much in line with moving the planaet and people forward as a mutual benefit society. They have established an; encrypted banking system recognized by international banking systems but independant and totally secured. Try going to Gem Stone University website for details and contact information.
    I believe since it is an encrypted quantum closed banking system that we could totally RV and fund transactions outside the mainstream totally protected. Perhaps after hydrating we could expand on the system by the way it is already established internationally!!!! It would be nice if you could keep me posted on your thoughts on this possibility. I had given this info To Gerad Rand to forward but I believe it fell on deaf ears???!!

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