Seriously, it’s not about the money. It’s not the best title to gain popularity, but it’s a reality we can all support. Money is just a tool that has been used to enslave and control us. Much in the same way being a slave isn’t about the chains. Unfortunately, if you’re wearing chains, it’s hard to focus on anything else until you get them off. Because it is about freedom. So how do we get free of these chains?

The Declaration if Independence states,
“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Firstly the term “Self Evident” in respect to the Declaration of Independence is essentially a proposition that is known to be true by understanding its meaning without proof, and/or by ordinary human reason. -Wikipedia. In other words, every human knows that we must understand this principle before we can make any sense of, or abstract any value from this document. It’s the core of our entire existence.

As creatures made in the likeness and image of God, we have been given certain rights that cannot be taken away from us. These unalienable rights are hinged on one thing that can negate our authority over our own divine life. We are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness so long as they do not come at the expense, causing harm to another.

The Republic was established as 13 independent states that agreed to operate under the same guiding ideals. It was a marriage of sorts. Separate entities making a decision to band together with common core beliefs that any logical human being would have no problem agreeing to. In this agreement, they each recognized the other’s sovereignty to dictate their own laws within their respective borders.

In 1787 the Bill of Rights was introduced and turned many of the rights held by Sovereign States over to Federal Control. As a Sovereign member of a Sovereign State there was no question about whether or not one had the right to speak freely, decide who could come into their home, or if an individual could carry a gun. Each of these rights would naturally be a part of an individual’s unalienable rights. Who could find happiness if they couldn’t speak their mind freely, keep unwanted guests out of their home, or protect themselves from someone wishing to do them harm?

In fact, the Bill of Rights pretends to protect people’s liberties while at the same time creating a means to bypass them with Federal Authority. The Bill of Rights actually gives the Federal Government the power to overrule the Sovereign rights of the States and the individual by implementing limits and overrides that negate the independence of each state and the people there in.

This may come as a shock to many of us because we have often hung our hat on the power of these amendments, thinking they were set in place to protect us. In fact, if we observed the Original Constitution we wouldn’t have signed the Bill of Rights because it gives Congress and the Federal Government power that we fought to hold ourselves. Our independence was lost within 11 years of signing the Constitution.

The Federal Government tapped into our slave mentality reminding us of sins committed against us during the Revolutionary War and other aspects of the British Colonization. So when we heard that we’d have freedom of speech we were reminded of a time when we did not, so it seemed appealing. We remembered being forced to house and feed British soldiers at our expense so the concept of having it in writing that we wouldn’t have to do that again seemed logical. But these were rights we already had as Sovereign beings.

We had never really been free so we didn’t know exactly how to live that way. We had always been governed by rules and regulations dictated by some higher power. Although we fought for freedom, we didn’t truly have the opportunity to prepare for what that meant. So when it was taken from us again, we hardly noticed. In fact, we were comforted that the law of the land had been established for us.

Meanwhile, worked into the Bill of Rights was the language and loopholes that is used against us to this day to negate our unalienable rights. Freedom of the Press has become a managed expression of Cultural Guidance, dictating the narrative that our slave masters believe will keep us satiated and docile. Our right to own property has been overridden by the Government’s right to do whatever they want during war time, then declaring Martial Law for the past hundred years. They use the press, religion, politics, and race to divide us against each other, then take away our right of free speech with censorship because it offends someone based on the lies they created.

Your home can be searched and your belongings seized if they create a justifiable cause to get a search warrant to come into your home. Technically speaking they can take your right to defend yourself based on their judgement as to whether or not you’ve breached some technicality written into the Federal Laws. Contracts, guidelines, codes, and regulations that place us squarely underneath the control of the “Crown”.

We’ve operated underneath the laws of Corporate Governance since 1864 when the UNITED STATES CORPORATION came into existence and overruled the former Constitution entirely. Sovereign states no longer existed independently as all of us were represented by someone who signed our rights over to the corporation. The people became assets of the corporation rather than sovereign beings with God given rights. In fact, they even began to declare us dead and assigning us numbers much in the same way they tattooed the Jews in the concentration camps. Our parents signed our birth certificate thinking is acknowledged our life while in fact it gave away our rights as a Sovereign living entity.

Please note that I don’t claim to be an expert on these matters and I have had many Common Law aficionados melt my face with their ability to recall and explain the glory of the Republic of the United States of America. Furthermore, I invite criticism, correction, and validation of the statements I’ve made above from any and all of these experts. The Speak Project is designed to provide a platform for truth in journalism. I’m just trying to give people not familiar, something they can digest and start the conversation.

That being said, we find ourselves in a similar moment in history. We’ve been indoctrinated in fables that we’ve accepted as fact. We’ve been entrained to want, what they want us to want, to serve the desires of our controllers. It is not the Government but they have contributed to empower them. It’s not the “Bankers”, but they have certainly believed they exist at the very top of the pyramid.

There was a group that existed at the very top of the Order. They’ve all been eliminated and the factions they trained to believe were superior to the rest of us have continued to hold us hostage. They’ve been programmed with the biggest lies of all and benefitted from this illusion more than anyone. Fortunately for all of us they always lacked creativity and like a spoiled child, their arrogance is their weakness. It is their pampered lifestyles and absolute authority that have stagnated their growth and destroyed their character.

This authority has been removed and we are transitioning into a world where we are the creative energy source once again. Many of us are having a hard time letting go of all that we knew to be real. Some of us just aren’t willing to embrace the responsibility attached with creating a new world. We’ve sought success and acceptance for so long in this shallow existence that many of us can’t believe that there’s so much more that’s possible within every human experience.

If we are only willing to explore our own power we can ignite the spark of creation latent within all of us. This is what it’s about. Remember who you are and why you’re here. Ask yourself if you’re on the path to fulfill your destiny and be honest about what you discover. It is the awareness of our direct connection to God that frees us from the loop of repeated failures, disappointments, and slavery. In this space we are unlimited, existing as an expression of God, endowed with certain unalienable rights from the ultimate source of life.

So it’s not about the money anymore than freedom is about the chains. We will have money and use it to free ourselves. Our oppressors worry that we will use it the way that they did to enslave them. But in the world we are creating we must operate from a place of love and trust. Our current Administration is working diligently to rejuvenate the Sovereignty of our Nation. We will have to guard against those who are dedicated to power and control as they gradually work themselves out of a free society, but it will not be our intent to do harm to anyone-even them.

The people have always been the conduit and temple of the divine spark on Earth. Somewhere throughout history we faced a part of ourselves we couldn’t overcome alone, and surrendered our freedom to recover from our grief. Many have faced this truth and grown past it. Others still need more time. Regardless of our understanding we are charged to care for the planet and the life that exists here. We will have money soon and be freed from the debt slavery imposed on us by our oppressors. This will be a tool that we can use to create whatever world we imagine.

But we have to do better. We have to make more than money. We have to make a difference. And that starts with each of us taking responsibility for the powerful essence of our entire known and unknown being. By us seeing what is happening and refusing to accept it we create the pathway for unlimited possibilities. It starts with us owning our part in what happens in our government, our schools, our media, our businesses, our community, and our lives.

It’s about you. Because you are the most precious asset and valuable thing on Earth. You are where all the change will come from. You are the one creating this world. You are the one. All of you.


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