The Weight of The Gate-Keepers – 14 December, 2018 16:18

The Weight of The Gate-Keepers

I remember my father’s description of the hardest thing he ever had to do. His sister died in her sleep, suffocating from the weight of her own morbid obesity. Her house was condemned twice before because she was just too big to effectively keep it clean. She was kind and use to volunteer at the church. She had multiple degrees but could never get or hold a job because of her weight. Even when she was mobile it was hard for employers to see past her size.

She married a one legged man when she was young. He turned out to be a pedophile who was convicted of molesting 39 children below the age of five when he worked as the Sunday school teacher at a church in upstate New York. Because of his infirmity he was released after one year due to overcrowding in the prison system.

On the day she died the paramedics came to officially declare her dead. She had somehow made it to the third floor and they weren’t able to lift her to get her to the hearse. My father and his brother were both strong men who volunteered to assist the removal of the body. In a breathtaking moment my father and his brother were carrying their dead, naked, morbidly obese sister, down three flights of stairs.

The image left a lasting impression on me that changed my life. I lost fifty pounds the next year and have had a healthy focus and value for my life ever since. It also reminded me of some dark suppressed memories from my childhood.

Before my Uncle was convicted, I remembered being in a bath tub with my cousin, when I was no more than four years old. My Aunt was giving us a bath and in the background I could hear my other cousin crying and whimpering in pain. My Aunt seemed unresponsive but got up periodically to go into the other room. I remember being in the tub so long that the water wasn’t warm anymore. Her husband came in and snatched up my other cousin in what would seem like normal parenting style, wrapping her in a towel and leaving the room.

My aunt eventually came in to get me after comforting her son. I stayed on the bottom bunk underneath him that night. He never stopped whimpering in pain.
His father came in a couple of times to yell at him to stop or he’d “get the stick.” My cousin had been known to act up so I assumed he had done something wrong.

Years later my Aunt walked in on a group of my cousins naked with some other kids from the neighborhood. There were eight kids under the age of nine with one 12 year old turned sociopath sex offender. They were all participating in various experimental sex act as directed by the 12 year old.

The beauty of a child can easily be weaponized if the environment created by the parents doesn’t protect it. It is our most natural human instinct to love our offspring. We are willing to beg, borrow, steal, fight, cry, run, play, dance, create, work, compromise, discuss, and even give up our own dreams to give them a chance at happiness, and the opportunity to see what they can become. Our relationship with our children is the very essence of what it means to be human.

My Aunt’s husband was not human. In addition to being a slave to his perverse desires, he had lost any sense of natural affection for his own children. As a slave he did what his desires told him to do without question, or fear of the consequences to himself or to those he damaged. He created a false image as a Sunday school teacher to gain the trust of the parents behind the guise of being a heroic invalid spiritual leader. He was sick, but not in a way you could heal.

My Aunt on the other hand made a choice. She was not technically guilty of the same acts of perversion, but she was just as liable for the damage. There is no greater love in the whole Universe than that of a Mother for her children. A Mother carries a baby for nine months right behind her heart. In reality, a Mother carries those same children in her heart for the rest of her life. My Aunt had a miserable life. Because of her own self hatred she cut herself off from her most natural human instinct to protect her children. Her legacy is tragic and shameful.

After her husband was convicted and released he was accepted back into her family and was expected to make an appearance at my Grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner. I was 16 years old. I told my parents that I couldn’t be held responsible for my actions if that man showed up for Thanksgiving Dinner. I was cocky and thought about how I would beat him senseless if he said anything to me. But when he got there he was just pathetic. I could hardly imagine how such a creature ever posed a threat to anyone, or disguise his true self. He was the poster child for creepy perverts.

The Spectrum
Oddly enough I have a point that is relevant to the present time we’re in. It’s been a year since I changed course from promoting and believing in the RV/GCR and began working with Kim-Possible. I’ve watched as my extensive military contacts retreated from sharing intel with me because they were ordered not to speak with me by the Chinese Elders.

I’ve watched banks offer to help us only to follow orders later to try and steal from us. In total I’ve actively been part of $220 Million Dollars in successful transfers that were all held, or used as an opening to try and steal from the Manna World Holding Trust. Over and over again various financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and treasuries have verified the back ground of the trustee, the origin of funds, and her authority to disburse them, only to have some cabal middle man run interference.

I’ve spoken to the official historians responsible for editing the international agreements for the Global Currency Reset. I watched them fade away when it became clear that I started to believe that Kim was who she said she was. I later posted a section of that same agreement. They reached out politely asking me to show them the professional courtesy not to post any further information from those documents that could get them in trouble with the Indonesian Elders of OMB, who they believed to be the true benevolent Elders in control.

They were impoverished waiting for the Elders to perform. Like many good people working in this PSYOPS, they were told that payment needed to be withheld until the GCR activated to ensure they weren’t compromised. Although I felt for their situation, I could not negotiate the survival of humanity to show anyone “professional courtesy.” Those documents are posted on the Speak Project now in the hopes that someone in authority will care enough to examine them and realize what’s really going on.

I’ve sat in my car with the CIA asset who invented the famous “Gray Screens,” the mirror system used for transfers, and various other banking systems as he explained to Kim how to bypass the system he created.

In the beginning he was trying to help us. It was his name on almost every treasury in the world, but he was kept impoverished by the Rothschild’s as well. He was in need of money that was actually owed to him. Kim transferred money into his bank as directed by his trusted CIA contacts. It seemed that we had cooperation from all the right places. But that turned into another betrayal.

At one point the individual described was actually in the transfer room allegedly working with us. We learned later that he became part of the hacking efforts against the Trust. I spoke to him later and he told me how Kim would never be able to land the funds in actual accounts. He believed the Order had too much control and we would never be successful. I scolded him, saying that we had to be successful because failure would be catastrophic for everyone. I considered him a friend and an ally in the midst of a chaotic war that I didn’t mean to be a part of. Somehow I thought I’d inspire him to take a stand with us. Later I found out that he was actually supposed to serve Kim and I unwarranted arrest warrants.

He had a personal situation that required immediate funding so he went with the Rothschild’s offer for relief, instead of staying the course with us. He wasn’t a bad person, he just had the courage beaten out of him. He was recruited when he was just a young kid, a computer prodigy who naturally understood how to program complex systems with no training. Discovered in a dentist’s office by a CIA Asset who identified his unique gifts, he spent the rest of his life subjected to CIA programming.

Since that time Kim-Possible has kept her eye on the mark of the high calling. She has received approval in writing from every intelligence agency, treasury, and government in the world. She has funded every government in the world and established a working relationship with the President. She’s powered the actual Quantum System with Source Energy and ultimately introduced Zero Point energy to the world.

Meanwhile, the mind control of the Order to impose their will on the organized world is mind boggling. With their funds being depleted, hundreds of failed attempts to launch the RV/GCR, repeated intel dumps from the UN Black Server exposing their extensive crimes against humanity, and being caught in the act repeatedly trying to deceive the world that they still have control of, somehow the Gate-Keepers haven’t found the courage to stand with the people.

The Gate-Keepers are all types of people that hold key positions in government, the military, the private military, the United Nations, financial institutions, major corporations, and various other organizations. What makes their role so important is that unlike the majority of people who have no knowledge of what’s really going on, these individuals know. They’ve benefited greatly from the horrible crimes of the Cabal. They think they’ve figured out “how things work.” They aren’t necessarily bad people, they’ve just decided that they’re not the ones who’s going to “rock the boat.” In my experience, these individuals are scared of consequences from death threats, losing their comfortable way of life, and even being exposed for something they have kept secret. These individuals have in many ways been subjected to the same abuse as all of us.

The reality is that the Order/Rothschild’s/Dragon Families/Secret Societies are equal to my one legged pedophile uncle. Like him, they have destroyed the spiritual, mental, and physical lives of an innumerable company of victims. Like him their crimes have been exposed, but somehow they’re still at Thanksgiving dinner seemingly unpunished.

The Gate-Keepers are like my aunt. They have quietly sat by as the people their supposed to protect have been abused, manipulated, and mind controlled to protect their mediocre and comfortable lifestyle, because they waited too long to speak up, or because they fear the abuser themselves.

The Gate-Keepers, like my aunt, have become spiritually obese, imprisoning themselves within their own body and mind, unable to act in the best interests of those they are suppose to be working for. They have sat by watching this crime scene and acted as if nothing is wrong with the current situation. In fact, they have placed the blame on the children.

Essentially, those who have sat by quietly while this fight has gone on have had every opportunity to negotiate, cooperate, and generally do the right thing by the people. And because they waited too long their opportunity to play the hero has expired. There will be no more negotiations. The only option left is to figuratively die of suffocation from the weight of their own decisions.

The Gate-Keepers are not necessarily guilty of the same crimes against humanity, much like my Aunt never actually molested any kids. But, they are liable for the damages the same way because they have had the power to free humanity, but did nothing. Like so many of us they were waiting for someone else to do the right thing. Their behavior is shameful because many of them still have a conscience that they ignored to cover up the crimes of their abuser.

We’re at the door of the biggest transition in the history of humankind. The war is won. The battlefield is riddled with bodies, disabled vehicles, and useless weapons. None of us will want to retell our heroic stories of wins and losses in battle. We are entering a creative age of humanity. We get to press forward today with the hearts and minds of a hope-filled generation of creators. This is the wave function of our choice within the “Degrees of Freedom” to observe our own liberation and begin to define what humanity will become.

If you are a Gate-Keeper, I encourage you to stand with us now. This is your last opportunity to do so.


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  1. You stated that the documents you mentioned above are on the Speak Project website, where? I have been searching & do not find them. Please provide a link, or other method for people to see them. Thank You.

        1. I’d like very much to see those documents. I have a very good friend with military intelligence background and current connections who says Kim’s alleged security code is bogus. He also says she hired some computer hackers at MIT to try to steal the funds she claims others have been trying to steal. He says she is but one of at least three trustees of the MWHT. Therefore she has no such plenary, absolute and unrestricted authority as she has claimed. I don’t really care except for how the truth of the matter affects the truth of the matter. I have great respect for my friend, but anyone can be coopted in these lofty arenas. I’m just an old carpenter, so it’s easy to see how i might be misled.

          1. Mr. Charles,
            From one old carpenter to another, your answer may lie in the claim of your friend. The statement that Kims alledged security code is bogus, and that she hired MIT computer hacks to try & steal the funds that she claims others have tried to STEAL is in direct conflict with the statement that she is but one of three trustees to the MWHT.
            You & I know that a structure must incorporate three fundamental truths or qualities to be sound.
            They are : plumb, level and square.
            If they are true everything applied to that structure will be true and beneficial to all.
            Good day to you sir.

    1. Kirk, go to “Join the Movement”, before Tank’s tweets you’ll see:
      Click here for more documents and images that pertain to SPEAK Project. Click it.

      You can read each document on the page or click on each link directly under each document for the pdf. That way you can either read it there or print it out and read offline, if that is your desire.
      Peace. ra

  2. Tank,
    Fortunately, there are millions who have similar episodes in their life (give or take a few differences or circumstantial pieces) so that your testimony can be evidenced by our own experienciation & we have complete empathy (though not from imagining) and compassion (though not just from feeling). We are the one’s we have been waiting for. With heartfelt gratitude for your continued transparency of your life experiences and the now. Peace. ra

  3. Tank – you have a sincere & gifted skill in imagery writing that touches the cornerstones of ones heart. It is disheartening when you are betrayed by those whom you trust and it takes a pinky touch by an angel to pick yourself up, apply human reasoning for the behavior and then walk the pathway of forgiveness for the offender & oneself. Your unborn generations will speak proudly when they mention your name to those who no longer know what hunger, homelessness, hate, and war is – arch angel protection to you and Ms K.

    1. You said your Aunt was grossly obese……and yet she has children…!!
      What does that tell you about the sick degenerate people living on earth today..
      Who in their right mind would have sex with someone so pathetic….those people all need mental health experts to find out what their problems are, because they are seriously SICK…!!
      It doesn’t surprise me one bit that he was a pedofile…!!
      Your Aunt was SICK….but the guy willing to mate with her , was much SICKER…!! People like him can never be rehabilitated….!!

      1. If your goal is to be effective, I’d recommend you adjust your rhetoric. I’m not personally so thin skinned, but the way you expressed yourself could come across as offensive. However, if you were trying to offend me it did not.

  4. I must say Steffen as I read what you wrote, it left me gasping for air and shaking and then brought tears, as my own experiences were being relieved, as if it was happening in the moment.

    It’s a disgrace to ever allow anyone to ever put us in those positions again.

    Now I know why I felt such empathy with you.

  5. You, we and even Kim Possible, the fractured, broken, dismayed and lied to by the “Alliance” are ready to be who we have been diligently waiting in faith for. Bring it on, love, care and warm regards are busting at the seams for humanity.

  6. I must say Steffen as I read what you wrote, it left me gasping for air and shaking and then brought tears, as my own experiences were being relived, as if it was happening in the moment.

    It’s a disgrace to ever allow anyone to ever put us in those positions again.

    Now I know why I felt such empathy with you.

  7. This one is Super Powerful Tank,
    Thanks for being so candid about your personal history,
    God Bless It that the battle is finally won !!!!
    Bloody Amazing MIRACLE really,
    whole planet being Liberated,
    so what do think Universe?
    how many more planet’s and species have to suffer like we did?
    May this be the end of such suffering

  8. Wow Tank … very powerful personal beautifully stated sharings … that relate to most of our lives here within this solar system’s insane story of unimaginable bondage.

    Mouths Sewn Wide Shut …

    Eons of great “Family Secrets” from Anu … to most of our present “dysfunctional” family models … children forced into gate keeping family secrets … upon the fear of torture & death silenced forever.

    Silence of The Lambs upon immense fears sealed into perpetuity since Baby-Lon … Humanities big secret … Anu, et al have counted on … that still works.

    Does anyone still wonder why MSM News cannot change it’s mouth?

    Living under the deep shadow of my father’s family secrets … my lips sewn tight woven with dark threads of shame (while my mother did nothing but barbituates, etc) … only decades of extremely painful inner work could heal … not many willing to experience that kind of pain here either.

    Those of us willing … and still standing … not giving up … oh hell NO …
    not on our growing collective watch!

    In the end,
    waking up & serving is
    marrying both the light & dark within each of us
    of this eons old story
    with great love
    ah Ho

  9. oh my heart ( and stomach) I cannot speak of these things,.,.
    and I must squelch my anger at a god that would/could allow such atrocitys(?) ( please excuse my spelling errors ! this sit wont allow spell check) that neither here nor there
    Tank/Steffan/Kim .,.,.,what ARE the ones ,,such as myself that DO stand by you .,.to do?? when you say nows the time? okay.,.more errors.,.please let us know what to do,.,where to go.,.to be with you on your team..,other than obvious Prayer?
    I think I was the very first one that signed up for your web site the first time you tried to launch it,.,:) but I have NO idea if I am still on there? or if youve recieved any of my projects?? and if youre teling us to NOT go exchange IF that ever did happen? please just say that? I need very direct ,,directions ( smile) I am praying for every child on earth and in the universe.,.,please let us know wat to DO to NOT help the dark ones and only be for the Light and the HIghest Good for all
    there is Much Love Hope and Respect for you here

  10. Indeed this earth life in physicality is harsh. Only the bravest souls volunteer to incarnate under these conditions. My life is no different, it hurts bad and then something comes along and reminds me I can think of something else and feel better at least for a spell.
    I’ve journeyed this life for 56 years and the only thing I’m taking with me are my lessons learned and a key element to humanity’s spiritual salvation.
    I’ve enjoyed developing my gifts to a magical degree. I’ve enjoyed pushing the boundaries of my human – spirituality that I understand what Jesus meant when he said”what I do, you can too, and even more”. What I’ve witnessed with my own eyes, from my experiments is nothing short of magical.
    Among many skills I’ve mastered a sort of creative intuition. Then something unexpected and magical joined in the process of intuitive creativity.
    Taking my most passionate of all my hobbies……, “(( Inventing ))” to a God level. I’ve then discovered a plan so simple and perfect I knew I just had to volunteer for this one.
    Tapping into the Creative Design through my intuition I’ve received 20+ God level inventions with instructions. These are his gifts for humanity, they will raise human vibrations by seeing, knowing or using these inventions. They have codes built into their spiritual design that even one of my worst hating enemies froze in awe with his mouth open and eyes wide. His demeanor changed instantly upon gazing one of these inventions. Along with their humanitarian applications these invention have a magic bullet built in. If spread throughout the world they will uplift humanity’s vibrations with creative splendor and transform even the most wicked without them even realizing it. As it stands darkness has still too much a strong hold on the week, but if this hold is broken for just one day the sapping evils behind the curtain would die. This is where the critical mass of humans vibrating at a level beyond their evil grasp, will reach their “god level” for ascension. If the plan doesn’t work out, I will at least bring my experiences and lessons learned in my future life. It is who and what I am. By thus volunteering to help save humanity and planet Earth, this will have a rippling effect throughout all of creation.
    Yours truly: Stephen

  11. WE are A Blessed Family of fractured proportions. Such that SALVERY in all forms are the Soul Wounds that bind us in captivity. Our FREEDOM is ours to claim, our rightful due.

    Shame and Fear of what others think or say and FEAR of the unknown are Human Geiger’s for keeping the status quo. For not ‘Rocking the Boat’ as well as submission. The TRUTH shall set US FREE.

    All Blood Lines have been compromised throughout the history of humanity. Such that WE recognize each other by earmarks of our multidimensional malaise. Soaking Prayers, Healing through laying on of hands, Self Help Guru’s, New Age Methods, Crystals, Essential Oils etc. There is NO QUICK FIX to gaining our FREEDOM. Healing is a process, a journey throughout our lives with choices.

    FREE WILL vs Divine Intervention. God/ Source gifted us the ability to choose. It isn’t them vs us. Our FREEDOM is between us and God/Source. Our choices, our Christ Consciosness. The ability to LOVE, FORGIVE, and FORGET. Such that there is no PAIN attached to the memories and no SHAME.

    When WE embrace the notion that WE ARE ALL LOVED equally by our Creator Peace shall reign in the Hearts of all humans…

    FREEDOM IS OURS…One for All and All for One


  12. A “Gatekeeper” describes someone that guards and protects. It can be a keeper of secrets or hidden paths. It can be access to deeper knowledge. How are you using this term, Tank?
    Your personal sharing and analogy is profound. May I give another comparison? Your aunt represents apathy and your uncle represents the toxic muck that fed your aunt’s hunger for apathy. Both became levers for you to represent strength and right action.
    We are all raised on apathy fed by toxic muck. It takes a mindset of “I am strength” to leave the genetic and cultural lull of apathy and toxic muck. You and Kim share this attribute.
    Many of us Outliers share this attribute. We’ve got that going for us.
    We only wait for a Gate with our name on it.
    We only need to have that cue to get into the act.
    We have strength. We only need the loving tap on our shoulder. Over here!
    You got the tap on your shoulder. It’s time to pay it forward.
    Love you, Tank.

  13. Regarding the RV/GCR, I think it is a rumor until the redemption really happens. We cannot depend on it. We have to find work and care for our immediate needs. If it happens, so be it. If not, we can move on with our lives. The Bible speaks of “prove all things and holding on to the truth.” At present, the scene in the land is pretty chaos, uncertain. There are dusts in the air.The dust has to settle down. Kim and Tank do what they can and have to do. God is in control. But, we will look out for the settling of dust after the storm. Thanks, Tank for telling the skeletons in the closet. The Peace of Christ, the Emmanuel be with you all- who do and think of doing good…

  14. I have read this post dozens of times. Not to cause a poor me reaction, but to give me direction. It is unbelievable how much a small child can retain and recall at that age. Having experienced sexual abuse when I was 4yo for 2 years, the memories are photographic. The most difficult to overcome is the pedos face. It interferes in the most cruelest way possible, interrupting an intimate relationship with the one you love.

    Honestly, I feel like that part of my innocence will forever be lost in the wretched hands of another. I am mentally strong but can only offer my love through friendship. I know. I will grow old and alone behind these steel walls.

    We all know we were once a refuge looking for hope. Forced out on our own at such a young age, running, looking for a means od escape. Those that are unconditionally loved and accepted will forever be there for you, reciprocating that love and protection.

    I also know that the love in my heart is true and I will fight for their security, protection, and most importantly their innocence. I may wear my heart on my sleeve but I wear it proudly. I will keep my eyes, ears and heart open to those in need. I offer my assistance .

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