P.S. to Anna

Please stop listening to the likes of the crazy Matt Scheulter and Megan Martinez. It is very clear now to me how your posts went from an intelligent professional woman to crazy babble.

These two have no idea what is going on, and they are dragging you into the abyss they have found themselves in.

Of course you can choose free will to listen to whomever you want, but to “double dog dare” the President of the United States could have only come from the child known as Megan, and the rest of the false intel you are reporting, most likely from Matt.

Just so you are aware, Matt has been sending messages and making phone calls to another associate of mine telling me not to respond to your posts. Why? Because their lie would be exposed. Sorry Matt and Megan, you may have tried to drag Anna down into the toilet, but the jig is up. Real professional women are now communicating to the benefit of all.

Best of luck in your attempts to push your bullsh*&t on the people, Matt and Megan. Matt you should not have threatened Tank and his associates, we all know you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag.

Kim “Possible”

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