13 November, 2018 03:22

P.S. to Anna

Please stop listening to the likes of the crazy Matt Scheulter and Megan Martinez. It is very clear now to me how your posts went from an intelligent professional woman to crazy babble.

These two have no idea what is going on, and they are dragging you into the abyss they have found themselves in.

Of course you can choose free will to listen to whomever you want, but to “double dog dare” the President of the United States could have only come from the child known as Megan, and the rest of the false intel you are reporting, most likely from Matt.

Just so you are aware, Matt has been sending messages and making phone calls to another associate of mine telling me not to respond to your posts. Why? Because their lie would be exposed. Sorry Matt and Megan, you may have tried to drag Anna down into the toilet, but the jig is up. Real professional women are now communicating to the benefit of all.

Best of luck in your attempts to push your bullsh*&t on the people, Matt and Megan. Matt you should not have threatened Tank and his associates, we all know you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag.

Kim “Possible”

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  1. Could not have said that better…. Well, I suppose I feel that way because I understand the lingo.
    Well put though, it’s important to convey unmistakable meaning when communicating with adversaries.
    Bravo Kim.

  2. Wonder said truth only can truth,god speed to take out the trash,trash goes in the trash,facts make perfection perfect,thanks for straight talk,

  3. It’s time for ALL the bull….it to be exposed! It’s time for everyone to be on the same page…the page that everyone can read and learn about the reality of the past, understand the present and see the possibilities of the future. It is time to bring closure to those who will benefit from it, restitution where possible and life back into living. It’s time to focus and work together toward developing a revitalized lifestyle. A lifestyle that our Creator had in mind for humanity, where every person can find purpose and discover their potential.

    I believe that what Kim has been writing is timely and needed. I am not qualified to validate the information being shared, but I am qualified to comment that I see Kim attempting to provide detailed information for the sake of redirection and education. Only those who want the best for others mostly take the time and make an effort to bring the hearts and minds of people together. I feel Kim is one of those people.

    I have found that the narrative from Kim has been consistent over the months and her supportive demeanor has not wavered even when she’ been attacked, confirming my trust in what she reports. The only reason I can find not to pay heed to what she brings to the table would be one of opposition. I see no sense in opposing the information nor the person who is truly committed to providing for the best interest of others.

    So for the sake of others and for the best interest of self and loved ones, I hope we can all encourage one another by encouraging and allowing Kim to help us by taking the next step forward with her. Thank you Kim, Where We Go One We Go All.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Karolann. Though like anyone other living human, Kim’s life is far from being perfect. However, after following her for a while, one is apt to realize that she has undoubtedly exemplified the natural principles of dedication to freeing humanity from the claws of the dark forces that have enslaved our planet for so long but, more importantly, she has excellently demonstrated an unwavering resolve to render service to all humanity irrespective of color, gender and creed.

  4. Dearest Kim in honor of all enough Who You Are I asked you with the highest of integrity and honor to start to disregard every single thing about Anna von.
    In the laws of attraction what we resist will persist and what she is doing to you is poking you and all you need to do is stop reacting and she will fade away from your reality.
    The first letter I ever read from Anna von I already knew who she was.
    She speaks with the indignation of the old energy and I can see that a thousand miles away.
    I also see that you are surrounded by this energy in other forms.
    Please find your soul family you are the hero we have been waiting for the numbers are here the intelligence is here to back you up and you are being shielded behind Enemy lines thinking that you have to fight all the way your family is trying to reach you please give us access.

    1. I concur….this attempt to converse has brought out much valued and needed info…but I believe Anna is of dual mindset and mirror thought. Doubt she can put her Ego aside long enough to be of any true assistance to you, however, you are in the best position to make that evaluation yourself and are. I share insights about you with many that are becoming awake and your inspiration is contagious in the best sense Kim.

      Peace and Go speed in all you and your team do!

  5. Por favor acepta mi bendición. En el nombre de el Dios de los mundos inmanifestados. Pronto seamos libres y no te opongas al enemigo para no fortalecerlo ya que recuerda… Todo a lo que me opongo lo fortalezco. Saludos kim. Te estuvimos buscando durante mucho tiempo. Ahora es cuando la heroína se nos manifiesta y nos convierte en señores de la verdad.

  6. …God speed in all you and your team do.
    Update: people, I and others have done our best to enlighten Anna’s indoctrinated follewers. All that comes from them is ego mind and duality. They attack any thought not aligned with Anna. Censoring by Paul is not good enough now he just closes down any ability to make comments, very telling for anyone who see’s. Anna accuses the cabal of Unum Sanctum, while she practices the same.

    Also telling is that she has sidestepped Kim’s challenge with distractions. And has no
    interests except her own dark agenda.

  7. Thank you Ardy…as I share for insight purposes only…
    robert allenNovember 17, 2018 at 6:03 AM
    Ardy SeeNovember 6, 2018 at 6:25 AM
    Posted on Paul Stramers site.
    robert allen >
    I have read your comments on this thread and appreciate your patience and perseverance to provide some useful information to others who are willing and able to listen and understand.

    Legal Maxim: “When the foundation fails, all fails.” Bouvier’s Law Dictionary 163.
    The foundation of “An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” by Anna Maria Riezinger alias Anna von Reitz, is found on page 14: “The Global Estate Trust is Born!”
    The Global Estate Trust is predicated on the Unam Sanctum (1302), the Romanus Pontifex (1455), the Aeterni Regis (1481) and the Convocation (1537).

    Thorough, time consuming, robust Due diligence reveals that Unam Sanctum is a fraudulent document, not a forgery, but an intentional fraud.

    Anybody who gives credence to the Unam Sanctum is dancing with magick, black magick (conjuring self-service), and anything built on the foundation of the Unam Sanctum is fraudulent and fails like any castle in the air or other illusion.

    Me robert ( yes I was not aware of this info, but as an artist know this intuitively to be true and used this “example through creative writing” “casting a supposed mental virus” that would act as a bobber on water( if attacked by those who read my comments and attacked me with their ego mind set) will keep popping up” till the oppressed truth comes to light.

    (my so called spell of word magic.)people in the forum some not all, believed it. Grown adults who fell for simple creative writing skills, while claiming control over their own lives.

    Silly wabbits, tricks are for kids, gave me more power than I actually have, the same thing they do for Anna who has indoctrinated their minds and free thinking skills the “only point” I was attempting to make and they bit,hook,line and bobber, calling me a nefarious black magic being. How absolutely absurd that adults who believe themself aware, act.) End of comment by Robert.

    Ardy continues.

    Your diagnosis of the ego-mind is perceptive. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.
    Peace and Namaste

    (Yes my point made.) RA

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