The attached spreadsheet is the 128 patent families to a Hungarian Patent of Citibank NA

‘System sales representative, customer and service agent in charge, procedure and exchange of electronic ticket exchange, transaction-based authorization, identity-based payment pénzmodulos’

Hungary is of great pertinence to us all, as HIPO (Hungarian Intellectual Properties Office) deals with ‘harmonization’ – Which as it implies has to do with balance and harmony, the union of body and soul, which, of course, does not exist for two reasons:

1) The criminal organization, known as the British commonwealth, and their operative minions who I refer to as foreign agent attorneys.

2) The successfully engineered and marketed mass global public ordinary course deception. Stated another way, these slimeballs got us to believe that it is business as usual, as to the paradigm we are familiar with and accustomed to. For instance, a mortgage loan is a mortgage loan . It is a lie. It is all a staged illusion to make us ignorant and stupid by a false belief in what does not even exist.

What they are intentionally concealing from us are the sophisticated processes and procedures they do not want us to know about such as the attached patent spreadsheet… WHY?

Because having an understanding of these sophisticated processes leads to only one conclusion – THE ENTIRE SYSTEM OF BANKING IS MADE UP TO WHATEVER THESE CRIMINAL BASTARDS WANT IT TO BE… and it is prima facie on the embodiment of patents and trademarks..

FOREIGN AGENT PATENT LAW FIRMS NEED TO BE TRIED AND HUNG FOR TREASON – they must be held to account for their crimes against humanity!

Welcome to the real world folks!

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