12 October, 2018 02:44

2:37 AM EST

We are in the transition now.

The Republic is being restored.

Humanity is being empowered.

The planet is being revitalized.

We are remembering who we are.

Our dreams have a date with our reality.

They’re getting married, will reproduce, and live powerfully ever after.

We created limitations.

We suffered because of them.

We get to decide if they still have power over us.

We chose to be free.

Now is when it gets exciting.

The world is ours to create.


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  1. Thank U for this Wonderfull Post , Dear Tank , I really appreciate Greatly All that U do here on all online platforms. Posted on my https://www.facebook.com/andalightoflove <3 Good Fridaymorning , Beloved Friends & Cocreators <3 May We All Enjoy a Wonderfull Weekend & Awaken To The Great Possiblities of this TIME of GREAT TRANSITION, From FEAR TO LOVE , from SEPARATION TO UNITY , from LIMITS Imposed on us by Ourselves , through our Lack of Faith in our Own Power, Our Greed for Money & Status, our Dependency on others opinions, our Dependency on Techology Firms & Social Media for Truthfull Communication, our Dependency on Drugs for a Life Lived in Health & Happiness in An Abundance of Joy & Peace from Within.<3 U get the picture πŸ™‚
    Lets Cocreate a NEW EARTH as ONE Humanity, Living on ONE Beautifull Planet , Sharing All of her Natural Resources as ONE, in Equality & Freedom as ONE Brother/Sistarhood, as Unique Soulfull , Conscious Evolving , Sovereign Human Beings , Each of us Taking our Individual Responsabiity for Cocreating a World of Integrity, Infinite Compassion & Unconditional Love in the Light of TRUTH as Our Sole Paradigm. I Am All That I AM.
    Go to https://about.me/annewestenbrink
    for my Mission Statement & Links to Social Media & Blogs. I Am Here to Serve All, Love All, Help Ever & Hurt Never. Yet JUSTICE THROUGH PEACEFULL WAYS, MUST BE PRACTICED <3 πŸ™‚
    Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti . AUM

  2. Has there been a change in plan from new currencies being backed by a broad array of assets, to a traditional gold standard? I’m referring to the posted tweet.

  3. My opinion. Posted on Paul Steamers for to Anna and her followers. I have left links to help inform them of Thomas,Tank,and Kim should they choose to know of them as I do. And the efforts we are so grateful to them for.

    robert allenOctober 12, 2018 at 1:23 PM
    This a layered and complicated reality. I for one have to believe, there are many good people with ‘good in their hearts’ doing their best daily in high positions against great odds. That the tide is turning and that what has been wrong with reality is being dealt with by brave people behind the scenes in positions to do great things, at great odds. Just in the last two years I have seen, felt and listened to things that have given me hope, that for once,humankind has a chance to turn the tide that has been trying to poison us,weigh us down, deceive us,blind us, di- vide us and create a world with one government controlling all of it and us,
    while in the process destroying the very beauty that is our planet.

    Now do I think this can be done over night, of course not. But we must realize what seems to have taken too long has only been done in two years or more (arrests and tribunals that need to take place,etc.)as compared to the generations it has taken for the opposite to create over those generations. Two years in reality is lightening speed. This infestation that has creeped into every facet of reality. Certainly,the best we can do as humans is to be patient a bit longer and to help where we can in whatever capacity we can. And not just blindly believe what we are fed by controlled MSM propaganda machines. To question, decern everything with an honest heart and to share information that helps bring light where there is doubt. Team support where the is none. Clarity where there is none. Only in this way, can we create the world, the dream in which we are all hoping to be living and healing in.In sharing information that brings this reality forward, not just for our “individual” selves, but for all of us as one humanity under God.


    robert allenOctober 12, 2018 at 1:27 PM


    robert allenOctober 12, 2018 at 1:33 PM
    And sometimes that takes a great understanding that all we think we have been taught and stubbornly hold onto at all costs, might not be what we thought and that individual “inner” change will be needed.

    And to take personal responsibility and make those changes yourself without waiting for others to do it for you. I do not need piles of paperwork to tell me who I am. Though some of you may feel that is what it may take for you, that is your right.

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