12 November, 2018 12:39

We Honor Your Service

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard all take the same oath when they enlist to their respective branch of the armed forces.

These men and women have sworn their true faith and allegiance to uphold the Constitution of the United States. This one document is the guidance by which all other laws in the US are established. The Constitution is our most sacred document, defining the vision of our founders to empower the capabilities of the free spirit of the people. The people who live within the U.S. borders have defined themselves as the Land of the Free.

Now more than ever those vows are essential to assist Americans to remember and reclaim those essential unalienable rights. The people have been unknowingly enslaved giving our trust and power to a corporate entity that has created the illusion of freedom.

The foundation of all that we are as a country is the heart of the American people. We are the source that empowers the Government. The Government only exists because the people give them the power to maintain our rights as Sovereign beings.

The Armed Forces are the protectors of that agreement. They are the ones who have trained, fought, and sacrificed so that we can pursue happiness however we see fit so long as we do not harm others. They have taken a vow to obey the orders of the President, and the President has vowed to act in the best interests of the people.

This vow has never been more important than it is today. These words mean something in a time when our President is exposing the deep seeded deception that we have all accepted in one way or another. His continued efforts to root out the evil agenda of those who seek only to control, and eliminate the American Spirit is worthy of praise and recognition. And for all of our sakes, he is in need of our support whether you like him or not.

America is the people. President Trump understands that. The Military have sworn to obey the orders of the President, trusting that he has an elevated perspective and will always act in the best interests of the American people. We are more than a conceptual Government, a system of ideals, or a mass of land. We are the manifestation of free minds who gave all that they had to allow us to discover all that we can be.

Our Military is powered by people too. Free men and women who value the gift of freedom enough to dedicate themselves to protecting our right to have it. They have been charged to defend the people against threats both foreign and domestic. In our modern world these threats have become more stealth, disguising themselves as bankers, politicians, and even Military leaders.

For those who have served and continue to do so, we appreciate your commitment, your honor, and your vow. We put our lives in your hands everyday and expect you to overcome the impossible. We do not take for granted the sacrifices you’ve made, nor can we ignore the weight of the burden you carry.

You are the last defense and the first advocate for humanity. We will do our part by holding true to the vision of the authors of our sacred Constitution. We will create a Homeland worthy of your service while testing the limits of the human imagination.

We honor your vows, your commitment, and your heart. You are the people as much as any of us. We see you. We appreciate you. We stand with you.


Oath of Enlistment
U. S. Armed Forces

“I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

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  1. I remember that oath and the fact I have never been released from it nor do I seek to be.

  2. Yes Yes and YES ….. St Germain Helped wright the Consitution … It is Perfect for Freeing Mankind ….. He still watches over this country and has seen how the Cabal has messed with it over linier time …. He Is also Guiding Trump ….. LOL

    Love to All …… WE WIN

  3. You forgot the Coast Guard. We took the same oath. Our expertise was called upon many times in war also.

  4. Which Constitution? Surely you are aware our original Constitution was replaced by one more to the liking of the Corporation. Our Politicians AND OUR MILITARY (unknowingly) swear their oath to the Cabal’s Constitution not our dejure Constitution.

  5. Thank you to ALL who have served our country with your military service!!
    On a different note: doesn’t disobeying the Commander in Chief warrant being fired and replaced ? Can’t President Trump fire the disobedient ones? Further, doesn’t disobeyment of Trump’s orders as Commander in Chief at this time (in light of several Executive Orders recently signed by him) constitute treason? If so, might the names of the disobedient be added to the long list of indictments, if they aren’t already?

  6. I’m in agreement nick. The original constitution was for the united States of America, not of. I am USMC veteran and hereby publicly rescend my former oath. I proclaim that I do solemnly pledge to protect and defend the Constitution for the united States of America from all enemies foreign or domestic. That I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. So help me God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel.

  7. Steffen Dear,

    These prose on a page ring resonates with my heart and soul with respect to the Constitution for Our Republic etched in TRUTH, “that each state was then as is now a separate sovereignty,” thanks Be to God, President Trump and Beloved Kim.

    Our mother’s brother a Major in the US Marine Core was OUR Beloved War Hero in the Pacific as in Europe and his story, The Miracle at ‘D’ Day will be published,, God’s timing is perfect in ALL things.

    Our Dad too for his sacrifice also is beyond measure as are those whose lives were cut short, or whose bodies disfigured.

    The Calverton National Cemetery located near Riverhead, NY; is the largest veteran cemetery in the US. “On December 7, 1977, a 902-acre tract of land was transformed from the U.S. Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant at Calverton to the Veterans Administration for use as a national cemetery.

    My recent visit there shook the very core of my SOUL.

    WAR begets WAR…

    PEACE and LOVE begets PEACE and LOVE

  8. Dear All. I wish I could access the Internet again from my homepc but helas . This is probably for security reasons so I ‘ll try once again explain from this small screen. 1st have any of U followed Karen Hudes weekly reports on the Network of Global Corporate Control in the last 3 years ? She is a whistleblower who worked for 20 years ago the World Bank. In her weekly videoreports she talks how president Obama ordered US Army generals to nuke Charleston ! The 2 generals involved made sure those nukes landed in the ocean instead of on the city ! They and many generals were fired because they did not follow orders of their Chief Commander (Obama) . The present Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , general Joe Dunford was send to Afghanistan to take the place of General David Petreas who was fired by Obama because he told ” army secrets” to his autobiographer. Joe Dunford is on the people’s side all the way. If necessary I will testify for him but I know he is being protected by President Trump & all in the Pentagon so maybe that won’t be necessary. Pls also follow Benjamin Fulford’s weekly reports like his Nov.12 edition (“ufoswlg”posts his reports on YTube on ) . Or subscribe to https://benjaminfulford.net. The US Military is pleading for Nesara /Gesara in ongoing talks with worldleaders. Thank U for paying respect to the Military. They earn it . Bless U all with the right Info & Understanding. In my comment under Benjamin Fulford. ‘s last report on “ufoswlg “,I mentioned the WMHT & gave a link to this Blog . There are several options now on the table to save the planet. In my view all options must & can be put into work as we must Unite as ONE People Now & Nesara/Gesara is the most endurable , as it will make an end to the exploitation of all humans as slaves of the Cabal . Follow & ask Karen Hudes and Benjamin Fulford and me if U need more info. General Dunford has had to endure very hard times these past years. I know 😊

  9. If we have such “protectors”, then why have the Chemtrails continued for approximately 20 YEARS now?

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