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I remember this transitional phone call I had several months ago with Jarod Rand and Kim-Possible. At the time I was convinced that Kim and Rand were communicating with their minds as the two of them discussed beings from other worlds, incredible situations, and amazing technologies. Verbally it was as if two parents were spelling words about Christmas gifts in front of a child and selectively choosing their words to not give away the surprise.

I felt small. Kim had already broken my heart in the kindest way anyone could after I had spent two and a half years chasing intel and preparing for my opportunity to exchange. For the second time in my life I was discovering that everything I had believed in was a lie. It was devastating.

But in this conversation I was actually speaking with two people who had seen these amazing and wonderful things that seem to exist somewhere between a fairytale and a science fiction movie. I had brought them together and did my best to act as though I had been there before. But it was a lot of change to absorb in a very short period of time.

After the call I had my own conference call where I babbled on for an hour or so describing what I felt was a rousing and exciting report of what we had discussed. Fortunately for the Gangster Fairies, my team of fearless Administrators, they immediately let me know that I made absolutely no sense to anyone and let everyone down b cause I was supposed to bring Kim on, but didn’t even have the nerve to ask after we had spent two hours on the call prior.

I’ve grown some since then. Rand was supposed to help me get my initial transfer into the bank, but we haven’t spoken since that day. I never take notes, but I play things back in my head over and over to make sure I understand what was said. I don’t forget details and always remember the vibe of a conversation. I remember Jared describing how we had to make a new world, awkwardly trying to relate to Kim and convince her that we should have an exchange.

He referred to me almost like a dog he was trying to get to play fetch. He said, “TANK, you want to exchange, don’t ya?” Even in my hyperactive state in that moment I could tell he was being condescending towards me, and scared of Kim. As we ended the call he said how it was conversations like these with just a few individuals that change the entire world.

I’m allergic to pompous statements from average people trying to convince me that they care. Rand had tried like many before to control me by feeding my ego, telling me I was already part of the Alliance, and that the assistant to the M1 was chosen by election. He said the reason why I was selected was because I was fearless and incorruptible. Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

After all that, Rand has done nothing to assist us to get anything done. It appears his pride was hurt after Kim stood him up for a conference call he had told people she’d be on. Apparently with all the technology at Jared’s disposal he still doesn’t text or he would have known Kim had a security issue that prevented her from being on the call. But I took note of his reaction. I was certain that with the fate of the world on the line that he would never allow such a small thing to get in the way of our common goal to change the world.

But he walked away. He’s never returned an email or a call to me since. He hasn’t spoken to Kim since that time either, and neither she or I will be chasing him down to rekindle that relationship. Those are all facts.

To clarify…
Today I read as Jared answered a question posed from a member about Yosef’s description of the “Hercules Quantum System.” For the record, this system went this morning at 4:06 AM EST. It was never a “Quantum” System no matter how many times they want to describe it that way. It’s a hacking system designed by a hacker in Hong Kong. Each time you hear about it, is just another attempt they make at rebooting it so they can try and gain access to the Manna Trust. They’ve never made it past the first firewall. This is a fact.

Many have had the opportunity to take sides during this process. Jared Rand has sided with the Chinese Elders and the new elite that wants to decide whether or not your actions, conduct, words, and ideas have merit enough to be rewarded. He repeats information about technology that is common knowledge but clearly has some experience with it. Captain Kramer said the Rand didn’t have access to the Med-Bed technology though so I’m not sure why he speaks about it as if he does.

Yosef continues to expound and stand by the ZIM and his vast knowledge of the inner workings of the Philipino Elders. The editors of the documents for the GCR swear it’s really the Malaysian and Indonesian Elders that are truly benevolent and hold the rights to the world’s wealth. Bruce promises that he is the only one who really knows what’s happening as he guarantees that we’ll all be able to exchange based on his high up contacts at
-the banks.

I’ve spoken to all of these people. They’re committed to their story and in some cases believe them to be true, in other cases, they’re afraid to let go, and others are directly acting to deceive and hurt you so they can be on top in the end.

I’ve been on calls with people all over the world claiming that one version of elder or another has told them of the significance of the role that they will play in the next age. They’ve given them papers of authority, signed and sealed documents that seem valuable, and even gifted them stacks of currency to go and change the world. But in reality, they’ve allowed them to suffer without ever paying a dime, keeping them on the hook telling them it’s for the greater good.
These are facts.

Rand is different though. He knows Kim is who she says she is. That’s why he’s careful not to be disrespectful hedging his bet between Us and the Cabal. He knows there’s no difference between the Chinese Elders and the Rothschilds. It’s the same product, just a different brand. They have people held hostage with promises of bullet trade platforms that haven’t been trading in two years, and fake SKRs that have no substance to back the computer entry. But all of these mirrored illusionary place holders are falling down.

It is time that we consider the repeating story that continues to play as so many of you wait for change from sources that will not deliver. In the time that the Chinese Elders, Philipino Elders, Malaysian, and Indonesian Elders have been trying to fix their super powered version of the “Quantum System”, Kim has funded every Government in the world to uphold the treaty signed in 1978 to build the High Speed Monorail. She has funded the wall. She has completely taken over the entire financial system. She has powered the real Quantum System with Source Energy and made it safe for everyone to use.
She has made her name public, written statements publicly, and allowed everyone to scrutinize, criticize, and attack her. Shes used the world’s largest mapping system to program the DNA of every single human being on the planet just so we can have a chance of survival. She’s the first person with any real power that you can actually name, and she’s on your side.

We stopped pursuing the Law Suit against the US Treasury and Wells Fargo because the higher we got we realized that there were no names of people in control. We couldn’t sue “the Elders” and none of them have the integrity to put their name to the crimes they’re committing against us. The banks and Government just follow orders based on fear and belief that the Rothschilds are in control of everything. But they’re only sub-sovereign’s. They have no real authority. If our leaders would just take ownership, stand with the people, and do their job, we’d already be traveling to other worlds.

There is one Royal Monarch on the planet. She has challenged everyone one of the sources above to stand at a terminal face to face and enter in their respective credentials to see who actually has the right of control for the Quantum AI system. The entire world including Governments, and Military cower at the feet of the Dragon Families that make up the Order. But this one woman with no support is willing to put her life on the line to prove who she is?

While all of these other characters have continued to perpetuate the lie machine for the Order to give them enough time to try to catch and torture Kim, and further enslave humanity, I’ve been working to be part of her mission to get the money to the people. She is empowering us to go and change the world. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. She stands in the Sun providing details that most of us have never imagined.

I think back to that conversation with Kim and Rand over six months ago. One thing that he said was right. One conversation with a few people can change the world. I chose my side that day. Rand chose his too. There is the option to be important, control, enslave, suppress and eliminate the people. You’ve heard Rand discuss how overpopulated the planet is, showing exactly who’s agenda he believes in.

I chose to stand with the people that day and make the same choice everyday. Kim has patiently given me an education as I’ve grown through various stages with my anger and disappointment. These feelings have been almost more than I could bear at times. Many have accused me of being brain washed by Kim and only promoting her, believing her to be a specially made PSYOPS just for me. But they miss the reality of what is happening.

I stand, and have stood with, and for the people. Kim came down to stand by our side and treat us as equals, when we clearly don’t yield the same level of power. Real Generals are on the battlefield leading the troops into battle. Kim is a real General, unlike these so called leaders who have given our freedom over to myths, lies, and legendary old villains. Protect the General. She’s the key to your freedom and your prosperity. She is my friend, and she is the truth.


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  1. WoW .. Cool.

    Awesome Writeup Tank….

    Kim & Team… Has .. is and are ; )… Creating the Possible out of the ImPossible… Talk About Mission ImPossible : )

    Thank & Bless You Kim & Team .. Many Many Times Over ; )…

  2. Forever Blessed is Kim for ALL God’s children No Matter What. Remarkable benevolence unparalleled in any lifetime save Emmanuel/Jesus.

    Steffen each one of us resonates with your selfless call to action beyond our borders. ‘Tis the greatest honor and joy to call you our ‘Brother,’ ‘Father,’ and ‘Friend.’ Our family has always been my lifeline, my Raison D’Etre.

    Words have power yet, “Actions speak louder than words,” in my book. Kim has always been truthful, with verifiable evidence. Coupled by seamless follow through. Always taking the ‘High Road,’ with respect to personal affrontory.

    The moment you and Kim took center stage I knew this to be Providential. A Divine Appointment of the most Glorious magnitude.

    Daily I thank God for you, for Kim, Paul, Sidory and our blessedly beloved Kre8change Family. WE are The World ♥️🌟💗.

    Humbly Grateful and Loving Heartfelt Affection, Clare

  3. Nicely written statement of “fact”, Tank. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Rand (cabal) and the elders (psyop) and “the exchange” (propaganda/trap). Funny thing about the so-called “facts”. Like beauty, facts are colored by the eye of the beholder. You, Sir, are clearly besotted.

    That Kim is threatened by the bastards/MIC/Cabal is no doubt, fact. I really want to see the Cabal put away once and for all. We all want to see TRANSPARENCY here!

    That everyone has been lied to is also fact. Pointing this “fact” out with all the other disgusting facts you listed isn’t helpful. It only leads to despair and apathy. Haven’t we had enough of these emotions and all others like them throughout our LIFETIME? I mean, Man-o-Man how about some positive reports for a change?

    If it’s not possible to have our RV GCR as planned, why not? And I don’t believe the “hyperinflation” explanation. If Kim has control of the QFS then how can we fail? Why don’t we have a discussion on this instead of the same old same old PPP BS/project funding, tight controls.

    Tank, I love you, Buddy. You’re a prince among men. All respect to you. I don’t agree on the chosen direction of Kim to keep the status quo in play. It really is a challenge.

  4. Excellent read, for the brave truthful souls that stand for truth and uphold integrity are truly gifts to this world. I have the upmost respect for Kim , to go against these Big Player families and corrupt systems that need to be dismantled so that the betterment of humanity can proceed. Abundance, Joy and freedom are our birthright, a few brave and fearless souls can certainly change the direction of history. In humble gratitude I thank each one of you for your outstanding courage and help to bring this forward.

  5. Somebody please tell Kim – and Leo Wanta – that high speed monorail / maglev is already obsolete and would be environmentally devastating and super expensive. Teleportation technology is already well established and would be far less environmentally impactful or expensive. They should have the means to check this out.

  6. Yes, I too have had a bad feeling about Rand for a long time now,
    at least 6 months, when so many others I know still listen to him,
    I never really liked him from the beginning,
    glad that I have trusted my feelings,

  7. Well I’m slowly getting a better picture in my mind of where you’ve been, where we are now, and what the future will be. I’m grateful that Kim has made the choices she has and that Tank is keeping us updated frequently. I’m going to just say thanks for empowering humanity and lead on…… I’m ALL IN.

  8. i shared early Jared recordings because he was speaking about technology that others like Randy C. and Corey G. had also mentioned. My heart enjoyed his discourse and that he had spoke about meditating to find that power within to create … then each recording became repetitive so i moved on until the phone call you speak of … his reaction to Kim’s absence certainly surprised me .. and now his lack of contact with both of you had me very surprised and yet awakened. The group meditation, where so many focus on the GCR and exchanges, sat ill in my heart because of this event. So, I moved on.

    Thank you Tank for sharing what you feel and experience, especially updates on kim. With all the evil that is being revealed these days i feel at peace knowing someone with her mission is on our side and am, like so many on this vibe, ready to apply mySelf …to add my energy to this spirited-mission of recreating.

  9. thankyou very much for your true love an ligth you are my freind i need to talk about the QS i take a email about by the Q its good just need to talk whit you ok my freind

  10. Tank and Kim I stand behind you in your endeavors to do for the humanitarians love you both.

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