Below are some simple guidelines that anyone can use to see if or how some aspect of their religion has been perverted by the Illuminati.

  1. Look up the definitions of words. We often take for granted that we know what something means and completely pervert the intended meaning of what we want to say because we don’t realize the actual definition and power of the words we use. In addition, it’s easy to miss when a word like “when” is used implying that the author knows that it’s only a matter of time before an event takes place, vs “if” which implies that it may or may not happen at all. Sometimes looking up the smallest word can completely change our understanding on any given topic. A simple word like “how” has over 27 definitions, and most of us would never know.

  2. Study the origins of as many religions as you can, and understand the historical context in which you derive the meaning from. This practice should also get the perspective of various sides of the same story, including the ones you don’t think you agree with. The goal is to understand the purpose behind our actions pertaining to the worship or communication with God, rather than accidentally finding ourselves participating in something that is not in line with who we are or are striving to be.

Traditions, rituals, chants, and various common religious practices are often rooted in Pagan, Luciferian, or Baalist practices. A compromise was made by Constantinople to control the warring religious factions in Greece. The Greek Gods were inserted with different names all throughout Christian theology, and Baalist Blood rituals are unknowingly practiced by most Christian Churches unto this day.

  1. Seek the truth. One of the most challenging things to face is that something we thought would bring us closer to the divine is actually pushing us further away. The Messiah said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” But because of our “religious” dogmatic beliefs, we often allow someone else’s version become our accepted reality. But, in 1st Thessalonians 5:21 it says, “ Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.” And 2 Peter 1:20 says, “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scriptures is of any private interpretation” So if that’s what the scriptures say, one should consider that the true Gospel should hold up to examination, scrutinization, and hard questions.

  2. Be faith- full. Hebrews 11:6 says that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” So faith should never be blind as they’d wish you to believe. Faith has substance, or a comprehensible content and value that you can see and gives you confidence based on your awareness of it. And, there’s evidence that it’s real that goes beyond just saying it’s so.

When a woman is faithful to their spouse for example, there is no doubt who the father is when she becomes pregnant. When the child looks like the father, she is not surprised. She is just witnessing the intangible substance of the love she and her husband share being made flesh, providing evidence of her faithfulness.

5. If you want to understand God better, then look at the creation. Romans 1:19,& 20 says that the spiritual things can be understood by looking at the things that are made. Being that we were made in the likeness and image of our creator, the human body explains almost everything we need to understand about our spiritual body.

  1. Focus on aligning your frequency with the place, time and events that you believe will be make you happiest, and experience them now. If you read the Disciples Prayer, often referred to as the “Lords Prayer” you’ll realize that this is exactly what the messiah was teaching in his ministry.
    Thy kingdom come
    ( the Kings domain or the human body, just as Saul describes the human Body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit)

thy will be done”
( the will or power of God manifest in the flesh)

“on Earth
(The Earth symbolizing heart or emotional center of the human body. This because the Heart is surrounded by two Coronary arteries, like the two crowns the messiah wore around his head when he was crucified, the heart is the only organ in the Body with striped muscle correlating to the stripes the messiah sustained when he was beaten, and there are four chambers in the heart making a cross and four compartments where blood is gathered likened unto the points of blood from being nailed to the cross. The crucifixion, resurrection, Ascension, and out pouring of the Holy Spirit are symbolic of God coming down into the flesh to give his life or his heart for us. It’s a love story and this why the Earth symbolizes our Heart or emotional center)
as it is in heaven ( heaven, is translated as a state of being in the higher mind or the higher dwelling place of God. In our physical bodies we have a conglomeration of arteries in our brains called the Arterial Circle of Willis, described in medical books as a stick figure of a red man. The Red Man likened unto the Messiah as he was stripped of his flesh showing the same red muscle tissue that we all have, and the first man Adam, meaning red man who was formed from the dust of the Earth, likened unto God materializing out of Spirit into a fleshly shape and form. In other words, God is manifested repeatedly in our physical bodies because this is our connection to our spiritual bodies.) This scripture refers to the power we hold to manifest something out of nothing when our thoughts and emotions become one, or rather when we feel the benefit at the same time that we imagine what we want.

Feeling +Focus+Time=Reality.

  1. Be aware of ways your religion connects or divides you from others. If you believe you have the only religion in the world that got it right-you’re wrong. Every religion has some level of manipulation designed to divide us against each other to weaken our natural connection to God. No tradition is necessarily evil, or righteous, even if that was the origin of its practice. It is one’s intent combined with the way it makes them feel that dictates the value of these practices. If you go to Church because you feel guilty if you don’t, Synagogue to see your pals and catch up in the back of the meeting while the Rabi tries to speak over the chatter, or only pray to God when your in desperate need of a victory for your favorite team, then there is little value in your religious practice. When it comes to actually understanding Spiritual things, one should always act sincerely with a desire to connect and understand.

But sincerely consider if you are the “chosen ones” and a religious elitism causes you to fear those of another religion, or if your organization becomes a battle ground for political issues asking you to fight against those of a different belief than you, who are allegedly attacking your way of life. You can be sure the same politicians will go into their organization and spit the same rhetoric trying to make personal and spiritual issues the substance of their campaign claiming to unify the people around their cause.

These same characters get us focused on one scripture in the Bible to show that being Gay is a sin, and a video from Israel to tell us why we should hate Iran. After a while, we begin to speak about others like they are all war mongering, pedophile, murders dead set on killing “God’s people.” And of course, we are certain that those people are the ones who and are willing to go to war to make sure that there’s no Halal Meat sold in our

  1. Pay attention to the Business of religion. Of course Churches have bills to pay, but pay attention to the manner in which donations are collected, when they are collected, how the message is influenced based on donations, what the value is that you seem to have to your church based on your donation, and does your donation actually bring you closer to God. It’s impossible not to be compromised on some level if the congregation is paying your bills. So if a certain type of message keeps the seats filled, Career religious figures will tend to repeat that style of preaching or content of message. It’s impossible to be obedient to what the spirit is telling you to do if you’re consumed with keeping the members happily donating. God is not a business. Tithing was inserted by the Romans as a way to buy your way into heaven. But there’s not enough money in the world to purchase something that’s not for sale.

Our freedom, our hearts, our minds, and our will is not for sale.


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