12 December, 2018 22:18


We’ve waited long enough. The main stream media continues to spin a web of lies, but the truth is becoming so obvious that there’s no place to hide. Humanity can no longer be enslaved or exterminated. Our contracts have all expired or been voided. We chose to live free and now we’re ready to step forward.

We want to focus on the future but there’s many that refuse to let go. So in this moment we’re forced to dredge up some very harsh realities that are beginning to take a very public stage. Here’s some examples below.

Report Finds UN Employs 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years

FBI Documents Show MSM Coverup for Weiner’s True Crimes Against Children


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  1. Not new news but the numbers reported help to see how big it is … I left my TV in storage as I cannot watch MSM news :)))

    1. And all those channels that SPECTRUM promises you will get, are all crap too..!!

      Out of 400 channels, only a few are worth watching…!!
      Great deal Spectrum…!!

  2. Been too long, too many people are fractured, bruised, burnt and dead. How many more?

    I am watching families struggle and split at the seams, literally. Children losing through all the while. They are on a Merry-Go-Round that is throwing them off into somewhere they may never come back from.

    News articles don’t cut it, time to put the past in order and get on with a future.

  3. I suffered a serious low back injury 35 years ago, at the age of 23. It was due to negligence on the part of the company and large law firm took my case with the promise : “you pay nothing until we win” but then after their first round of talks, told me “we can’t proove negligence so this jr associate will see to your workers comp. claim.
    So for 35 years I ve not sat in front of that tell-lie-vision. Looking back now, I see how fortunate I was to be spared the dumbing down that Ive witnessed in my friends & family. I still don’t own one, or allow them in my home. Never sit down, never give up !

  4. I watch David Hawkings & Jason Goodman (Jason Goodman YouTube channel) for information as to how they did it, and to Tommy Williams and his YouTube channel called “Truth, Honor & Integrity Show” for all information in the past, present & future.

    They will probably take Tommy Williams, Jason Goodman & David Hawkings off of YouTube for some trump-up charges in the future but they will go elsewhere and I along with them.

  5. We need to bring abundance to the world, and not wait for others to make it happen for us. We need think not out of scarcity, but from an abundance frame of mind. We have so much and can make reality happen by our actions…. including responding in comments 🙂 Let’s be Abundance Minded!

  6. We get what we continue to see which is on a feedback loop. Our task is to brainwash our selves into an abundance mind set and put that in a mental feedback loop. Deal done!

  7. As it says above ” Humanity can no longer be enslaved or exterminated” so my question is since many of us are aware and have been aware for an extremely long time, where oh where does that really leave us?

    Where do we go from here?

    What can we do about it?

    As was discussed with me this afternoon, I have an inoperable tumour called (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) I fall in a category that apart from my brain which still functions reasonably well I am redundant, the doctor says the only way I will survive is to live STRESS FREE, THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL EXTEND MY LIFE.

    My Godson is Autistic he is an incredibly talented Artist who can only communicate if I am around and since I fall in a redundancy clause. He asked me why am I struggling to survive in constant physical pain only to protect him, why do I simply not let go in order for him to let go as well. As he said to me yesterday when we left the Oncologist’s office since I need so much financially in order to simply survive all the modalities that can help me, I can no longer afford, why do I just not simply let go and admit defeat. I answered him I’ve never been a quitter and as long as I can remain alive, so can he. When and if I pass away I will no longer be able to take care of him, then he will inevitably have to either survive on his own or simply let go, the decision will no longer be in my control.

    The United Nations put a plan in motion titled “AGENDA 21″ to reduce the world population down to 500,000,000 who will make the final decision and pull the plug and execute the plan of sustainable existence, who gets to decide who stays and who goes.

    There are many geniuses that can make the world a much better place for the rest of humanity, I have fought for the downtrodden since I was a little boy, but since the World is geared up to the old time adage of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST I’m no longer fit to protect or defend myself or even him.

    I have been delusional since 1978 in waiting for the day where I could financially open a school of thought that could make a difference, I have made a significant contribution in order to make the (World a Better Place for You and Me) seems to me there is a song that holds those lyrics.

    Is it time to give up, and finally admit defeat?

    Respectfully Yours in Christ

    1. Don’t give up. I too am older and weaker from a long ride of down hill health issues, abuse and rejection because of my disabilities and being a divorced believer. I too dreamed dreams of fantastic work that could be accomplished in this struggling humanity if only I had the financial foundation on which to build and experience those dreams. I had also thought that the weariness of empty dreams meant I would be driven into obscurity without knowing the privilege of doing something!

      These past two weeks I have gone through a really hard heart break as I watched an emotionally abused granddaughter pick up and run 1000 miles away to find a place she could survive and be happy. She took her son with her. Family went to the rescue of the boy but ignored and ridiculed the daughter they had emotionally destroyed as a child. I didn’t have the money to help her. I searched myself only to discover my life had too been squelched under the tyrannical and relentless thumb of my granddaughter’s step-father for the past 26 years. I discovered that “it was time” to climb out from under his abuse, and too, that I didn’t need a dime to communicate with her truthfully, with the love that few people take the time to share with one another. It gave me hope and it gave her hope to try to discover the real person she was intended to be. The horrible experience of the past two weeks has revealed a sweet truth about freedom that money will never buy.

      You are one of few who have sacrificed and earned your freedom to continue to live and be who you are meant to be, as well. The joy of knowing the special love you have been given and equipped to share is priceless and so needed. You still have work to do.

      There are new modalities and technologies available and affordable that may help you find the strength and energy to run the race. Being weary can be overcome but retreating isn’t an option, your ability to be free, and live it, is too valuable and so are you. Investigate scalar and biofeedback regarding the potential for feeling better. Keep the Faith.

    2. You need only to be healed. The crutch of money can be used for other reasons. There are people like me who heal at a distance for free and cancer is no match. Search and you shall find. Love and light my friend. : )

  8. Is there concrete evidence of these aligations? Is there proof that can be shown in court? I am not doubting the validity of these articles one bit, but the people being accused here have walked away “Scott free” Everytime anything has ever been exposed about them. Either through a “suicide” of the whistle blower with 2 bullits to the back of their head or hanging by a door knob and a towel around their neck. ( That last one is a peticular calling card of an elite for hire killer btw) Or evidence is misplaced, tampered with or outright destroyed. It is time for justice as the victoms cries have been pleading to the one true God. Bring these crimes into the light I pray o Lord and justice to these sick people, and for those who can no longer speak.

  9. To me, MSM are proven guilty Criminals.
    They have caused more harm to humanity than some wars, in fact, they have actually promoted wars.
    The only reason they are not behind bars are because the system the whole system, is the same 13 families.
    And until enough of us form a POSIE and arrest them, they will make their own rules against us.
    I love what is happening, they are being starved. cut off from the stolen money.
    Now, if we the people of truth, the new ones who have found their infinite spirit powers, see what to block from their intakes, we can completely leave them staving.
    They must pay their minions, I block every mercenary contract I see, by creating a spelling on the energies, using an energy justification on the 3rd law of the universe. “As you shall receive.”
    Join me on facebook Troy Megill.
    This is how the 144K do it.
    Victory to the light.
    Thank you Kim and Tank and Tommy, I send you protection everyday from the crew on the New Jerusalem.

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