Hate put me in prison. Love’s gonna bust me out.”-Rubin Hurricane Carter

The very fact that I seek to empower the people puts me at odds against the Illuminati. While we argued about Gay marriage they poisoned our food and water. While we fought about health care they were polluting the airwaves with chem-trails filled with elements that destroy our health. While we wait for them to pay us on the RV, the rich elite have created, and invested in all types of crypto currencies so they can decide who has or has not with the flip of a switch. They have convinced us that the only valuable metrics by which to measure success is with money, weighing and measuring their power and value based on how much of it they control.

It is a fact that there is a plan for the Global Currency Reset. I have the plan. After I posted a segment of the plan I was asked by the ones who helped write and edit it to show them the professional courtesy not to share any further details. Although I respect their efforts and believe them to have a good intent, I cannot be concerned with professional courtesy when there is a plan in place to continue the enslavement and elimination of the human race. In fact, I have no legal obligation to keep these matters quiet, and in my opinion we should all stop hiding the secrets of our slave masters.

I will live neither in their cell, nor in my own heart, only in my mind and my spirit.” Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

I think Mr. Carter had some things right. He was wrongly convicted and spent over 20 years in prison. In like manner, we’ve all been held hostage and made slaves against our will. We were all born into slavery and really had no way of knowing that things could or should be different. He made a conscious decision to ignore the way he felt during his time in prison. In that time span the grief of losing his connection to all that he cared about would have been too much to bear. He spoke out fearlessly, never accepting the false accusations against him and never relenting to the pain of his heart.

The irony of The “Hurricane’s” situation was that when he had all but accepted his fate, a child who read his book inspired the course of actions that set him free. A child who had nothing, came from nowhere, and didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to be able to fight the system took a stand for the “Hurricane.” He believed Mr. Carter and that was all it took. That child’s belief, his words, and his actions reconnected Rubin to the power of love.

Love is said to vibrate at a frequency of 528 hz. It’s known as one of the “Miracle Tones”. It’s said to be in perfect alignment with all living things in nature. That fact is very important when you consider the world we’ve grown up in. Everything is vibrating at a frequency and our vibrational alignment with it is natural. Knowing this, everything use to be broadcast at a frequency of 432 hz a frequency proven to have profound healing effects on the human body. But the Nazis discovered during World War II that if they broadcast at a frequency of 440 hz it stifled creativity and made the masses easier to control. The Rockefeller’s went so far as to use their influence to set the music scale in 440 hz. 440 hz does not occur anywhere in nature.

Love is the undefinable quality that we all need, spend a lifetime trying to find, and naturally express. Love is a feeling we can’t explain and the explanation for the choices we make. Love can be used as black mail to control an opponent or the reason we show mercy to an enemy. It is the connection between our soul and the divine. We feel the effects of love in everything we do whether it’s joy and inspiration, or pressure and guilt. Love is the most valuable intangible asset in the universe empowering us to create when it is firmly in our grasp, and crippling us with the fear of losing it.

We all have the ability, responsibility, and desire to love one another. The Illuminati has used that knowledge to implement a strategy of fear and control against us. They’ve manipulated the circumstances to break the wills of honorable men and women using our need to love and be loved. They’ve disconnected us from the most innate expressions of love by creating the illusion of connection through devices that isolate our conscious awareness each other. We are conduits of love generating enough power all by ourselves to move mountains and change minds.
The only way to control the human race is to suppress the expression, visibility, and awareness of love. Because the Illuminati knows how impossible it is to destroy love they’ve put tangible and intangible structures in place to hide and control its manifestation.

Knowing that love can, and is being used as a weapon against us is the most valuable intel you’ve ever received. It is the key to our freedom and the weapon that defeats our enemy. It is purpose behind everything we do, the reason for all that we are, and the substance of who we want to become. The Cabal has made love seem like a frivolous and unnecessary emotion that impedes an individual from making sound decisions. They’ve coined clever catch phrases like, “Its not personal. It’s business.”, as if to imply that there’s a difference between making a living, and loving what you’re making. We should be in love in the way we make a living. And that love comes home with us and touches everyone in our life.

Love is being used against us but the enemy doesn’t understand the true power it has. The problem is that the majority of us don’t either. Consider the chain reaction of transmuting a negative situation into a positive one.

Take a driver on his way to work wildly honking on their horn while you all sit at a red light and he is demanding a response from an inanimate and unresponsive device. What if we took ownership in that moment and let him in front of us? It’s one of those things that has to be done with a willing heart and maybe even a sincere smile. It doesn’t seem to change anything, but the man feels like he won some kind of victory and appreciates the effort in some tiny way. He gets to work at the exact same time he would have and doesn’t even realize that his subconscious has just received that energetic jolt of love. He walks into his office with a pile of work and is prompted internally to smile at his secretary and say good morning. His secretary is relieved because she’s been there for three hours already knowing he’s going to come in grumpy and overwhelmed and she requested to leave early three weeks ago for her sons baseball game. When it’s time to go the man has totally forgotten but is inspired by the willingness of the driver that allowed him into traffic when he was being obnoxious and doesn’t want to act that way towards a woman who works so hard for him. The woman wears her sons baseball hat and shows up just in time for the game. The son mopes onto the field, looks up and sees his Mother. He doesn’t get a hit, drops three balls, and his Mother never stops cheering. He goes home with his Mom and never even registers the bad play because the power of his Mother’s love. The boy sits down at dinner with his family and his father comes home after working for fourteen hours straight. Subconsciously recognizing how hard his parents work so he can play baseball poorly, he gives his father a hug. The father who dragged himself in ready to sleep becomes instantly present remembering why he works so hard. The father now invigorated recognizing the living environment that he’s entered starts telling his family about his business idea that seems to get him even more excited. The family feeling the strength of his energy all get inspired to support their father in his business endeavors. The son begins to make logos in crayon, the Mother registers the business on line, and the father wakes from a nap and begins to put his creative energy towards his independence. The family has gone through this journey in just one day. All of this started with an act of kindness or an expression of who you really are, towards an obnoxious man who didn’t seem to deserve it.

Now multiply that act of love by a million people. The beauty of such an act is that it’s an extension of your most natural state. It’s effortless and in fact it empowers you to make more decisions from a core of love. By extending our natural self in the face of evil we diffuse the the weapon being used against us, and use it to our benefit.
People ask me every day what they can do to help. We’re engaged in a multidimensional war for the survival of the human spirit. I’m actually not being dramatic either. You can express yourself as you truly are. Connect with the essence of who you are at your best. You will always find that the version of yourself that you are most comfortable with is one at peace, of honor and integrity, happiest when you can freely express your joy and have the room in your life to dream, create, and share. Now infect everyone you come in contact with, with that same energy and you’ll feel your field of influence growing. The universe has to respond when our thoughts become words, and our words become actions.
Step away from the droning nonsense of the internet telling you the RV has officially started. It only increases your anxiety level as you try to track down a Pink Dragon that someone saw somewhere. The way to defeat the enemy that is holding us hostage is to realize that it’s an internal battle that impacts every aspect of this dimension. In dimensional warfare one has to recognize that they are in the fight whether they like it or not. The enemy is broadcasting their message at an unnatural frequency designed to dumb us down. You have to ask yourself, who am I listening too? Listen care fully. And I mean it just like that. Take the time to care with your full attention and listen the same way. You asked me what you could do, well that’s it. If you want to be free, then listen better, speak stronger, and act like you realize the gravity of every decision you make. Hu-manifest love in all that you are. If a few of us can cause this much joy, and provoke this much love in such a short period of time, just imagine what can happen when we start to take action on a larger global scale. We are the changers. We are the creators. We are the resistance. We are the one that saves the world, but we have to stand together as one to realize that. We are the beauty that’s hidden behind all of the lies they’ve told. Hate has enslaved us, but it’s Love that sets us all free.



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