Anna Von Reitz — The Trial of the Century: Your Opinions, Please?

Since you are under the impression I am a pirate, I actually know any “MIT hackers” which I do not, and you think this should go back to the “former trustees” 1) I consolidated and renamed the entire trust Manna World Holding Trust, instead of Alpha Omega, Vatican, Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, Golden Dragon, Green Dragon, Black Eagle, and so on and so forth. 2) I DID NOT CREATE THE QFS! I reprogrammed it for the benefit of the individual nations and the individual people. I took the “bad” and made it work for the “good”. I did not call any “hackers” nor am I involved with any of the individuals trying to create any “new systems”.

So since you have asked so “politely”. Your wish has been granted under the following conditions;

1) You post here and on every public forum and every alternative media site the names, resumes and claims/receipts of these “former trustees” who in your words are much more qualified then me and “rightful parties”, and more qualified then the people themselves to manage their own affairs. Ask them all to submit their detailed PLAN which fits all principles of micro and macro economics for the world to see. LET THE PEOPLE CHOSE. Raise your hand you say? No. Lets have a REAL VOTE and let the people decide.

2)Let the PEOPLE decide if these people are more qualified then me and of course themselves to manage their assets on behalf of them. If this is what the PEOPLE want? Then so may it be. We shall see if they all agree with your internet blogging.

3)Get a minimum 10,000 people to sign an individually notarized form (one from each requester) stating “I would like X person to manage my trust assets on my behalf and therefore I relinquish all my rights to X person.” with Identification and contact details of said persons so all can be verified as breathing human beings and no dead people voting like the democrats do. After all we don’t need a Hillary 2.0 do we? ALL REQUESTS MUST BE DIRECTLY TO EACH RESPECTIVE TRUSTEE BY NAME AS ON THEIR PASSPORT, NOTARIZED, IDENTIFICATION OF THE PERSON RELINQUISHING THEIR RIGHTS AND CC TO YOU.

4)Get a minimum of 4 countries to agree to relinquish control over their assets back to the “former trustees” signed by a minimum of 3 ministers from each country (or congress/parliament) and the current head of state AND finance minister (or it’s equivalent). We do not need contact details as every letter will be verified through diplomatic channels. These have to be internationally recognized countries such as USA, China, Egypt, Brazil, Togo, Nigeria Israel, etc. etc. no “Sovereign Kingdom of the Fuc-are-wee Tribe”. (as in who the f are they) Indian Tribes are NOT Sovereign Nations, they have “Reserved Land” as they agreed to live on “reserved land” no different than a “national park” in exchange for their casinos and other government aid through the Bureau of Indian Affairs. THEY SIGNED UP FOR IT, nothing to do with the trust. They chose it therefore are not “Internationally Recognized Nations”. THE REQUEST MUST BE ADDRESSED TO YOU PERSONALLY, IN WRITING, ON OFFICIAL LETTERHEAD AND PROPERLY DIPLOMATICALLY SIGNED.

If you can achieve the above and submit to me, I will relinquish all 10,000 (more of course if you can get it) to each of the trustees, they the people have chosen on their behalf, the amount now in trust for each individual person. Please allow me 48 hours to verify all signatures and persons plus 48 hours to execute on the request of the People. All must be submitted in the same package.

I will allow you 60 days to compile the above 4 points, if you can submit this to me I will relinquish the right to the entrusted assets to the “former trustee” each person has chosen as their representative. I for one will never give up the right to my assets to any one of these people, so I get to keep my assets, and continue distribution of assets of those who do not agree with you. This is ample enough time to provide the requested evidence and allow the people to chose their representative. I consider 10,000 people plus 4 United Nations Recognized Nations proof the PEOPLE have chosen the “former trustees” to manage their affairs. TO THE PEOPLE: Anna has stated no one “voted or chose” me for this position, so here is your chance to chose the “trustee of your choice” or “chose yourself”. I think you should chose “yourself” but that is my opinion only. However you are free to chose who you like. Anna thinks you need a trustee, so now it is truly up to you THE PEOPLE.

Anna, Please make this fair for the PEOPLE. They must be able to see the names and receipts of these “former trustees” and their “qualifications” and “the plan” they have for their money, so the people can vote on his or her candidate properly. I have previously posted and done radio shows about my plan, also my full name is on all of your blogs, so the “former trustees” should also stand out on “front street” and post their full names as well.

The people have other choices as well, A) not to participate, B) wait until the banks are clear to receive their own project funds directly C) assist in clearing the banks to receive their funds directly (if they have the contacts and connections to do so) no trustee required and they handle their own accounts D) choose a “new trustee” to handle their funds for them E) Wait for the GCR/RV no trustee necessary. I am sure there are other choices as well, after all this is FREE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

There you have it Anna, exactly what you and your “former trustee” folks requested. No more hacking at the QFS required! I will transfer and provide clearances for the funds. The receiving institution MUST be:

-In Legal Good Standing
-Must be licensed by the country who’s currency the participant is requesting we transfer.
-Each party must not be part of a terrorist organization, must be legally clean and clear ( we will pull intelligence reports on every individual).
-The “former trustee” may chose his or her bank to receive the funds on behalf of all the individuals whom agree to relinquish their rights to him/her. This bank must not violate any sanctions or OFAC reports if applicable.

Good Luck Anna! You still have my email address? I look forward to receiving all of your requests. 60 days brings us to JANUARY 4th 2019 expiry date. If you fail to achieve the above objectives then I guess the people do not agree with you and your “backers” and the money will go directly to the people as already pre-programmed as soon as we clear the corrupt banking institutions to receive. Further, you will cease and desist to ever write another post containing my name and/or the name of the Trust and any future names of the Trust at the end of the 60 day period whether or not you are successful as all my other requests have fallen on deaf ears. I believe this is more than a fair way to prove your point to the world and to further get you to find a new hobby other than posting hater-aid constantly on the internet wasting my time and the time of all the people who are fighting to do good work in this world.

Kim “Possible”

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