Some demons can only be cast out through prayer and fasting. That’s how we’ll beat them. Gandhi knew it. It’s simple really. The British sold salt, so the people made their own salt from the sea. The British sold clothes so the people made their own clothes. What happens when people are empowered to create? The slave masters become powerless.

No matter what happens from here on out this idea has to be carried out.

The Order controls all aspects of production, making money at least six times on every dollar. They own the mines, the refinery, the parts maker, the assembly factory, the retail outlet, the marketing companies, and the all the pieces in between.

If any one of these aspects of production is owned by someone else, the other parties just refuse to do business with them. If you had an innovative method to refine steel that wasn’t owned by the Order, the mines wouldn’t sell you the raw product. The companies who use steel to make products wouldn’t buy from you. And your innovative refinery method would become another patented idea that never made it in the world.

They have monopolized every aspect of the world and hidden it with different labels to make us think it’s something or someone else. This is their mode of operations and it never changes. It’s the same group playing different roles as the Chinese Elders, the Rothschilds, the Nazis, the Alliance, the Catholics, the Jews, the Muslims, the Democrats, the Republicans, and so on, and so on. So whether they call them selves the Chicago Mercantile, Exxon, or CNN they’ve controlled the narrative to create this fictional reality show that we all live in.

The banks have Non-compete policies that don’t even allow them to fund anything outside of the monopoly. When they do fund things outside of the monopoly it has to be guaranteed by someone else, then insured by Rothschild owned companies out of Sweden. If the project isn’t successful, the guarantor just takes possession of the project to make sure it’s successful. The owner loses all rights to their work and the insurance company now owns the rights. This is how the Order has taken control of the assets on the planet.

So how do we overcome this obstacle?

We build from the roots. Our projects will take longer to finish but we will rebuild a world of empowered people in the process. We will guarantee and fund our own projects. We’ll support every person we invest in to make sure they’re successful, keep the project under their control, and ownership.

We’ll fund the mines, build new refineries, create new parts, take over assembly plants, and find new sources to sell goods. All aspects of production will be in the hands of the people, and the people will be charged to create a higher quality of product.

We will have to fast from many luxuries we’ve become accustomed to while we build new plants, create new methods, and design new products. We’ll have to look for divine guidance to ensure we are making sound decisions in line with Natural Law. We’ll have to proactively look for corporate tactics, IRS Tax Code’s, and legal loop holes they’ll use against us, and be prepared with our counter punch before they ever land a blow.

In the movie Ground Hogs Day the main character uses the repetition of what seems like an endless loop of time to master the skills necessary to become the man he wants to be. That’s what we’ve done too. Like all things our oppressors have used against us, their perpetual stalling tactics have ultimately worked for our good.

We’ve studied the mundane repetition of their rote methodology and imagined an entirely new world. They wish to control people to maintain their status at our expense. We wish to empower people to create the world we’ve imagined. And we’ve taken this time to master ourselves, enabling us to express the true nature of our latent abilities.

We are about to be given the tools to stand on solid ground to face those who have sought to destroy us. It is their arrogance which has been their downfall, and our own arrogance that we must guard against to make sure it never happens again.

We must find peace in all that we do as we rebuild the world during the awakening of the Zombie Apocalypse. We are coming back to life, remembering who we are. As we do, it will be natural to be angry, sad, and grief stricken from the losses we’ve suffered unnecessarily at the hands of those charged to protect us. We cannot allow these feelings to consume us, or even be entertained for any length of time.

Our dream world will not be built upon the spirit of vengeance or fear. We are emerging from the roots of love, kindness, innovation, integrity, trust, and abundance. We have connected the life force from the ground to the crown. We will not be denied our rightful inheritance another moment.

We are ready, willing and able to receive and deliver. It is our charge to carry out this mission regardless of who is taken down in the process. This idea is held by our collective consciousness and not owned by any one individual. We are natural born creators, conscious and responsible of our rights as the children of God. We press forward today, to accept the role we were born to play.

We represent the greater family of all humanity, standing together with one voice declaring that we are free.


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