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  1. Unify and Develop, Amen!
    Let’s Go Change The World, Slow, Easy and Steady as she Goes!!

  2. Tank,
    I have a few ideas that may spark your interest. The first, Katie’s Place, is a project that grew out of personal experience. Imagine that you or a family member have a special needs child that you have cared for throughout their life. You have attempted many time to place the child in a residential facility without success. As the child grows into adulthood it becomes increasingly more difficult to provide care. As the parent, you face the reality, what will happen to my child when I am gone or unable to care for them. Residential facilities that will provide a home and the kind of care you would want for your child are needed. Not only in the US but are desperately needed in other countries. This is a project that can be repeated over again many times or adopted for other uses. Respectfully submitted by
    John and Colleen Moore

    Humanitarian Projects

    Foundation created to support humanitarian projects:

    The Braxton Foundation

    Mission: The Braxton Foundation will create and support humanitarian projects in the following areas in order to promote sustainable job growth, rebuild infrastructure, employ the latest technologies, and maintain sustained partnerships with the banks to accomplish the Foundations goals with an emphasis on poverty stricken communities:

    To Rebuild America and other cities and towns throughout the world.
    Partner with The Big Call Universe and other redeemers.

    Build/Rebuild infrastructure
    Electrical, sewer, water, gas, and internet services
    Clinics for Dentistry and Medical Care

    Establish apprenticeship programs for the Trades.

    Establish scholarships for college and advanced degrees
    Pay tuition for students who commit to return to work in the community year for year.

    Rehabilitate and restore properties for the communities; homes, schools, etc.

    Employ the latest technologies in building materials and in energy.

    Create hundred’s of thousands of jobs over time

    Creation of Katie’s Place; a resident facility designed for Special Needs adults similar to Misericordia. See http://www.misericordia.com.

    Develop a 100+ acre property with resident housing designed to accommodate all levels of functionality from highly functioning to severe and profound functioning. A central building will house several floors designed for the care of severe and profound special needs residents, physical therapy suites, therapy pool, medical suite, administrative offices, gymnasium with a stage for special events, and a commercial kitchen. A property services building will house offices and shops for building engineers and landscaping crews. The property and buildings will be designed with a highly interactive theme, walking paths, ponds, and topiary designed to engage residents. An occupational component will be included as well; aquaponics building designed to raise fish and vegetables for sale to the public giving residents occupational experience.

    Job creation will be realized on many levels from land development, construction of building, roads, landscaping, and infrastructure, nursing care, physical therapy, medical, building engineers, landscapers, and vendors to supply various needs.

    1st project completed locally followed by multiple states followed by multiple countries. Overtime, hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created to service People of Special Needs and their families.

    This project can be duplicated for other needs such as Veterans with Alzheimers, and or any kind of nursing care.

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