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Global Reset
There is an agenda in place to reduce the population of planet Earth. The Global Reset that we think will make us rich is actually designed to kill off most of the population and leave the head slaves in charge, much like leaving Dracula over the blood bank. We’re all part of it. Most of us don’t even know it. The same nefarious characters who told Kim they would destroy her with the thought of their mind have devised a plot to convince us of the need of our own extinction.

The Order is masterful at the subtlety of thought implantation. They use the most respected characters in the world: the thought leaders, innovators, inventors, scientists, athletes, movies stars, and politicians. They all agree to the plan and execute their respective parts to influence their following to embrace the message.

Bill Gates spoke at the TED Talks and basically told everyone that human beings create too much Carbon Dioxide and this is the cause of Global Warming. Apparently Mr. Gates isn’t familiar with the symbiotic relationship between the Plant and Animal Kingdom.

Somewhere along the line Dentists were taught that Fluoride was good for your teeth. This is the same Fluoride that was used by the Nazis in World War II to satiate the temperament of starving Jews held in concentration camps. The Nazis had discovered that by using this poison, the prisoners demonstrated less resistance, were more docile, and easier to control.

Now, we use fluoride in 95% of every tooth paste and mouth wash in the world. And, on every package it there is a warning to contact poison control if the substance is swallowed. Fluoride was leaked out as waste from certain factories and identified as the cause for the death of the local farm animals and plant life.

A filter was designed to catch the substance as it was produced to prevent it from destroying the local wild life. The captured substance is then dumped into the local water supply for people.

While people are being poisoned through an unavoidable toxin contaminating an essential substance necessary for life we all benefit from having very hard teeth. The same way this substance is able to harden tooth enamel it also works to harden other plaques throughout the body increasing the rate at which we age.

Based on the high cost of living, families are forced to have both parents working to maintain their quality of life. Meanwhile, “food” is processed and made convenient so that we don’t need to cook meals for the family anymore. Processing allows other toxins to be introduced as well as high calorie, low nutrient, affordable food that dominates most people’s diets. As a result, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are at all time highs. Keep in mind this is all part of the agenda to reduce the human population of the planet.

We are also poisoned and controlled by the newly essential digital media we have at our fingertips at all times. This poisoning is both physical and mental. We decide what is real based on what our devices tell us is real. If we saw enough news come across our smart phones, social media and televisions that told us the sky was red, we’d all start to believe that it was. We’d discuss it with our friends, and debate about it at political venues. Politicians would run their whole campaign for election based on revealing the truth about the Red Sky. And they’d win.

Part of the skillful practice of human programming is the art of making unimportant matters seem like they are the most essential and offensive issues to everyone. Personal decisions become political platforms, and secluded incidents become international headlines. All the while the Order is using these distractions to divide us against ourselves and weaken our ability to resist their brain entrainment and poisoning. Riots have started over gay marriage because it says it’s wrong in the Bible, but no one ever seems to start protests against lying or formication which are sins punishable by death in he same book.

The scary fact is that this is just part of the plan and our silence is consent. We stay quiet because our voice would standout too much causing us to be ostracized from the group of lemmings we consider our friends and family. The Order is trained to be students of human behavior, and have learned that our most natural instinct is to love and care for one another. By inserting their programming to sculpt our reality they use this beautiful quality of the human experience to herd us together in groups that they feed different parts of the same story so that we think we’re different, better, or more deserving of certain rights.
By keeping us divided they make themselves appear to be much more powerful than they actually are.

The bottom line is that there is no overpopulation on Earth. Global Warming is a myth. Mother Earth is a living entity and she has a pulse and a power far superior to anything we could throw at her.

The Great Stagnation
Another technique they use is something I call the “GREAT STAGNATION.” They’ve taken the dreamers, inventors, innovators, idealists, creators, healers, and innately humanitarian leaders and taken them out of the scenario. How do you take such a powerful group and make them a non-factor?

We could ask my friend “Rock” who was being in Cuba and identified as an exceptional mind at a young age. He and about 14,000 other youth from Cuba had this same elite designation. They were taken from their homeland in their preteen years with a promise by the CIA to expose them to the world’s most prestigious education and professional opportunities. They were then orphaned throughout the globe, forced into various forms of child prostitution to survive, and forced to find a way to get home.

This technique was designed to stagnate the Country of Cuba who were not cooperating with the agenda of the Order. To this day Cuba is like taking a trip back in time, still maintaining the same cars from the 60s and lacking the benefit of losing their brightest minds from an entire generation.

In like manner, they’ve made a promise to all of us. They’ve promised that we can make this modest investment and the value of our investment will make us all Millionaires overnight. Our healers have gone into hiding so they’re not killed because they’ve found the cure for Cancer because they know they’ll be able to develop it after they exchange. Our inventors have all been stalled while they wait for the magical transition to occur when the patents for their innovative ideas will finally be released. And our innate humanitarians live humbly impoverished believing that their $200 investment in ZIM will soon empower them to change the world.

While we have waited for the fabled exchange process to begin we have been the collateral damage of the benevolent new powers that be and their noble mission to create a safe pathway by defeating the Cabal. Meanwhile it’s hard to even identify who’s the good guy and who’s the bad.

As I often reference, Deuteronomy 30:19
“I place before thee blessings and cursing, life and death. Choose life.” We get to choose life every day, in a thousand different ways. We get to to be kind to road ragers, and give our loose change to the homeless. We take a deep breath instead of screaming at someone for making a mistake. And we speak up when we see someone in a raft headed over a waterfall.

If you can see the danger, then it is your responsibility to speak up. Your silence is as good as you killing the folks on the raft yourself. It’s not always popular to stand for the truth. But when everything else crumbles, the truth stands alone.

The truth is that the Order is still very powerful. We have the ability to cure Cancer, abolish hunger and poverty in a year, but this would not fit the agenda of the Order to create a manageable population of 500 Million. The more I speak to people from around the world the more I realize how easy it is for us to fix this planet. It only requires one person in the right position to act humanely in the interests of everyone.

Claim Your Freedom
We have this unique moment to claim our freedom. It’s an election and we’re all forced to vote. If you abstain because you want to wait to see what happens, that’s a vote against humanity being free. In this election we are all standing in a unique position in line. You are either for or against human kind. Every time we’re rejected at a bank 8,643 people die from starvation, 100 thousand die from various other curable diseases, and the hopes of a free world are devastated feeding our enemy with disappointment and fear.

We can no longer be bound by our fears. The legs of our advisory have been taken out from underneath them and love is the sword that takes the beast’s head. It is our love of life in the face of slavery, love of our children that we can’t afford, the love of the unique universe that every person creates for themselves from the imagination of their mind, and the love of our dreams that inspire us to take action that changes the world.

Do not wait patiently while the Order eliminates you from Earth. There is no reward for being the most well behaved dead slave. Find your truth. Challenge the boundaries to see what you are capable of. Your thoughts are powerful but they’re only a small part of who you are. You are defined by your words, and known for your deeds. You are more than a slave. You are an eternal being conscious of your power and direct connection to the light of God. If that truth resonates in you, then the field of energy that surrounds and animates all living things will force you to take action. Your time to vote is now. Make your calling and election sure.


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  1. VOTE! ? ! On what? It is my vote that we have an RV and get busy with living, loving life and saving the lives that need to be saved.
    Our hands aren’t tied and we have our currency to exchange. We have our projects and ideas about how we can help people learn to FISH! Some money is better than no money…if we were allotted stipends of $25,000,000.00 on a regular basis, there would be less risk and something would get done. Some kind of structure could help something get done.

    So, is it we who need to vote, or is it those wrecking humanity who need to vote?

    The agenda needs to be changed! Those that are ruling by enforcing an agenda of annihilation need to learn to believe that their agenda is no longer be acceptable. How do we do that? If you have a horse that has become aggressive and has no respect for a human, you become “bigger” and take control. The horse doesn’t get asked if he wants to behave, he is made to “move his feet” that is the only way he will learn to respect. I am not saying that he needs beaten, but he does need to learn who is in control. Every time we try to RV for how many years, the Cabal; has been allowed to decide how the training session goes. There is NO choice for the horse, he is made to move until he is ready to stop being a monster and be a horse again.

    The Lord teaches us much the same way. WE come to a place where we decided which way is better. That is the only way changes happen. We need to RV or we will continue to be attacked by the disrespectful and dangerous horses-butt Cabal!
    We need to let God out of the box.

  2. I have made my calling and election sure. I continue to hear the Lord Messiah Yeshua and do as He asks. I am not at a cross road, but I have crossed the road of no return. I will continue my benevolent assignments until the Lord takes me home, with or without the RV increase. I am subject to the dear Lord alone. In Him do I live and move and have my being. Sometimes painful standing in line at the food bank when our limited S.S. runs out mid month, but at least we have a food bank. And thank you Lord for a room to rent in someone’s home, though would love a house of our own. Lord, you know me. You know I am grateful for a roof over our heads, a carpet under our feet, and a bed to sleep in. You Lord own my heart, have given me my precious wife of nearly 51 years and graced me to be able to read my Bible to absorb and adore your living Word.
    In Yeshua’s precious love,
    Elisha Abraham, rdb-seer

  3. P.S. to my comment above. Read between my lines. Understand. I am a fighter, a doer for a just cause. The Lord told me to ask Him for 3 Trillion+ dollars back in the 1990’s and to wait upon Him. To seek Him and expect. I knew nothing about this RV until under 3 years ago. Then the Lord opened the door for me to see in, and He has told me “I will enter in as well.” He is a man who cannot lie. I seek Him daily in this regard. He has never failed me on any issue!

  4. If you really think we have not made progress to end the cabal and their plan, then read this to see how and what the plan WAS!
    Always start your day with hope and as much action you are able to. Keep positive and stay away from those trying to brainwash you into negative.

    Many of the sealed indictments have been unsealed. Many will be arrested for their crimes against humanity. Watch the news. You will see this happening.

    Give your love and time in the ways that you can. Never lose hope. Miracles happen, everyday they happen.

    I am trusting that the HR5404 will pass and be signed into law to end the cabal’s funds once and for all. Then we with our own power can gain value day by day, week by week, year by year. We all have value that was stolen from us, and soon that should be back in our hands, our control. Once that happens we must stay strong and speak loudly, for humanity is dependent on it.

    God bless

  5. Mixing (old ) truths . fake truths (Cuba. …mmh) and scaring scenarios without a single real action proposal
    Of course we are powerful infinite beings
    And of course our (collective) thoughts create. So…are those the topics you want us to be focusing upon? All the way giving the self proclaimed “masters” the energy to create exactly what they want?
    The cure for cancer (and anything else) is already in the mind !! Already in our power. We are not sitting around and waiting for any savior !!
    We are Humans at our best and progresses towards the right outcomes have been made and visible too.
    Yes we need to put our Energy out there and stop being scared and feeling powerless.
    They known we are awake….. tic toc … 🙂

  6. P.S. it is not about the “investment” in ZIM, it is about having OUR money, hence value, back!!
    ZIM or a bottomless card will do just the same.
    Talk about that, and the silent war against the system that is going on daily, and make people see it and participate in it! I do….

  7. The rants and calls to action are powerful. And I’m waiting for Tank to post specific, actionable goals and tasks for this audience so we can co-create the desired new reality.
    The rants inflate fear. Where is the coaching to help those less masterful get some mastery on this “vote” with our actions?
    How we think and what our desired outcomes are–how do you get that done?
    The Jared Rand meditation is the single best tool for guidance I know of. If you can’t participate at 2 EST, play the recording and join the group when you can.
    Thanks to all who know humanity is meant free and who light the way for others on their path!

  8. Tank, in this message you are saying that the Order is still active and stopping us from our intended future.

    Only a week or so ago, you stated that the entire membership of the Order died in one day.

    Which is it?

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