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God promised Abraham he’d be the father of many nations, and that his heir would come from his wife who he loved Sarai. Sarai laughed in her heart when Abraham told her because she was well past child bearing years.

When she was in her 90s Abraham still had to go be intimate with his wife for her to get pregnant. It was a miracle when it happened. Abraham couldn’t have explained it scientifically how his 90+ year old wife would give birth to Isaac. But he trusted Yahweh and believed his promise. By faith he took action that would otherwise seem futile or be just for his own enjoyment. No evidence he had seen implied such a thing could happen.

But, because Abraham was confident in the promise that was alive in him from God himself, he never wavered in his confidence that God would fulfill that promise. All a miracle is, is an act of God. If the spirit in you came from God then every thing you do should reflect God in action. I love


•In my experience, the first step to seeing a miracle is realizing you are not separate from God. God is all things seen and unseen. He is the love we have for someone else, and the air we breathe. God is keeping your heart beating, eyes seeing and lungs breathing, with no help from you. Meanwhile he’s keeping the stars in the heavens, the planets from colliding, and our kids from fighting in the back seat of the car.

•The second step is listening carefully to that still small voice within you. That voice is often drowned out by fear, worry, and disbelief. But, if you listen while caring fully about what it’s saying, it becomes too strong for those other attributes to live in the same body. At some point you’ll realize that, the whisper of that still small voice was always your own.

•Third take appropriate action based on what that voice is saying in you. This is why it’s so important to identify exactly how you know God to be, so that when you hear his voice, you don’t harden your heart just because what he’s telling you is uncomfortable. When you recognize the internal communication of God within you, you may find out that he’s been trying to use you as his instrument to carry out miracles for a long time. Miracles cannot be imposed on us. Miracles are generated from the harmony of our alignment with the purpose of God.

•The fourth step is to trust God to finish what he started through you. If you’ve made it this far in the recipe, then the only thing you can do now is watch the cake rise with confident expectation knowing that you’ve played your part. There will be times that you look through the glass of the oven door and it seems like nothing is happening. But it is God within us that allows us to know that there is more to the story than what we see on the surface.

Many times we lack the faith in God to carry out what he has directed us to do. We skirt our responsibility to act by continuing to pray and meditate, asking the Universe for more, rather than listening when the Universe is telling us exactly how to get it.

The Messiah empowered the disciples to heal others and later prayed to God saying, “Father, make them one AS you and I are one.” He also told them that “greater works than these shall he do.”

The entire life of the Messiah was a miracle. He said you’d do even bigger things. How was he one with God that he wanted us to be one with God the same way?

Perhaps everyday of our life is a miracle too. Perhaps the difference is that the Messiah was conscious of the power of God within himself, and the power that connected him to everything else. And, if we could recognize that God is within, and without, then we could cause miracles to happen too. Just standing in our faith and confidence in the Divine, allows us to act as a conductor of his love and power. The messiah wanted us to know the same thing that he knew about his relationship with God. All of our power is in our awareness of our power, and this starts with knowing we are powerful expressions of God

The consciousness of God in us, allows us to consider the mystery of righteousness, “God was manifest in the flesh.” 1Tim-3:16 And if God is the All, and is in all, then how could our life be anything less than miraculous. Miracles happen everyday. They are most powerful when seasoned properly with gratuity and love.

When we are conscious that God is using us to express himself through our life, we can see more clearly how each of our unique lives extends out to touch the greater spiritual body of heaven manifest in the hearts and minds of the people. When we embrace the reality of our role in that unified being, we become a light so bright it can be seen throughout the galaxies. We are all one with the light of God, and evidence that he is real. When we do an honest investigation within ourselves, then act with integrity with what we discover, we become the very miracle we’ve been looking to the sky for.

You are miraculous. God made you that way.
Stop looking outside yourself for miracles. Look within yourself, and listen to what God is telling you. You are the power that creates a new world. That world is built on a foundation of miracles.


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