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You are both …correct and incorrect:

Alaska was not an accident. Mexico Beach, Florida was not an accident. California wildfires were not an accident.

Hurricane Michael – After this “not natural disaster,” the Government declares this a natural disaster area, which gives FEMA “ownership” over the land. There was a ton of chatter about building of casinos and resorts in the area known as Mexico Beach. Mexico Beach is a poorer area of Florida but has valuable ocean front property. The patterns this “supposed” hurricane followed were not natural and assisted by an EMP. This is clear, based on the destruction.

California Fires – Drones and Laser weapons out of Seattle AFB, the SAME base that Q mentioned with the missile firing at Air Force 1 when Trump was on his way to meet Kim Jong Un in Singapore was responsible.

Earthquake in Alaska – This is a FEMA take over ordered by the Rothschilds to try to steal as much gold as possible.

I agree with you Anna, none of this was Natural. I agree the Military is not working for the American People. They were running around looking for money just a week ago and told, “Until they realize the Commander in Chief is the President and not the Chinese, not the Rothschilds, no one will help them.” I hope they understand the devious Cabal, they are being run by, wants to use them to destroy this country and the world.

Will they wake up? I hope so.

Are they being bribed by the banks? I have no idea.

I do know 1000%, they are being PROMISED by the Chinese Elders and Rothschilds, their “bazillion dollar” payout will be here “tomorrow.” The payout is always, promised, tomorrow and never today. They say, “You failed the test that is why the money is not here.” Now go do “this or that” and we will pay you.

When are they going to wake up???

They have now hurt millions of American families on behalf of the Demons that rule them. WAKE UP!!

As for me, apparently your handlers cannot help but lump me into all things in your world. THE FUNDS/MONEY/GOLD IS NOT IN ANY COMMERCIAL BANK!! Including the FED. It never has been. I explained this to you, and at this time the MILITARY IS NOT WORKING WITH ME IN ANYWAY, IN FACT THEY ARE BLOCKING FUNDS ACTIVELY!!!


I have in no way attempted to “bribe” anyone, anywhere, so be very careful what you accuse me of on the internet with ZERO PROOF. That is a very serious accusation and I know for sure you have no proof of anything, as I DID NOT ATTEMPT TO BRIBE ANYONE-Not now, not ever. I have not tried to bribe any official, in any country, anywhere.

You stated we both agreed not to post about each other publicly, but to work together privately, for the betterment of the American People. So why this post?

I understand you are angry that our very own SSP and US Military, is currently being used by Mr. Jon Von Wright to destroy lives of American People, and I too am very angry.

By the way, the DOD has blocked every attempt at funding the Disaster Relief Fund we have had setup since the day after Hurricane Michael in cooperation with Trump and Department of Treasury. The accounts are open. They have been for months, but there is always someone from the DOD, Citadel Security, or its subsidiary, Wiser (Run by the Clintons), stopping us at the front door (literally).

Do not lump me in with the bribes, titles and power, promised by the Rothschilds and the Chinese Elders to the US Military, I am in no way involved in their “promises.”

My prayers go out to you and your family Anna and of course all the people of Alaska at this time. We must stop these people. This cannot continue.

God Bless
Kim “Possible”

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