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by (Anonymous) – 12.27.17

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Who are the Sources?

Nolle Prosequi. The Latin term nolle prosequi means to “be unwilling to pursue,” and is used in the criminal legal system to signify that the prosecution is discontinuing, or will not prosecute. In simple terms, nolle prosequi amounts to a voluntary dismissal of criminal charges by the prosecution, or a dismissal of a civil lawsuit.

There are some people that work within the system that are getting fed up about what is going on with the GCR/RV and they tell someone what they know. They do this knowing that their name will not be given out for fear about losing their job.

I have a project that I have been dealing with the government on that, at the Government’s last statement, is worth over $400 Billion dollars and allows me to find out certain information that you would never know. That is why I know that no alphabet agency is stopping the RV/GCR at the moment because they don’t have the authority to do so.

Just like I know that the only PsyOps that is being conducted is to get you to believe that someone or something is preventing you from getting any exchanges done, which by the way are taking place. The NPTB/OPTB/APTB are all in this together to confuse and put out information that results in Misdirection.

There is nothing stopping this from being done. It is just the NPTB/OPTB/APTN and whoever else that wants to keep you guessing, and the only thing that is being proven is that you are being played. This was to go down a couple of weeks ago, then the excuses started coming out.

I will tell you anyone that transmits false misleading information that leads to perpetrating a fraud, whether by email, phone, or mail, can be sued under Civil RICO. I am very well versed in the Civil RICO statutes.


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