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It is of paramount importance that you are made aware of how deeply rooted the Cabal programming penetrates our society and has convinced us to trust things that are not trust worthy. Let’s use the Northern Trust, commonly considered to be the last Bank you can trust in Chicago. If you look deeply hidden on the IRS website you’ll see the document below that demonstrates how they are the backing source for the Federal Reserve that is still listed as a religious organization, the IRS which has been illegally taxing Americans for a hundred years, United Health Corp. which at one point was going to be the sole provider for Obama Care, and all of the banking names you love to hate i.e.. Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, and so on.

Why is this important to us now?

The executive order just signed by President Trump makes it much easier to seize funds from the corrupt usage of funds for activities designated as crimes against humanity. It’s much more in depth than just that but you can research it and you’ll understand more clearly. Now, the Northern Trust is the organization that exchanged such characters as Bill and Hillary Clinton during the Kuwaiti revaluation. These two characters alone have committed numerous crimes against humanity ranging from human trafficking, arms dealing, and treason. They were funded in part by their exchange from the Kuwaiti RV exchange and this was made possible by the Northern Trust. Now, this would not be such a horrible thing if the people were included and considered in this investment, but they selectively allowed certain “elite” people to exchange, thus funding crimes against humanity.

Even now, they use the fact that they exchanged the Clinton’s as a badge of honor to recruit and solicit people to exchange their ZIM with them at a lower rate, and create a false storyline about the illegal “lopping of the zeroes”. They have made fraudulent claims that they know the date of the RV process, projecting it out as far as February 18th, 2018. They use this as leverage saying that you can exchange with them much sooner creating an ignorant population of investors who believe they have scooped the early deal and they’re the only ones in the know. This act of fraud according to the latest executive order issued by President Trump could very easily be considered a crime against humanity as well as reckless, willful and wanton misconduct.

So please consider the document below and hopefully this will help you understand why we are fighting so hard to be freed. We do not want to file this claim but we have to consider not only the US Treasury, but all of the banks associated with them who have willingly deceived the American people and are still actively doing so to this day. We have documentation, as well as recorded conference calls to prove everything that has been stated above.

For your consideration; Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.



NORTHERN TRUST CORPORATION/IRS/BAR fl0 66.pdf U.S. Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC) Income Tax Return

The SEC info basically tells you that the IRS and the American Bar Association are the same organization under the Northern Trust Corporation. That paperwork was accompanied with the claim that they did not owe any taxes, the document was admitted as evidence, and the law firm declared bankruptcy and left the state.

The banks are owned by the Northern Trust Corporation including wells fargo that is owned by the Bar Association.

Dunn and Bradstreet is also owned by the Bar Association.

Every time a Judge makes a judgment, being a Bar Member, you know the rest. Everything always go through the Rail Road, over the ocean and then to the Crown, then to the Vatican.

Northern Trust Corporation Holds the IRS Company

File Number: 0774471 Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 08/23/1971 (mm/dd/yyyy)



Entity Type: GENERAL Residency:






State: DE Postal Code: 19801

And all of the banks listed in the same document. The first name of the IRS: 1933- INTERNAL REVENUE TAX AND AUDIT SERVICE, INC 7/12/1933 File Number #0325720

Then this is the right line up… Central Trust Company of New York owns The Corporation Trust Co which is the registered Agent for Northern Trust Corp

Northern Trust Corp is the holder of >

• IRS Company

• JPMorgan Chase & Co.

• Citigroup, Inc.

• American Express Company

• SPDR Gold Shares

• General Electric Co

• Wells Fargo & Company

• UnitedHealth Group, Inc.

• Bank of American Corporation

So if you want to present a suit to the Northern Trust you have to address it to The Corporation Trust Co. The federal reserve is also listed as a religious organization. All of the State Courts are listed as private Non-Profit Corps too and all owned by the Bar Association under the Northern Trust Corporation.

1929: Hanover merges with Central Trust Company to form the Central Hanover Bank and Trust Company. It is still all Railroad owned Hanover merges with Central Trust Company to form the Central Hanover Bank and Trust Company.

1930 : Chase acquires Equitable Trust Company, owned by John D. Rockefeller.

1933: The Glass-Steagall Act separates commercial and investment banking.

1935: J. P. Morgan spins off its investment banking arm as Morgan Stanley.

1954 : Chemical merges with Corn Exchange Bank and Trust Company.

1955: Bank of Manhattan and Chase National merge to form Chase Manhattan Bank.

1959: J. P. Morgan merges with Guaranty Trust Company to form Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York.

1961 : Manufacturers and Hanover merge to form Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company.

1968 : Chemical New York Corporation is established as a bank holding company for Chemical Bank.

1969: Chase Manhattan Corporation is formed as a bank holding company, with Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A. becoming its main subsidiary; Manufacturers Hanover Corporation is created as a bank holding company, with Manufacturers Hanover Trust as its subsidiary; J. P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated is formed as a bank holding company, with Morgan Guaranty Trust as its principal subsidiary.

1987 : Chemical acquires Texas Commerce Bankshares.

1989: The Federal Reserve grants J. P. Morgan permission to underwrite corporate debt securities, marking the firm’s return to the U.S. investment banking sector.

1991 : Chemical merges with Manufacturers Hanover, creating Chemical Banking Corporation .

1996 : Chemical Banking acquires Chase Manhattan and adopts the Chase name.

1997 : J. P. Morgan purchases 45 percent stake in American Century Investments.

1999 : Chase acquires Hambrecht & Quist Group Inc.

2000 : Chase acquires Robert Fleming Holdings Ltd.; Chase merges with J. P. Morgan to form J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. They were still all owned by a Railroad managed by a Trustee like Morgan, Rockefellow, Carnaige etc.

See I told you: In 1901, the Northern Securities Company was formed as a holding company in the business-friendly state of New Jersey. The new venture brought together the talents and wealth of J. P. Morgan and James J. Hill on one side and E.H. Harriman on the other. Hill controlled the Northern Pacific and Great Northern Railways, Harriman the Union Pacific. Merchant Marine Act/Shipping Board… “that’s just Great!” What an incredibly skullduggirous evil country!

If you want to see most of what Corporation Trust Co. is holder of, look at the companies listed here: Then pay close attention to “other” Wells (Fargo names) Like Wells REIT II and Wells Capital. These two are the names of what Home owners are lead to believe is Wells Fargo the BANK, but in fact are these other separate branches. Those of which the attorneys are actually representing and NOT the actual BANK. SO Defending Homeowners are not addressing the real party of interest. . . .so they haven’t a valid argument and therefore lose, because they haven’t really Identified qualified and verified the REAL “WELLS”.


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