About a month ago Twitter blocked projectspeak.net. I submitted a complaint and they unblocked it. As of Monday 1/22/2018 it is blocked again. This means that any tweet with projectspeak.net in it will not go through. Also anyone that tries to tweet using the Tweet button at the bottom of this page, their tweet will not go through either. I have submitted many complaints everyday this week and still Twitter will NOT unblock this site.

Both projectspeak.net and speakproject.net are currently blocked by Twitter. I need as many people as are willing to go to https://help.twitter.com/forms/spam  and submit as many complaints as possible. Follow the image below to enter information for the complaint. You can use your own name and information or use mine as it is listed below. You will need to submit separate complaints for each of the domain names listed above.

Also please tweet these instructions as many times as possible so other people on Twitter will join in and submit complaints as well. Thank you.



Twitter link to submit complaint: https://help.twitter.com/forms/spam

Also my Twitter handle of @AgeCosmos is being shadowbanned by Twitter. That means nobody is seeing any of my tweets in their time line. If you want to see my tweets you have to go directly to my Twitter account @AgeCosmos.

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