The Truth about the Global Hierarchy

WARNING: The content I am about to share is fact. It is not in line with the agenda portrayed through the mainstream narrative. You will not be able to verify this article through your typical Google search. The reality described herein will explain parts of the public illusion being portrayed in American politics.

The Global Hierarchy:

Behind the bravado and sharp comments of President Trump, he lays out an agenda to restore the Republic of the United States. The President is playing his role as the front man, while the deeper changes to the system are taking place behind the scenes.

There is a reason for everything. In addition, today marks the takedown of the biggest criminal cartel in history – The Federal Reserve. Right now, the Master Trust, which is actually the Supreme Central Bank of the world, has called in an obscene debt held against the Federal Reserve. This Trust holds the entire off-ledger system for every major bank in the world, the secret stash that has allowed the ruling elite to remain in power for a hundred years.

Every country in the world, on both sides of every war has utilized this system to hide their wealth. The same Trust is connected to the world’s largest computer mapping system, acts as the Asset Redemption program for every country in the world, and holds the assets for the Bank of International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and the World Bank.

The Trust is recognized in the International Financial System as its own Sovereign Country, with the highest-level Homeland Security clearance in the world. It is registered in the UN Black Server and the Intelligence Agencies of every Nation as “the Unknown Country.”

The Security Clearance level for the Comptroller and Trustee of “the Unknown Country,” is 41 levels above the President of the United States. The Global Financial System has been controlled by this entity since 1978 when everything was made digital. At the same time, the Rothschilds’ launched the Poseidon system to act as a siphon to filter money to their Trust accounts using the SWIFT system.

Every country recognizes this Trust as the Asset Redemption System. They used to acquire assets and register them to the system and in return, they would receive an allocation of currency that receives a number attached to the registered asset. Turning hard assets into spendable currency is how the M1 level transactions has always been accomplished.

In 2007, “the Unknown Country” took possession of every in ground and mined asset on the planet. After that, the Trust was shut off from the hundreds of Trustees who previously had access to it. This included Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Lees, and various other bloodline members of the Dragon Families.

These various controllers held the world captive, passing their secrets of the real world history, hidden technologies, age defying treatments, cures for diseases, energetic and spiritual knowledge, and various mind control techniques from one generation to the next. These families were led to believe they had a Sovereign right to enslave, control, and utilize humanity in whatever manner they chose.

The Owner of the Trust was a master in the Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” He was killed in an act of self-defense almost three years ago. In the original establishment of our current money system dating back to Babylon, currency was used as a method of control for world domination. War was seen as a necessary tool for behavior modification and population control.

The Iron Mountain Agenda:

In 1963, a select group was assembled at Iron Mountain to discuss the transition over to a peaceful Global society. “The Special Study Group was established in August 1963, its members were instructed to govern their deliberations in accordance with three principal criteria. Briefly stated, they were these: 1) military-style objectivity; 2) avoidance of preconceived value assumptions; 3) inclusion of all relevant areas of theory and data.”

The volatility of humanity was a given fact, and War was an accepted mechanism of control. Based on the initial assumptions mentioned above, the group concluded that if peace were to be achieved a common enemy would have to be identified to unite the citizens of the World.

Various options were proposed including the creation of a global environmental crisis that united people around the fight to save the planet. The Iron Mountain report stated that a “viable substitute for war as a social system cannot be a mere symbolic charade. It must involve risk of real personal destruction.” Other options including the use of the economy as a credible enemy were discussed as viable options to ensure survival of the species, rather than its improvement.

The study group was charged with the task of observing the human ecology from an outside perspective, seeking only to control and maintain the status quo, but under peaceful conditions. The report has sculpted many of the practices we see in our modern society. The practice of infanticide was recently made legal in New York State. The use of sexual mutilation or castration, to maintain the population, can be seen in the current movement of forced hormones in the food causing impotence and infertility, as well as the cultural guidance shaming the Alpha Male. The practice of monasticism, as attempted by the Catholic Church has not been successful as reports are constantly being generated that the crimes of pedophilia were a regular practice of the priests. One option was forced emigration; as has been seen recently over the past few years as people have been pushed out of their country of origin due to economic, political, and social conditions, and bribed to leave by Humanitarian Activist groups claiming to help. They also suggested the use of extensive capital punishment, which has been practiced here and abroad with a range of techniques using torture, to extensive prison sentences for nonviolent crimes.

The Iron Mountain Report and the “the Unknown Country” are directly connected to the current political environment you are witnessing on a Global scale. The “Great Dictator” of “the Unknown Country” is the one responsible for the Iron Mountain Study, and he is the same one that devised the plan based on that report that the remnants of his legacy are trying to execute. This study was part of the needs assessment used to create the Public United Nations Agenda 21, now called Agenda 2030 or the Sustainable Development Agenda, and the secret “Divine Plan” with the “The Great Dictator” would have played the role of the Divine. There are too many mysterious pieces to explain in this puzzle for an article of this nature, so let me give you some guidelines we can discuss later.

The “Great Dictator” was not your friend. The Dragon Families were never really in control. They were merely the head slaves to a heartless Global Monarch, and every Nation in the world bowed to his authority. In 2007, after every asset on the planet was registered to the ownership of “the Unknown Country,” the Great Dictator did not allow anyone to create legal asset-backed currency again. The Quantum mapping system utilized to run every computer system in the world, also had the ability to access and broadcast certain frequencies that could destabilize matter, in a matter of seconds. The plan was to turn the Earth to dust and start over with the flip of a switch by sending out this deadly frequency. The Dragon Family banking cartels who have run the Central Banking System are still in denial that they would be part of the collateral damage. However, one thing they know for sure is that they do not have control of the Quantum Mapping System that controls the off-ledger accounts, where all of their ill-gotten gains are held.

If allowed to run its course, this plan would certainly have a catastrophic ending for humanity and the planet itself. Nevertheless, there is a resistance working behind the scenes to liberate humanity from this oppression. Much of the original resistance started in the 70’s have been deceived with a compartmentalized version of a bigger story creating division and misunderstanding. The alternative media generally does their best to report insider details, but if they are making a living providing intelligence to the public, then they are dealing with two parts of a completely controlled system. This makes it very easy for the “Deep State” to create division by controlling the information released to even the alternative media sources. Other groups that worked to reinstate the Republic, according to the original Constitution, were also infiltrated and used to launch a righteous movement that lacked the full scope of the authority needed to sculpt their vision. At least part of  the “White Hats” found themselves wrapped up protecting the Chinese Elders in return for various foreign currencies they were told would revalue and make them all rich, while banking on the same event to liberate the world. One hundred and Thirty-Six (136) Countries had debts owed to them by the Rothschild Dragon Families or the Central Banks, paid in the same currencies promising oil credits, and an eventual Global Currency Reset to restore war torn countries and unite the world under the United Nations Global Government.

The Financial Reset was actually part of the plan described in the Iron Mountain Report to create an economic enemy to replace war. It would essentially crash the world economy, forcing a desperate situation for the entire world declaring a Global Emergency allowing the United Nations to seize control of every country’s military due to a clause in the Global Martial Law agreement. This would lead to Global Disarmament of the people, leaving them defenseless to defend themselves in the next phase.

The US Dollar would crash in value, allowing the Bankers to save the day by offering an alternative Digital Global Currency. In the Confidential documents describing the Global Currency Reset that every country in the world signed off on, there are two options: an asset-backed currency or a 100% digital currency, doing away with any cash transactions. This would make the Organized Criminal Banking Cartels the absolute authority over all financial activity in the world. In essence, this would eliminate the need for National Governments, Capitalism, or freedom. In the same document, it introduces Universal Income, which would be embraced by the impoverished masses that they created but would negate our ability to thrive in the longrun.

In 2015, the United Nations announced that they would abolish poverty by 2030. Most people did not realize that they meant they would in fact eliminate the impoverished through various means of publicly accepted genocide. This is why we are currently allowing our water to be poisoned by Fluoride, which is considered a life threatening biohazard, waste product, and poison. Our food is being genetically modified (GMOs) to reduce nutrients, increase hormone imbalances, cause infertility, and shorten human lifespans. Chemtrails creating weaker bones, reducing the oxygen in the air, and causing premature aging are poisoning the air.

The American Medical Association calls this the “Long slow death alternative.” This is the alternative to curing diseases like Cancer by preventing things like the measles that build the immunity and defense to fight Cancer naturally, hiding patented cures, and injecting diseases directly into children and adults using Vaccines. These are not anomalies that were overlooked, a difference in opinion about treatment options, or a conspiracy theory. These facts are backed by extensive studies, evidence based science, and detailed reports from various accredited organizations.

Global Warming:

The same plan is being played out with the “Global Warming” myth that is currently being challenged publicly by over 31,000 environmental scientists worldwide. Unfortunately, one of the many side effects of the consumption of fluoride, which is compacted the networks broadcasting at a 440 frequency, as observed with Jews during the Holocaust. When they willingly walked to their own death in the gas chambers, never questioning that they were getting a shower, that is evidence based reports contradicting Global Warming, are not repeated with a great enough frequency to break through the malaise caused by all of the forced drug and poison consumption. The real tragedy is not that people do not believe fact based reporting, it is that they will believe and respond to anything repeated with enough frequency, but will sit and wait for someone else to do something about the facts. This has created a zombified public looking to the internet and television for direction on what to think on any given topic, and a divisionary, Willy Lynch, “How to Make a Slave” style of self-enslavement never allowing the people to see who the real enemy is. So, while we argue on Twitter about nonsensical matters, we are all being poisoned on a daily basis.!.pdf

This structure has allowed control systems to be placed in layers to ensure the people are constantly tricked into to new agreements where we are forced to trade our freedom for survival. Fortunately, the contracts that allowed the evil empire to maintain control of the Quantum System have all expired, and an advocate for the people took control of the system in 2012. She is 99.8% Bioidentical to the Mitochondrion Eve.  Kim renamed it to “The Manna World Holding Trust” in 2012, when the system automatically switched over to only allowing access to the genetic anomaly that occurs every 2,000 years identifying the most human DNA on the planet.

Contrary to the previous Comptroller, and the gaggle of elite criminal Trustees who operated with a visceral hatred towards humanity, the current Trustee, Kimberly Ann Goguen appears to be fearless and incorruptible. Despite receiving no support from the Government or the banks, she has judiciously stood by the people determined to distribute the assets of the planet back to the people and directly to the Governments. This may not seem unique, but less than 2% of every humanitarian project claiming to have been “funded” by the United Nations, has ever reached the actual project owners. Furthermore, it is the most powerful secret societies in the world that she has been opposed by. As I have explained above, they have controlled everything for a thousand years, and their reach extends into every aspect of our reality.

She is affectionately referred to as Kim-Possible on the internet, and is a hero for those who realize what she has done. She has dismantled the Deep State worldwide, taken back control of the entire financial system, and given humanity the chance to realize our true potential. On February 14, 2019, Valentine’s Day, she called in the debt owed by the Federal Reserve to the Manna World Holding Trust. She then turned over the debt for collection to the Department of the US Treasury.

Currently, the Department of the Treasury is in a meeting at the White House discussing their new responsibility replacing the role previously played by the privately owned Federal Reserve. For the first time, the responsibility to dictate interest rates, print US Currency, and decide how the people are taxed, is held in the hands of the United States. This affects every country in the world and every person in the world. This marks the end of 16,000 years of slavery for everyone on the planet. This makes it possible to release hidden technologies, hidden cures, and the real human history of the planet.

The collective consciousness of the planet requires a gentle awakening. This historical activity is only palatable because of the present circumstances. There has in fact been a conspiracy committed against the citizens of the world. However, the real tragedy will be if we knowingly ignore sound facts because they are uncomfortable. We have this moment to make history and find the common purpose that we can all agree with. We have an opportunity to create a better way for everyone. It all starts with you.



24 Replies to “The Truth about the Global Hierarchy”

  1. Well written with timeline that can be followed and the holes in history filled in!!! Thanks Tank! Thanks Kim!

  2. Best article you have ever made. Bravo Tank! And team and Kim! Now let us all awaken to reality, potential and lift one another out of this muck! Just one suggestion…Trump is being sold on 5g and 6g tech. Alert him to the dangers of this tech. Thank you.


    1. He knows. Its not 5G that is the problem, it’s the frequency they wanted to use that was detrimental. Same with what they did to the frequency to transmit signals to your television. It use to be 444Hz, which is a good frequency, then they lowered it to only 440Hz, which is disrupting to the human frequency. Just that 4Hz is all it took. The same goes for 5G, 6G and so on. They were going to use a frequency that was military grade detrimental to the human body even down to the DNA level. Trump changed the frequency on them to one that is compatible with our frequency now, so it won’t be able to destroy our tissue. The only problem is, once its in, some other President may come along who might be able to change the frequency again for evil again. There is a short video from Q that shows a flat square piece of metal on a vibrating stand with salt on top. Everytime you change the frequency which vibrates the salt on top of the square metal piece, it creates a certain design patter. There is a pattern for every frequency. You can either look it up on you tube or go to Its somewhere between Fed 19th to Feb 22. Or just go to Blessed to Teach and watch his Feb 21st or 22nd video on 5G.

      1. Thanks James. I know about the plate of metal. And I believe it was serial Brain 2 that also explained that Trump knows. I am on board now. Thanks for clueing us in. Also I still read Anna’s forum daily and all comments. Lol. What a mess. Paul can’t block me he can only delete what he disagrees with or he can turn off comments to reduce controversial opinions. Speaks for itself.

    2. Hey Robert…..From what I understand, that’s why Trumps border Wall is receiving so much resistance…its more than just a barrier, it act like some sort of farday gage, disrupting the frequencies of 5 G….!!

      Count yourself lucky that you can’t go to that site anymore…!! I quit reading her articles too, and other people are starting to rebel on that site and want answers….the jural assembles themselves are arguing amongst themselves….!! Her solution to this whole mess is to start a whole new govt from.scratch using jural assembles that will parallel this one….Aint going to happen…EVER..!!

      But there is one thing that bothers me about this article….it says that Kim is going to give all the money to the U.S. treasury….So here we go again with semantics….
      This is not the “UNITED STATES”…..its America, and everyone living in it legally is an American non- citizen National……..Quit using terms like the UNITED STATES, CITIZENS, RESIDENTS, ETC….!!

      We also have to adjust the English language so they can’t use it as a weapon against us…… on there is no proper way to write in English… can use lower case for everything, no legal parameters to adhere to, no proper way of using commas, or punctuation of any kind, and all English teachers relieved of all their duties….as it is written, so it shall be understood… more deceptive writting…all caps, etc……if English teachers can’t make a science out of language, then we are better without them…..period…!! English is not a profession or a career…!!
      Get rid of English teachers altogether or they can just work for free…..!!! Copiss…!!

      1. James….

        Anna listens to Langley2 (controlled by cabal) according to Thomas William’s. I am of the opinion that she rubs elbows with the Rothchilds as she as much said so (below)when she confronted me on the forum. She is dual minded and only wants things done her way or the high way as evidenced by her only working with Kim for about 2 weeks before that ended. But karma is not kind to those who push it.


        AnnaNovember 4, 2018 at 11:14 PM
        Fools you are and fools you will stay, who comment without knowledge of what is plainly posted on my website and in my published hard cover books. I have tens of thousands of letters sent under registered mail and all the receipts. The correspondence I maintain is decades old and all of it is recorded as these letters, too, shall be.
        (Yet when asked to show proof of said letters/crickets)

        This is black magic spell (IMO)

        Robert Allen

        robert allenNovember 6, 2018 at 10:09 AM


        The actual truth in plain daylight “spelled”with “duality” making it appear to be truth when it really is the actual deceit!

        Ask yourselves why this sounds truthful to you??? She is a member of the secret society she protests against! Duality!

        robert allenNovember 6, 2018 at 11:13 AM

        MIRROR MAGIC (all of her titles are spell bound to lure you in)(IMO)
        She is a Celtic Witch of the highest order.

        AnnaNovember 4, 2018 at 11:12 PM
        I have already talked to the Rothschild’s and every other banker syndicate family.

        “They all know who I am and what I have come here for.”

        They just have a hard time sucking it up and doing the right thing. At the end of the day it is necessary to pit the politicians and the generals and the lawyers (who stand to lose everything under the confiscation laws) against the bankers, who simply need to be hung upside down for a few rounds until they regain some semblance of common decency and sense.

        (Robert Allen)
        And in my effort to explain this magic through
        an example of my own creation, I was excommunicated because certain members thought I had cast a spell in the forum. Lol

        These two comments explain volumes of who Anna is.

        Robert Allen


  3. Love it Tank!
    We wake up with every piece of truth. Freedom, spiritual growth, care and safety for our species and all Earths kingdoms are part of our natural makeup. Yes, we have been drugged and hypnotized for millenia, not just here.
    Two thoughts, was JC the last most perfect DNA…. and was Kim responsible for the decapitation of the ‘Great Dictator’ , in self defence when she defied and challenged him?
    Regardless, Tank and Kim, thanks for you unswerving dedication, strength and courage! Without Kim and a miracle we would already be sunk and heading the way of Maldek!
    The work begins…..
    Speak your truth, shine your light, heal the world

  4. Concerning the original evil cabal plans behind the RV & GCR, as God has ways of making good come out of bad people’s plans, I am still expecting that Kim is including in her plans a way for those who were convinced to buy some exotic currencies in order to help the world, to still receive some financial benefit from them to help their families and those they see in need, without harming the nations those currencies belong to.

    This is real humanitarian aid as practised by Christ Jesus, who I understand both Kim and President Trump trust, which is why I trust Kim and President Trump.

    1. U got to be kidding…Kim is another onlybeggottenism tool?🐸


      The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors (1875)

      The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors; Or, Christianity Before Christ, Containing New, Startling, and Extraordinary Revelations in Religious History, which Disclose the Oriental Origin of All the Doctrines, Principles, Precepts, and Miracles of the Christian New Testament, and Furnishing a Key for Unlocking Many of Its Sacred Mysteries, Besides Comprising the History of 16 Heathen Crucified Gods is an 1875 book written by American freethinker Kersey Graves,[1] which asserts that Jesus was not an actual person, but was a creation largely based on earlier stories of deities or god-men saviours who had been crucified and descended to and ascended from the underworld. Parts were reprinted in The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You to Read edited by Tim C. Leedom in 1994, and it was republished in its entirety in 2001.”

  5. Finally someone is telling the TRUTH of what has happened. I told you long ago Tank that you were here for a planned destiny. You are on the path to that destiny!! Bravo to You Brother.

  6. Once again you make statements that cannot be verified in any way, some of which may actually be true. We have no way of knowing, but we are generally adept at leaping by faith into various realms. I don’t have a problem with that, but when you say or write things that are either patently false, like jews marching obediently to their death into gas chambers that never existed, or things that just don’t make sense, like Kim claiming to have dismantled the Deep State and taken back control of the global financial system, you start to lose credibility. For at least several months now, you and Kim have been relating all the times that she has tried to bring funds into the USA for various purposes, only to be blocked by the banks. Doesn’t sound like she has ANY control, much less total control! Also, you persist in saying she has turned over the FRS debt for collection by the “Dept. of the Treasury”, aka the IRS! It’s one thing to make the mistake of confusing the United States Treasury for the phony “Dept. of the Treasury”, but i’ve pointed this out to you twice before to no avail. It’s not enough to point out a few of the things that most of us have known for years just to build up the tension for a call to arms, so to speak. After all this hyperbole, you end it by putting the onus on our shoulders! How does it start with us? If Kim has so much power, so much access to all those accounts, WHY are the Satanists and Luciferians still causing so much trouble? I still believe her intentions are good. Yours, too, for that matter, but stop with the bullshit and just tell the truth. She has NOT taken control of the global financial system. That is clearly a lie.

    1. Steven…I am starting to believe you…. Maybe Kim isn’t afraid of the “deep state”, but 350 million Americans (not US citizens) are….!! How are you going to fix that….!!

      All you really had to do is order all 4 branches of our military to surround every IRS and “INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE ” buildings and force everyone out with their hands up and arrested for treason…..and tie up all the courts with nothing but FRAUD cases…..thats the only thing these courts should be focused on any way…..not drugs, not murder , not civil rights, not civil suits…..only FRAUD and the death penality….thats the only thing that will keep people honest….!!

      1. James, i’m not sure how to answer you. Consider that there are still a hundred million Americans who think they are “taxpayers”! Most of my family are among them. Congress has gone out of its way with HR 1 and other recent legislation to remove the cause of their fears, but it doesn’t seem to have done any good. How DO you fix the problem that is shared by most of those 350 million? No matter how often you remind them, they can’t seem to believe that they are not subject to the mindless scribbles of the U S CONgress. On one hand, you’ve got all that convoluted nonsense of Anna von Rippemoff that confuses everyone so much that they tend to just bow down to her pretense of knowledge and wisdom, but they can’t believe me when i point out how full of crap she is. Then on the other side of the court we have Tank and Kim telling us that Kimberly is our saviour because she is the “most human” of us all, whatever the hell that means! I welcome anyone who wishes to explore things further to contact me: or on skype: steven.charles.hance

        I’m just fed up with the lies and bullshit.

  7. Oh, yeah, i forgot to add another tidbit. I have it on good authority that Kim is NOT the sole trustee of MWHT. There are two others, and they do not share Kim’s vision, or something. Regardless, she can’t do ANYTHING without at least one of them being in agreement with her. You recently related a story about how Kim came to be trustee, where “Marduke” and all but three of the 156 or so “people” in attendance were killed. According to your story, Kim and TWO OTHERS survived that night. That makes THREE trustees, NOT one. You’re not talking to brain dead folks here, Stefan.

  8. Again Steven is right….money is a weapon of mass destruction…would the military put just one person in charge of all nuclear weapons…….lets get real hear…!!

  9. Let’s say the universe really is 14 billion years old, and the energy that we are now; was then. Who were we before then, and who will we be after we die; after the universe ends? How long do we need, or want to be in form, where manipulation and change create the veil of Maya we think is real…and so fearful? To believe in God, the eternal, rather than the ego, the temporal, is my suggestion. It is the way out of all the pain and death threats form has to offer, and the escape from all dreams of form. Do you not care to consider how attachment to form might be a mistake? Well, perhaps the universe will last another 14 billion years and you’ll have that time to figure it out…unless you do it now; the only time there is. It is good to care and to love those suffering in form, yet teaching the escape from it can be the best part of that caring. Not returning to illusions is the eternal cure for all of the problems form, time, and space. The ego lives in it, and loves every bit of suffering “the world” seems to cause! ~spirit~>

  10. It will be interesting to see how ‘front man’ Trump handles the ongoing theft of ‘Black Pope’s oil in Venezuela, too.

    Here’s a website to ponder over who is who these, days, James P.🔥

    “The Venetians (say it out loud) are almost certainly the Phoenicians, and John Cabot placed a flag of Venice on the actual continent of America which might implicate Venice actually owning all of America.”

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