This is a very in-depth report on just how deep the corruption goes, and for how long. President Trump cannot fix this alone. If ‘we the people’ want our country back, we must join forces and fight as the one massive Source that we are – we are here to put an end to the centuries of corruption once and for all. If you are awake, you know what you signed up for, long before this very moment.

The corruption is deep and wide, and runs into every corridor you could ever imagine. Be careful who you trust; too many have become compromised.

This is a spiritual battle, and light will always overcome darkness. We are the light; light holds the power. We will succeed this time! Dark vs. Light / Good vs. Evil – despite what evil may believe, we know, the good/light will prevail.

“The American economic engine is being dismantled by deep-pocket intellectual property thieves. They have made the U.S. Patent Office their private toy box.”

The majority of the press, CDC, FDA, HHA, NIA, politicians, large corporations, doctors, attorneys, judges, etc., are compromised / all bought and paid for by the pharma/vaccine companies (for one). Every time a prescription or vaccine is sold, they make money; the majority of them own patents too. How is it okay for these regulatory agencies to own patents? It goes much deeper than this too; this is only one part of the puzzle. It is all hidden in plain site, if you want to know the truth, it is all available. ‘The Treason Report’ (below) is a good place to start.

Thank you to Patriots 4 Truth

The Clintons/CIA – Pay-to-Play
New World Order / Pedophilia / “Snuff Parties” / Satanism / Ritual Abuse / Child Sacrifice

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