The Systematic Purge

“I want you to know that it was Kim who said  she believed in humanity against all others. She’s the one working to prove that in multiple dimensions.”


As reported Steve Mnuchin has been removed as the Secretary of the Treasury, but we’re only seeing glimpses of that now as his corruption is slowly being pointed out and his corrupt staff is stepping down.

We also reported that the Manna World Holding Trust had come to terms with the Secret Service three weeks ago. Part of their job being to protect the US Dollar. Again evidence of them not doing their job is evident as DHS is being restructured, and the head of the Secret Service has stepped down as well.




5 Replies to “The Systematic Purge”

  1. We give glory to the Father of all Sovereignty That allows Kim to use his wisdom knowledge Strength and courage To have Success and vict’ry in all battles

  2. I would like to make a request of Kim and the team. For 20 years the entity’s behind the scenes have sold property on the moon to gullible RV fanatics. Their videos permiate youtube and every single day they preach that it will come tomorrow. My request of Kim and the team, pick a few people that have been fooled by this scam that have minor amounts, and “exchange” their currency. Of course it would be done after we have removed the CBS and the QFS is running the new system. So while they get taken to jail or worse some unsuspecting family who IMO would be a great choice to receive a prosperity package like those lying thieving crooks promised but never would deliver on. I know my request may never be fulfilled but it sure would put a smile on my face just to see their reaction to what they promised came true for someone. 🤣

  3. Before funding the BANKS Kim, get rid of the IRS and Internal Revenue Service or will never be free……EVER..!! That agency has more power than all of govt put together to destroy lives……and everyone working for them has to go to jail for at least 90 days and never allowed to work for govt again……or they get life imprisonment…!! Also you need to get rid of the county recorders office as it is being run…..that dept has way to much power to ruin people’s lives and the only ones that know how to use it are the BANKS and their ATTORNEYS…..the lay public has no clue what the county recorder does, except that that’s where they get marriage licenses……why do I still have IRS liens and FTB liens still showing up at the county recorders office when they are insolvent…..!! They will not take “LIABILITY” for any filings that have been filed unlawfullly…..screw the banks, what are you doing about these agencies…..NOTHING..!!!

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