Note: Below is the transcript for this video, which is a call between Speak Project and our Insider from Haiti

Haiti: It’s kind of hard to explain to an American what’s going on down there in Haiti. She was very resourceful. She know everything that I know. Just amazing! Go Ahead.

Tank: Let me ask you a question man.

Haiti: Go ahead…ask me anything you want.

Tank: I know some things. I know they are using Haiti as a Micro Cosmo bases for genocide, they are selling elements probably most Haitian don’t realize are available there if they are listed on the periodic table. What is the vibe of the actually people there and who do you trust in your government?

Haiti:  “Laugh”   Okay…there is no government in Haiti. Just to let you know. There is no government. There is a bunch of thugs put in there by the Clinton and the first one was Mark Kirby because the Clinton stole 16.6 billion dollars from Haiti after they had quit. And in order for them to not to proceed by the people in the country ask for the money. Today, people in the street everyday are still asking for the money and the government hired a mercenary from the United States to shoot the young kids from school. To shoot them in the head. To scare them so they don’t ask for the money. In Haiti people are just not asking for the money for ???——-, but they are asking for the money for the construction of the country. You see billions of dollars was given to Haiti from by all the countries around the world. The American people was given the money to help the people in Haiti.

Hilary put Bill as the governor to learn the money to give the contract to rebuild the country. What she did was to give the contract to her friends, and the friends? shallowed? back the money to a world that is out back, and that money went back to the Clinton foundation. They didn’t spend not a dime in Haiti. The only dime they spent in Haiti is the money they stayed in the hotel. Five Star hotel eating shrimp and lobsters. That is the only money they spent in Haiti. After that the only money went back to the Clinton. That’s what we are fighting for today. The problem today!

The guy that put president in today. The guy who put Clinton in today. These guys have been indicted 26 times in money laundering. 26 times corruption. Guess what? There are more people in Haiti then in Puerto Rico. The governor had to step down, but guess what this guy is still there. Because the Clinton control the justice department of the United States. The justice department of the United States controls the embassy in Haiti, and the US embassy controls all the people in Haiti.

So let me clear something to you and I want you understand very clear. A Haitian politician will go to Iraq with you; they will go to Syria with you. They will go under fire. They will put gasoline on themselves and light themselves up. But if you tell them you are going to the US embassy and you are going to protest, you will not find no one. Not one person.

In 1991, when we were fighting for freedom and liberty the MINUSTAH in Haiti, you know I was one of the young people in the US embassy. And, in New York to protect, to bring back the MINUSTAH to Haiti. But today, the youth in Haiti want to do the same thing but they can’t! Nobody support them. Because in Haiti, if you speak on the radio, there is somebody who is going to call you back in 10 minutes and tell you the next time you speak / if you ever speak on the radio next time we are going to kill you. We are going to kill your family. And if you are a US immigrant we are going to cancel your green card. If you are a US citizen you are going to have a call from them telling you we are going to cancel your visa or we are going to un-citizen you, if you speak one more time again. So it is very difficult right now to find the just ????  to support you in anything that you are doing in Haiti. Because right now in Haiti nobody is dying on the street because of food because of the ???Jack??? supporting the family back in Haiti. So nobody want to jeopardize their family life or the way of living, because of what is going on in Haiti. The point of Haiti is…it’s a swamp… and it is run by the Clinton, and the Clinton control everybody.

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