December 10, 2017

I do appreciate the power of being able to hide from the people who would hold you accountable and blame another party for the delays. There are many instances where I would have loved to hide from family, my kids, and my debt collectors, nearly all of whom have voiced their disappointment, lack of belief, and even disgust with me for dedicating all of my time in search of freedom. They don’t appreciate that what we’re doing is for all of them.

My family doesn’t appreciate that their religion was perverted to pay homage to Zeus and is designed to divide them against other people who are really no different from them while both have been made to believe that they are “the chosen” people of God.

My kids don’t know that the schools are designed to train them to follow directions while suppressing their innate creative impulses and abilities. They are thus prevented from ever gaining any truly influential position, instead merely occupying a role at a proverbial Ford plant of a workplace.

The debt collectors don’t realize that they bought a fictional debt from creditors for pennies on the dollar, delinquent debts that they had already collected on from an account that exists in my name but out of my reach.

The police don’t realize that they’re being manipulated and militarized to control and contain the the same “slave” population of which they are also a part. They are trained to recognize aberrant rather than strictly criminal behavior not realizing that the so-called perpetrators have been forced into a life of delineated crimes (driving, tax, drugs) because they had no choices in life.

The covert nature of this entire operation has allowed the ruling parties to hide behind a shadows while we the people of Earth try to figure out where to direct our anger and end up blaming one another.

For a while, the release of the RV was said to be in the hands of General Dunford. Then we were waiting on the Elders to release it. Meanwhile, gurus would be giving their farewells and telling people what a pleasure it was to have served the community.

Now, we hear a bunch of new and newly preposterous excuses: the Admiral did something wrong so the contract is broken; the ZIM groups are counting the currency that was already turned in so they can be paid; and the Elders released last night from China, but now they’re taking more time to unlock the accounts.

Every other source covers up by saying it was the other one’s fault.

Sadly, it seems that they have forgotten that they are people too, except for the Galactics, of course, who are not technically people, but then again we’re not really “people” either. The Galactics make good scapegoats — they appear to channel though all sorts of people, telling us that things will change “this week” —as they neither deliver or have accountability to, um, “people.”

When we eliminate the Galactics as reliable sources, we revert to “God’s timing.” The downside to God as a scapegoat is that is muzzles us because we feel like we’re out of line with God’s purpose and we fear God and we don’t want to make him mad.

So how exactly is this any different from the way the Cabal operates? Because I really want this to be a new age of prosperity, but it feels more “The Resurrection of the Cabal” or “The Cabal Strikes Back.”

But rest assured! The benevolent Elders tell us that once we get our money it will make up for all of the lies and mind games. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mend our broken hearts due to time and relationships lost with the people we love.

I want to apologize to The Powers That Be and to The People. You see, I feel charged to unite the Sovereign People of Earth to come together as one voice so that we can express the strength of our true nature and abilities. Naturally, I looked to the people who seemed to be the most oppressed and have tried to unite them to stand against the forces that seem to be holding us hostage.

But I realized today that the ones in control need to be united as well. We need to come together as the Sovereign Beings of the Universe instead of just limiting ourselves to “people.” We need to find the common cause that unites us and stand together so we can get this done.

I see that I also have contributed to the division, as much if not more than anyone else. I prefer to act as a mediator to facilitate proper communication between different constituents. This magnificent effort to rescue humanity and save the world like this has been made and failed twice in past bringing Earth perilously close to a tragic end. We must succeed this time, and to do that we cannot remain divided.

The key to this union is negotiation. We both have have to give way to something that allows this process to move forward.

For those of us on the receiving and philanthropic side, we need to offer something that will seem almost impossible to part with: our trust. We don’t actually lose anything by giving it, but the prospect is terrifying based on the track record.

I’m asking you to trust me on this. We have to trust the Alliance to finish the mission now. With an avalanche of public evidence screaming at us from every direction, we all know it’s here. So I’m asking you to trust them, and trust yourself. Call upon your higher self, the self that knows that it’s here. See and acknowledge any fear and past disappointments, and ask your higher source to help you let them go.

As for the Alliance, we respectfully ask that you communicate to us honestly and truthfully and stop keeping us in the dark. It’s nearly impossible to trust you or to establish a new world based on the current foundation of enslavement, fear, and betrayal. We will give you our trust, but it’s time to be honest.

Where are you in the process? Will we get notified tonight? If not, why not? You can communicate with me directly, no matter what the story is, is and I will give an honest report and help keep people encouraged, focused, and informed.

But, please, it’s time for you to do what you say you’re going to do. The current recipe of cabal-like tactics parlayed on blinkered people perpetuates a system that has no other outdoor than war and the destruction of the planet — a third failure. You know we can’t afford that.

We need this to end today. We want our seat at the table to negotiate the terms of our release. You want a peaceful transition. This is the only way to get it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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