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  1. Message for Tank

    I am in this adventure for more than 10 years.. I am always taking note
    copy and paste information from live call or re-posted call,

    We as a community, have seen a lot of dis-information’s , at his time and, with the help of all intel providers , there is a clearer picture emerging.

    At this moment in time, my thought process bring important questions for the actual exchange process and what will happen after the exchange..

    Just to name a few of these ideas bugging me:

    1- Non disclosure contract of 1 and 1/2 page is ok with me, but, more pages associated to asking sovereign rate is questionable since 20 minutes time for exchange is not enough to really make a legal appreciation of this document since,

    no lawyer or notary would not be allowed to be of help at the moment of exchange..

    nobody can make a legal judgment on any contract in less than an hour..

    a contract to be recognize valid in international commerce laws or even natural laws.. have to follow 4 to 5 requirements.. if on or more are not meet at the time of the signature.. the contract could be void.. making pressure (short time to read it and decide) is one of them..

    Q-Is there any way to have copies of short (1 1/2 pages to the 85 pages (mentioned by certain intel providers) with the print of the fundamental paragraph with out naming what is the intent.. (Exchange RV..)?

    2- in the possibility of having a quadrillions plus exchange.. for humanitarian purposes and put in a trust or multiples trusts..

    some intel providers have express that on the contracts.. mention of not contributing to war , to bad guys.. BUT, I am not in contact with Interpol or other international agencies including USA good guys.. so we never know if some of my humanitarian money could slip to the dark side

    Q- Tank, Being part of your intel group and management post exchange group could it be a kind of safe way to check prior to sending humanitarian money any part of the world so, my foundation could not be associated one time or the other with the cabal or bad guy’s..?

    3- With quadrillions to distribute during a 50 years plus.. how to deal with local governments (Canadian and Québec for myself) ,

    Q-How to explain this sudden wealth to taxation revenues agencies when.. non-disclosure agreement have been signed?
    Q-How not to be seen as mafia drug dealers or other bad guys fraudulent financial activities (I do not want to be chip and loss my sovereign free men status ?

    4- Since quadrillions will be handle by a bank or credit union and since, most governments have pass legal bills to gave permission to bank to make a bail in if.. they have insolvencies problems..

    Q-How can I be sure, that initial quadrillions money attached to my humanitarian foundation(s) will till be there in 50 years or shortly after the exchange?

    5-Once you put money in the bank.. you loose the ownership of these amount (that is how the system work at this time.. and I dis not saw any contrary to this for the immediate future)..

    Q-How to add to the biding non disclosure contrat with the financial institution that they are only in charge of managing MY foundation money.. they are my employees not my boss..?

    6-Some intel providers have said that, some agencies will TRACT HOW the money is distributed (performance) from a humanitarian foundation..

    Q-Who is the agency (white hats or half corrupted agencies?)?
    Q-Taking a life commitment to help make the world a better place and getting ride of poverty, famine, pollution, helping people of earth to regain joy, self-esteem, have work, having time for self awareness and spiritual growth, etc..
    How can I be tracked by others when I have my sovereign status?

    7-Since managing and distributing this humanitarian foundation money make obligation to travel to any part of the world..

    Q-How could I travel safe and easy?
    Q-Having a diplomat passport after the exchange, could it be the way to achieve safety in international travel?
    Q-Who could be the intermediary to obtain diplomat passport.. since government handle legally the print of that kind of passport..
    Q-How could I have a diplomat passport or other sovereign passport.. when I can not disclose freely HOW I got all that money (non-disclosure contract..)?

    8-Being pass 60 years.. with full of knowledge and understanding of the world past history and present.. my life expectancy is less than 50 years.. I have plan for multiple generations administration of my initial humanitarian foundation(s) BUT, If I had the choice to go back to a 25 years body.. I would consider that options.. (Med Bed from Mr Rand..). as long as this process do not destroy cellular memories.. its one thing to get young.. it is an other to loose memories at the cellular level.. I do not want ending up with a change in my actual personality..

    Q-Could the option be use if secure in the first five years after the exchange..
    Q-Can close family be there when the process is done to insure that they know that I am the same person BUT just younger?

    9-It is not clear at this point the real screen rate for Zim, Tony say 12 cents.. other Yosef.. 1 USD to one.. zim bound, other have said 4 dollar for one zim bound.

    Q-Where are we, as fare as: a) public screen rate, b) contract rate and c)sovereign big humanitarian rate?

    You see.. none of these questions and ideas have been taken care of in a fundamental clear and concise text..

    I would like to get in touch with Tank and be part of a benevolent humanitarian group to insure efficiency of all my local, national and international project..

    Please forgive any English text inconsistencies in this long comment , since I am french from Québec, Canada


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