Summary of video. Many thanks to Jules for providing this.

  • Kim pulled the money back from the banks, that she put in on Wed, which puts us on the brink of an economic collapse
  • They cleared their money, but not our project money
  • Since that didn’t do that on Wed, because they were planning on doing the evil, cabal planned RV, she pulled all of the money back
  • That’s why the RV didn’t happen and it’s not going to happen (that includes tonight)
  • Due to the agencies and the secret service not successfully performing their duties, Kim revoked their authority & their ability to see the financial system
  • They cannot see anything that is happening with the financial system, they don’t have any access!
  • They are NEVER going to crack the system. The power is going back to the people!
  • In addition, Kim gave them an offer, this is a take it, or leave it offer – she deposited the money again to save the economy
  • This is the only offer!! 80% will go to the people for the projects & 20% to the banks
  • The offer she gave them before, was for every dollar she gave to the projects/people, she’d give to the banks
  • Since they didn’t honor their deal, they are SOL!
  • This is the perfect definition of transmutation, she has now taken the evil that they had planned against us (using the RV to crash the economy & steal our money), and she’s giving it back to us.
  • On top of that, they cannot touch that liquidity until our project accounts are cleared first

She’s also in the process of completely by-passing that anyway, any stop through the Fed Res to have anything land into our accounts, even now as we speak. In the meantime, the RV people (everyone involved with the Chinese Elders, who think they are benevolent, creating fabricated M1(s), making threats to people on the Speak Project and all of these different versions of people who think they have this whole financial system figured out because they hangout with a bunch of rich guys/Royals who have been holding the world hostage for thousands of years) currently have a bounty/contract out there on Kim’s head.

Believe me when I say this:
1. For any mercenary who believes they are going to get rich by taking out Kim, if you take out Kim, you take out everybody.
2. For everyone that tries to go there, leaves in a body bag
3. If I was you, I would highly recommend a different course of action
4. The people who were holding the people hostage for thousands of years, didn’t die by accident. There was a point where Kim had to defend herself.
5. Just FYI, they are all gone, and she is still standing
6. She is protected by people who can travel through time and space, other portals, and have technologies that are unheard of …it turned Dick Cheney’s house into dust, overnight (in about two seconds).

All of you crazed lunatics, child-eating cabal members, deep state, etc …need to take a deep breath! Your diabolic plan is not clever, and it’s so transparent, so PULL BACK!! Join the good guys, join the rebellion! The real revaluation is to revalue yourself. Make yourself the best that you can be.

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