Speak Walkers Special: #Fight4James

  This is the tragic story of Kara and her children, James and Sasha. Kara Witkowski is what would be considered “normal” by most standards,

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SPEAK WALKERS SPECIAL REPORT: Set-up of Rebecca O’Donnell for the Murder of Sen. Linda Collins, Epstein Ranch, 64 miles of Tunnels, Podesta brothers, Uranium, & Clinton Foundation

What does it take to get people outraged in Arkansas? The corruption extends in every direction, depriving Arkansas residents of their basic constitutional rights and

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Speak Walkers’ Update – Kathy Hall’s Disappearance

Aimee Hankins-Albrecht was going to meet with Kathy Hall in Washington DC on August 21, 2019. The last time Aimee spoke with Kathy was on

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SPEAK WALKERS UPDATE – Linda Collins-Smith

Linda Collins-Smith discovered that her husband, an Arkansas judge, had child pornography on his government laptop. According to Linda’s research, which she was about to

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SPEAK WALKERS, with Michaele Walker & TANK

Michaele Walker gives another hard hitting update in this episode of Speak Up with Tank and Lisa. Michaele contends that the MSM wants to take

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SPEAK WALKER UPDATE: Linda Collins-Smith 7/28/19

Speak Walker Update – Very disturbing details. Michaele Walker returns to give a breaking update on the new developments surrounding the death of Linda Collins-Smith

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