SPEAK UPDATE 2/19/2019

2:29 PM EST

• As reported on the THI show on Thursday, February 14, 2019, the Manna World Holding Trust foreclosed on the Federal Reserve calling in a debt of $2.8 Quadrillion.

• The ownership of this debt was turned over to the Department of the Treasury to take action and seize all assets held by the Federal Reserve if they failed to pay within 24 hours.

• They failed to pay. Their charter had already been revoked.

• The Deep State has had such a strangle hold on the Government, that they had prevented all types of legal action from actually having an impact that would free funding for the people or to prevent the complete collapse of the Financial system that has been operating with negative liquidity for almost a year.

• But, today it was just reported to me that the Department of the Treasury is actually going to take action against the Federal Reserve to seize their assets for default on their debt.

• I think we are about to have our country back.



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  1. It has been my understanding for many years that “The Department of the Treasury” is the corporate version of the United States Treasury, like the United States Postal Service is the corporate version of the Post Office that was mandated by the CONstitution. Please clarify your meaning.

    1. Steven… am not an expert but my understanding is that Trump has ceased control of the US Treasury … this not info shared on MSM news


  3. The secret order has created the problem and offered the solution for so long until everyone is spooked and if this is so the heavens and He that created them and all of Earth and mankind are rejoicing we’re on our way to a long awaited JUBILEE

  4. It will take the whole industrial military complex to force them to comply…And some generals and Admirals will still be interested in going along with the “deep state” instead of protecting America…Lets wait and see if they can pull it off first before we start high fiving each other….in any case it will be epic…..!!!

    1. Even Robert David Steele said the Fed is a bankrupt entity. Munichin has been to 5 or 6 different cou tries asking for money and none of them have it. If Trump didn’t win, the Fed was ready to make their prediction on the front page of The Economist in 1978 a reality and collaspe this system to put in their new fiat currency and take everyone’s wealth they built on their fake FR notes away from them. The fact that our country is still working even though the Fed is broke tells you they can make anything work if they wanted to. It doesn’t fit there agenda though.

  5. Either the Department of the Treasury, aka IRS, is cabal bullshit, or not. I never got a letter from the IRS that didn’t say “Dept. of the Treasury” on it. Never. So, i’m asking Tank to clarify what he said. Everyone is capable of making a simple mistake. Just own up to it and get it right. Please.

  6. Checkmate.
    When the money dries up so does the control, fear and blackmail!
    You need money and fear to enforce blackmail and retain control.
    Love counters fear. We … all of us, are love!
    That is what we are innately made of.
    To get this far, has taken some unbelievably brilliant minds, forgiveness and sacrifice. It is no small matter shattering the dark energy. The sun is rising.
    Thanks Tank and Kim on behalf of all those that still sleep!
    So much depends on these last few steps.
    We await the starters gun in the race to rebuild our beautiful earth…. namaste Vanguard

  7. While listening to an interview with William and Kim from 2018, Kim mentioned that our souls had been bound by the age of 7 because of the birth/death certificate. Then she mentioned our souls were now free .
    Think abut what that means and reclaim the right to your own soul.
    Enjoy, and take a breath of fresh air.

  8. Thank you Kim and Tank for your Love, consideration and service with this ‘light bearing’ information!

    Alignments/timelines merging to one consciousness, dark to light. Prepare yourselves. We have been looking for more to step up and reveal themselves. Now is a good time to keep track of this living man–JFK JR and his channel’s videos:
    Anonymous. NEW! The Elites Tools of War. Part 1 via
    The Collective HQ 51:06 min’s

    Premiere 02/20/2019 @ 5:45 pm (subscribe & set a reminder)
    Anonymous. NEW! The Elites Tools of War. Parts 2 & 3 via
    The Collective HG — no total min’s known until it premiere’s.

    Quote from Anonymous —
    “NOTE: Our last video on main channel before it was taken down, was on the New York State law change on (PP) late term abortion. We were silenced the next day, but not before we, as ‘The Anonymous Syndicate” helped organize over 250K signatures on the NY State Abortion Expansion Laws:
    POTUS 45 has announced it WILL go before congress for a vote. IF they ignore, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ WILL MARCH on DC! Stay tuned for more information.”

    Love to All other selves. WWG1WGA
    In Christ Consciousness
    & in service to One/All–
    Peace, ra

  9. Thank you Tank for “Young Blood”.
    Here’s more confirmation to this article above.
    SerialBrain2: Trump’s msg from the battlefield:
    I took our money back. Next move coming. 24:37 min’s

    Peace. ra

  10. The heavens and He that created them and all of Earth and mankind are Rejoicing we have awaited this JUBILEE we will stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us FREE

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