SPEAK Up with TANK and Larry Haines

SPEAK Up with TANK and Larry Haines
Tonight 5/21/2019 8:00 EDT

Countertops that produce oxygen, houses constructed from a concrete polymer that dates back to the Roman aquaducts, fire-resistant building materials,  advanced welding methods and fast-build, economic techniques contribute to Larry Haines’ low-carbon sustainable developments.


2 Replies to “SPEAK Up with TANK and Larry Haines”

  1. Tank & Kim,

    Plans for an RV/GCR working within a new financial system seem to be far advanced and imminent. There is a very disturbing post from a “Ron Giles” describing the plan on IDC, referenced within a pertinent request from a “TJ” for further clarification as that person is clearly concerned too, even mentioning Kim’s name.

    Please review these 2 posts and provide whatever comments you can without tipping your hand in this battle, here and also in IDC to encourage those folks too. Hopefully the post by “Ron Giles” is not at all accurate, otherwise it seems to me that we are all in very deep trouble.


    Thanks in advance for clearing up the situation.

  2. I have plenty of guys that Larry can put to work in my Jail Reentry Program. I look forward to being connected with him .

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