Speak Up Show Tank and Merrilee




4/29/19 Live at 10:00pm

7 Replies to “Speak Up Show Tank and Merrilee”

  1. Hey tank put your money where your mouth is. Kim has all the money in the world so wire me 1 million. I’ll bet you can’t wire even 25 cents. I dare you. Email me bank info. Go ahead. I’m calling your bluff.

    1. Robert, did you see that utube I sent you on the 4240 quantum computer capable of knowing all 7 billion people on earth, and then some…!! The military already has it and it’s connected directly to CERN…..bypassing Kim completely….!! Even if KIM has control of this computer she talks about, she has no control of CERN which is able to open portals to different dimensions and time/space continuums!! Can she travel back and forth through time….!! If she can’t her computer is worthless….!!

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