6:55 AM EST 12/21/2017

•Yesterday the Tax reform was passed

•Inside if this bill was said to be important litigation that limited the amount of support the USA is allowed to provide Israel especially in reference to the defense spending

•In addition, there’s rumors that the 80% tax on our exchange was repealed in this bill

•Today is the day that was reported nearly two weeks ago that President Donald Trump would announce the Gold standard and GESARA

•Yesterday we had reposted that President was absolute thy the RV must go now apparently just as sick of the delays as the rest of us

•6:59 AM 12/21/2017 we still don’t have 800#s

•Yesterday the CORE members of the Admiral’s group who had been able to see their funds had been distributed into their accounts but still did not have access were told by their bankers that the bankers had the codes to release the funds and a time they were allowed to do so-HUGE!

•However, as now I don’t have an update as to whether or not those codes were initiated successfully

•If they were we will have 800#s to set our own appointments very shortly

•I can confirm several deals closing in ZIM and Dinar in Zurich. These same deals are bringing money back into the US to people I know personally

•Meanwhile, I have contacts who live in Zurich who haven’t been able to get an appointment to exchange. And YES Zurich, that should piss you off.

•Here in the US Brokers I’ve even been contacted by are finding ways to purchase Boxes of Dinar for 500 Million Dollars-(.50 per Dinar) and 10 QUAD of ZIM for 100 Million Dollars-I’ve yet to see any of these deals successfully close with liquidity

•However, ZIM group leaders are flying all over the world to get their contracts fulfilled at various sucker rates seemingly taking the loss for the privilege of exchanging now

•It seems silly to me that the financial engine if the entire world is here in the US and we can’t get a simple exchange done for the asset we hold at a fair value

•Expect changes very fast and be ready to go today. All indications, regardless of the doctrine of the unbelievers says we’re in this transition right now.


Our weapon is our intelligence, beauty, love, and truth. We stand together in these attributes willing to demonstrate how they define themselves in the most challenging times. Today I encourage you to tap into your "why". This is the innate motivator, your personal truth that you remember when you get knocked down that inspires you to stand back up. The "why" is not the source of our strength but what connects us to that strength and reminds us why we don’t give up, why we stood up in the first place, and why we’re inspired to take action to make a difference.

++ Nothing is Coincidence ++

Executive Order 51: Revising the Seal for the National Credit Union Administration

This seal was changed by Executive order in 1971 when went off the Gold Standard!

This seal would need to be changed as we move back to the UST.

Foreshadowing from POTUS…

It also revokes an executive order from 1971 that described and approved the outgoing administration.

Not since the Bretton-Woods agreement has the seal been updated.

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