12:05 PM EST


•We have confirmed that everything was actually “let loose” yesterday at 3:15 PM EST

•We have all types of accounts including SKRs, Paymasters, and various groups that are reporting actual liquidity this morning.

•Please keep in mind that this is PRIVATE BANKING so regular banking limitations DO NOT APPLY.


•Certain institutions may only accept certain denominations. So if anyone tells you that a denomination that you hold isn’t being redeemed, they are probably acting as an agent for said institution. (I’m an agent for you, so don’t get caught up or worried about that nonsense.)

•An 800 will be released and it will be for ZIM holders primarily to set up their private appointment and they will redeem the other currency in the same appointment.

•As previously stated the banks will also begin redemptions this coming week for the other currencies

•We are in process now. We want to hold the frequency of knowing that is what’s taking place and be at peace with it.

•Tonight at 8:08 we will be doing an Intel and meditation call. We will post the number later today.

•I am working with spiritual leaders from all over the world to create an enlightened network of conscious leaders to set up a consistent 30 minute meditation with a specific focus each day. The focus is always directed at creating the amazing world in the exact way we want it to exist.

•These efforts and others are part of the reverse governing system we are activating to ensure that the people of Earth are never enslaved ever again. The goal is to assist the powers that be to avoid being corrupted, influenced, or turned to a dark agenda.

•We have systems in place including the Law Suit that will act as the “Sword of Damocles” to ensure our safety and freedom for now and the future.


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