1:10 PM EST

• We were told that MNUCHIN presumably acting as the Republic’s Secretary of the Treasury, has released the 800# and it is now in the hands of the banks

• There is a scheduled time for them to be released today

• That’s not the most comforting intel in my opinion as these are the same bankers who are most well-known for nonperformance

• For everyone’s protection we’ve implemented a dead man’s switch:

• This is a switch that is automatically operated if the human operator becomes incapacitated, such as through death, loss of consciousness, or being bodily removed from control.

• In this case we believe the best way to ensure not only performance, but continued compliance is to establish a reverse mechanism to oversee proper new paradigm business practices by the financial institutions and the governments that have in one way or another purposely continued the practice of enslaving humanity.

• That being said, we have compiled irrefutable evidence that shows that these entities including but not limited to: the UST, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase Bank, and thousands of individual agents associated with these organizations and others have willfully acted to defraud the people of Earth and acted recklessly, willfully and wantonly, and with conscious disregard for the rights, obligations and duties owed to the People.

• The beauty of a RICO Law suit is that it serves as an efficient way to memorialize on the record, documented trails of evidence, establishing a very real, despicable and heinous crime committed against the People, setting forth the facts, grounds and credibility of the case. Prior to settlement or jury trial, though the case has not been adjudicated, the facts remain very real and very active.

• Unlike a typical Deadman Switch we seek to empower every individual who opts in to be a member of the class created in the lawsuit. We have already distributed the necessary documents and instructions to the lawyers and other authorities who will release this information to the appropriate agencies, news outlets and channels, social media and websites, and benevolent public figures, in the event that any part of my team is harmed physically, or hurt financially by these institutions.

• Additionally, we are providing every individual member who joins the class action suit with a sealed copy of the same evidence and instructions to follow in the event that anyone listed in this class is harmed.

• This act is not in any way a threat but a promise to ensure the safety of the people who are involved in the exchanges and the suit.

• We have already taken steps to file the suits but would prefer not to make it a public matter at this time, and will work with the Republic to do what is in the best interests of the people. We will continue to add names and evidence over time and distribute evidence within the group with newly sealed files for their assurance. These suits will be, in essence, perpetual, ensuring compliance to new paradigm protocol and not past malevolent initiatives.


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