1/3/2018 — 8:10 AM EST

•Green screens now showing with rates locked in. These are the screens needed for our exchange

•As of last night all currency is digital and gold-backed.

•All banks are now Basel 4 compliant

•We are currently waiting on the UST to send confirmation that everything went through as scheduled last night.

•Currently three RICO lawsuits will be filed and added to over time, although we already possess enough evidence to file and easily win these cases.

•These suits will be attached to a deadman switch for the protection of all plaintiffs in the future. This not only guarantees performance but insures against backlash from the Cabal.

•Performance is expected today. We await Mnuchin to give the okay and the 800# and monetary emission to begin.

So here’s a likely reason that the release is set for today:https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bankers-burn-midnight-oil-ahead-161331784.html


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